Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 47

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 47 Jaime alters Teri and Leon’s DNA test result

Melchor and Didith were at the orphanage home. They asked the newly appointed head about Jaime Laurel. She told them that Jaime was a donor and he donated so much for the children there.

At HOT, Vida was taking her meal when Marga came to her with a special news. She told Vida that she was now engaged and asked Vida to be her maid of honour. Marga saw a rose and asked Vida who was courting her now.

Vida revealed that Rafa was the one.

“And you just allowed him to court you?” Marga retorted.

Marga told vida she did like Rafa and took the rose and went away with it.
Potpot met with Vida while heading to her mom’s office, Vida asked Potpot if he missed her and came to visit her.

Potpot told her that Marga was expecting him and was there to talk to her. Vida told him to wait and asked him if he was avoiding her or was mad at her since he has not been texting, calling and hanging out with her.

She asked for forgiveness if she did anything wrong to Potpot. He told her he has been busy with school. Vida suggested that since he did not have any more classes and his meeting with her mom won’t take long they could go out after.

Leon was admiring Jaime’s car, Jaime saw him and asked if he knew how to drive. He told Jaime he used to work in a garage and would ride sometimes. Jaime gave him keys and they went for a test drive.

Marga told potpot that they wanted to do commercials with him. Rowena told Teri that they bumped into Caloy earlier but didn’t tell Caloy a thing about Leon. Teri said Caloy should never find out about that and said she would introduce Leon as her son from Jaime.
Jaime told Leon that he was a very good driver and asked him to call him “dad”, he requested that Leon takes a DNA test.

Jaime told Teri that he already talked to Leon to take a DNA test and the tests would be carried out the next day. Potpot, Vida and Rafael went out together to eat. Rafa told Vida and Potpot that it has long since they went out together, they ordered their meals. Potpot took a knife and a fork from Vida’s hands and served her with some meat to her plate, his eyes met with Rafa’s eyes.

Later, Rafa informed them that Teri’s missing son had been found and told them to keep it a secret between themselves. Melai and her parents were at a cyber cafe, Melchor and Didith told their daughter that they knew nothing about computers.

Melai offered to help and asked what they wanted to look for. Melchor told her to type “missing child found by the river.” There were many results that popped up so she was told to add “in August 1997.”

The new findings showed Miding’s picture being a suspect of a child stolen and left it at the riverside the same date they found Potpot.
Potpot returned home. Melchor told him that Rafael’s dad has been donating money to the orphanage. Potpot believed Jaime was looking for someone in the orphanage since Teri’s son too went missing, adding that they had found their son.

The DNA test was carried out. Teri asked Leon to go with them to the office which he agreed.
At the office, Leon wondered around, got tired and decided to rest. Right where he sat he saw Marga upstairs, he started admiring her body, he even tried calling her. Marga was pissed off and called him a pervert and asked who he was.

Suddenly, Rafa walked in and told Marga that Leon was with him. Marga told Rafa to pick better friends next time. Leon got confidence and told Marga that they were brothers and Leon was the son of the owner of the building. Teri was with Lauren at her office and heard some quarrelling.

She walked to the scene. Meanwhile, Marga kept saying she did not hear it right and asked Rafa who Leon was, Teri said Leon was her son.

Marga went to Jaime’s office, Jaime told her Leon was Teri’s son and he made sure they found him. Marga was not happy about it and left.

Marcus met with Jaime and gave him a copy of the DNA report. Jaime opened it and saw the Probability of their Paternity which Leon and Teri’s DNA is zero percent .

Marga was upset, she told Vinn that Jaime was such an !d!ot and might be blind, Lauren who was standing outside Marga’s office overhead their conversation.

Jaime joined the whole family for a meal, he gave Teri the DNA test results, Leon seamed tensed about it. Jaime broke down the news that Leon was Rafael. Teri was so happy, they decided to celebrate it.

Jaime recalled opening the DNA report telling Marcus that Leon was not Teri’s son, and since his wife was now happy and things have changed between them, he would maintain things as it was and asked Marcus to do something for him.


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