Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 46

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 46 Rafa proposes to Vida 

Rafa was busy decorating the table with flowers. Vida rushed there to see Rafa busy with the flowers. She asked Rafa that she thought there was an emergency. Rafa opened up to her, he told her, he had so much feelings for her and could not hide it from her any longer. Vida was lost for words.

Potpot apologised to Melchor that he didn’t realise they were having a hard time. His dad told him not to worry about them. the country boy assured him that nothing was going to change, he was still his son.

After confessing his profound feelings, Rafa presented flowers to Vida. He told her that she made him feel happy and the best thing about her was she always made him believe in himself. Vida responded she cared for him that was why she did all that for him as a friend.

Rafa told her he wanted to be more than friends, hence his decision to court her. She stared for a while and told him she was lost of words, besides Rafa was her boss.

Potpot told Melchor that he was also wondering who his real parents were; their names; and to know why they abandoned him. Melchor told him that he could not answer all his questions that’s why he was trying to look for his parents.

Potpot assured that nothing was going to change. His Granny, mom and his sister listened from a distance and all came together to hug Potpot.

Rafa drove Vida home and thanked her for giving him a chance, wished her good night, k!$$ed her on the forehead and drove away. Potpot came to Vida’s place and found her opening her door.

“Came from a date?” Potpot queried.

Vida asked him if he knew Rafa was going to court her. Potpot told her he noticed that Rafa liked her a lot. Vida asked Potpot if it was okay for them to be together since he was her boss. Potpot told her it was okay as long as he was good to her and treated her with respect.

Rafa gave his presentation of the sales of TeriVida. He said the sales was increasing beyond expectation. Jaime congratulated him for the good job.

Vinn asked for a copy to take it to Marga who was still on leave. Vinn told Teri that she and Caloy were getting engaged.

Father Juliano met with Caloy in his office, he asked how he and Marga were doing. Marga on the other hand was very excited because she was going to get married. Asya suggested that Teri should be making the gown to promote her own company.

Teri told Lauren that she has found her lost son. Lauren asked how Rafa reacted to the news, and she told Lauren that Rafa did not know yet.

Caloy told Father Juliano that he and Marga were engaged and someday they would get married.

Rafa told Teri that he was happy for finally confessing his feelings to Vida. Teri was happy for him and also told him they had finally seen Rafael, his brother.

In school, Potpot seemed distracted and did wrong photocopies and sent them to Charlie. . Charlie told Potpot that he seemed distracted and asked if he was having problem. He told her he was thinking of Vida as Rafa was courting her. She asked Potpot if he also wanted to court Vida, he replied saying it did not feel ok since Rafa has helped his family a lot and won’t compete with him.

Leon came out of his house and was chased by his debtors. They caught him and beat him up. They even pointed a gun at him and Leon pleaded with them to give him time to pay them and promised to pay them within a week time. Later, Leon called Jaime Laurel’s number.

Jaime and Teri were out on a date. When they returned home they saw Leon sitting at the gate of their house. She got out of the car and quickly hugged him. She noticed some bruises on Leon’s face and asked what happened to him. He said nothing serious.

At HOT, Rafa surprised Vida with a Rose flower. Vida told him she was little embarrassed and Rafael it official as he told everyone in the room he was courting Vida

Leon was amazed with the Laurel’s house and was even excited since there was a pool and the house was big.

Potpot was walking up and down outside their house. He had sent Melai to wait and see if Vida returned. Melai returned and complained to Potpot that she was tired and felt sleepy as she believed Vida might not come back. Potpot told her to return and wait a little longer.

Vida was driven home by Rafa and Melai saw the two from a distance. Rafa hugged and k!ssed Vida. Melai ran to Potpot, she told him Vida was back. Potpot asked Melai what she saw, she told him that the two were hugging and eventually k!ssed.

“Someone passed by and blocked my view.”

Potpot told Melai to go and get some sleep. Melai persisted:

“Aren’t you going to see Vida and talk to her?

You are unbelievable, don’t tell me i had to stay up late and wait there just so to go to bed!!” Potpot sent her to her room to get some sleep.

Leon was sent to his room. Teri called him by the name Rafael and he didn’t seem to like it. He told Teri his name was not Rafael, he was Leon. She told Leon she was sorry and no mother would like to get separated from her son. Leon told him it was okay and asked who was Rafa. She told him that Rafa was his brother and asked whose older between the two. Teri told him Rafa was the oldest but were not related by blood.

Melchor planned to go to every orphanage home on the list he had to find a person who had been looking for Potpot.

Leon went by Rafa’s car and admired it, he even wanted to take it for a spin, Rafa saw him from a distance and walked towards him to ask who he was.

“I am Leon your brother, you are adopted right?”.

“Excuse me what did you just say” Rafa exclaimed. Teri came and introduced the two and told them breakfast was ready.

Leon wondered around the house. He head straight to the kitchen, he saw a wallet and he opened it to see money loaded in it. Teri’s mother came to the kitchen and offered him to go with her to go and buy some groceries since he was becoming lonely.

She told him to wait for him as she foes to change her clothes. Leon stole some of the money from the porch and smiled. They left and met with Caloy on their way, Caloy had bought some groceries and were taking them home. Teri’s mom was shocked as Caloy greeted them, she asked him what he was doing and Caloy told him he came buy to buy somethings.

Teri told Lauren to send her the designs that were up for approval because she wanted to leave for home early and also told her Leon’s finally home. Lauren was happy to hear the news. Just as they were talking, Marga came in. Teri congratulated her for her engagement. Lauren excused herself to go and bring the designs Teri asked for.

Marga told Teri that they’ve actually started planning on their wedding and wanted the wedding gown to be made by her. Teri told her to consider it as their wedding gift. Marga told her that Caloy has money now and they would pay for it and she left.

At one of the orphanage near the riverside, Melchor and his wife were asked to write their names in the log book. As Melchor was writing his name, he was surprised on the list to see Jaime Laurel’s name.

Jaime told Marcus that Leon was living with them and his next step was to find out if he really was Teri’s long lost son. Marcus suggested for a DNA test to look into it.

Didith asked Melchor what was wrong with him. She checked the list and saw Jaime’s name and wondered what he had been doing there and Melchor asked his wife if Jiame was Potpot’s real parents.


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