Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 48

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 48 Caloy threatens Marga 

Marcus asked Melchor’s Police friend why he was looking for Miding, the woman on the magazine but he refused to tell Marcus the reason.

Marga wanted Caloy to go back to Baggio with her after their wedding but Caloy refused her proposal. Marga was contemplating on whether to Tel Caloy the truth about his son or not. She was afraid of hiding the truth about Teri’s son from Caloy and she was also afraid of losing Caloy.

Asya advised her to tell the truth to Caloy. Melchor was called by the cop pal of his. Potpot was on photo session. He kept recalling hos photo sessions with Vida. Rafa called Potpot and invited him and Vida for dinner to introduce his brother, Leon.

Alex has visited Marga at home and confirmed that the DNA test proved that Leon was Teri’s long lost son. Marga did not trust Jaime and she wanted to prove it even if it meant that she had to pull every hair strand from Leon’s head just to get the true testing of the DNA.

Teri was introducing Leon as her son to few friends and relatives present. Melchor told Didith that his cop pal found the old woman they read about and they needed to visit her. Rafa faked friendship with Leon infront of Potpot and Vida. Leon wanted his car to be better than that of Rafa. Leon invited his rowdy friends at his introduction party.

Marga and her assistant arrived at Teri’s house uninvited. Marga came with an excuse that he wanted to get to know the son of her future husband. She said she wanted to talk to Leon to know if he was anything like Caloy.
Caloy was back at home with Asya and he asked if Marga was hiding something from him.

Teri tried throwing Marga out of her house but Leon came and took her to introduce her to his friends. Asya told Caloy that Marga was just moody. Caloy did not want Marga to keep secrets from him. He received a call and excused himself. Vida was so tensed when she saw her mom at Teri’s house. Teri was wondering what she ever did to Marga for her to be so vindictive against her.

Marga wanted Leon to be a model for a shampoo commercial. Leon turned her down hence Marga left and bid Vida and Teri goodbye.

Marga pulled some of Leon’s hair strands and placed them inside her purse. One of Leon’s friends asked Vida for her number, then he touched Vida, Vida told him not to touch her. When Rafa heard her, he came to fight the man and Leon came to his defense.

If it were not for Teri’s intervention the two would have had a brawl. Potpot felt guilty and mad at himself for not standing up for her. Potpot finally admitted his feelings for Vida and he proposed to her. He said he l*ved her more than he could express. Unbeknownst to him, Rafa heard him.

He couldn’t tell Vida or Rafa before. Rafa kept staring at them as Potpot poured his heart out to Vida. Potpot and Vida saw Rafa, he apologised to Rafa and left. Rafa remembered what he heard Potpot telling Vida. Potpot informed his parents that he has already told Vida his true feelings.

Since Vida said nothing he assumed she felt nothing for him. Potpot’s parents planned to visit Miding. Marga was leaving early for a meeting and Caloy told her to have breakfast but she refused, this compelled Caloy to ask her what she was hiding from him. Melchor and Didith together with the policeman left together to Miding’s place.

Marcus informed Jaime that there were people looking into Miding’s case. He decided to connect Jaime to the policeman Melchor was working with. Melchor arrived at Miding’s house. Marga has gone to have the hair strands tested. Caloy followed her to the health facility.

Miding confessed that the child in question was the son of Teri and Jaime Laurel. Teri was torn between Leon and Rafa. She was going to buy Leon some new clothes yet Rafa wanted to talk to her. Miding remembered that the Laurel’s have already found their lost son and the boy was called Leon.

Caloy faced Marga and asked her what business she has at that health facility. Miding told the Polycapios that Tessa’s son was called Rafael and Melchor handed her the towel he found Potpot with. She immediately recognised the towel.

Caloy threatened to call off the wedding if Marga would not tell him the truth. Marga then voiced the truth that he and Teri had a son. Miding said the baby they found was non other than Teri’s son. Melchor and Didith were so happy about their findings.

Marga told Caloy that Tessa was pregnant when she left him. Caloy was so shocked at the news. Marga didn’t know how to tell Caloy about his child with Tessa. She went there to do a DNA test to prove if Leon was indeed his son.

Caloy walked away in disappointment. He recalled his moments with Tessa. Caloy packed his car and wept. Jaime has been told that it was Melchor who was looking for Miding. Caloy has gone to see Teri n heard Leon call her mummy. He asked Teri if Leon was their son.


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