Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 50

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 50 Marga is pregnant, Melchor gets shot

Potpot was happy after Vida confessed that she likes him. Potpot assured that he was not in a hurry and could wait till Vida was ready for their relationship.

Caloy went to the church to meet father Juliano. The Father asked him why he was shuttered. Caloy told him that he just needed someone to talk to, they sat down.

Marcus met with Jaime and told him that everything Melchor Policarpio said about Teri’s missing child, Rafael was true. Jaime told Marcus to find a way to have Potpot’s DNA tested. He opened one of the drawers from his desk, and took the bag which contained Potpot’s towel when he was a kid, he gave it to Marcus telling him to get rid of it.

Caloy told Father Julian that he knew what he did in the past hurt Tessa and he was not expecting Tessa to forgive him right away. He just wanted to be given a chance to get to know the child and be his father. Father Julian told him he understood how he was feeling although Leon was his son but he could not force Tesa to agree to that.

Caloy asked whether that was the punishment for the mistakes he did in the past and if that was it then he would not be able handle it at all. Father Julian then asked Caloy what his stand on his marriage to Marga was.

Teri came from Leon’s room, she met Rowena who inquired how his grandson was. Teri told her that he was sleeping and would try to correct all the things he did in the past. She told Rowena that she talked with Caloy and Caloy wanted to be a father to Leon.

Her mom told her she understood how she feels but couldn’t change the fact that Caloy was the father of the child. Rowena advised Tessa to forgive Caloy.

Marga tried reaching Caloy but the call was not going through. She went to Caloy’s office to find out where he was but was told that he left the previous night. Right there, Caloy appeared and saw Marga in his office. She told Caloy that they had something to talk about. Marga told him she was sorry and she only did what she did since she was afraid to lose him.

Potpot went to Rafa’s office after he was called. Rafa told Potpot that the report about TeriVida’s image was not good. Potpot asked what he could do but Rafa stopped him and said he was pulling him from their image model for a replacement.

Vida was waiting for Potpot. She asked Alex why their meeting was taking so long. Alex told her that Rafa was not happy with Potpot’s performance as an image model. TeriVida sales kept dwindling. Vida was shocked to hear that. Vida saw Rafa and she told him she knew what their meeting was all about.

Rafa told her he read the report and the Market was not responding to Potpot’s sales, Vida got upset that Rafa fired Potpot and walked away. Potpot passed Rafa to where Vida was heading calling her. She told Potpot that it was so irritating and knew how much he needed the job to support his family.

Potpot told her not to worry about it there were lots of jobs he could take. Potpot believed Marga would still give him work. Vida asked him if he was sure her mom would give him work. Rafa said he believed in Marga and trusts her.

Asya prepared Marga’s breakfast and sent it to her room while she was in bed. He woke her up and she said she did not feel like eating. She explained that she was not feeling well: her head hurts and was feeling dizzy. Asya went to call a doctor to check on her. The doctor ran some tests on her and told her her symptoms seemed okay and that was okay with pregnant women.

Marga informed Asya that she was pregnant and tried calling Caloy which he did not pick the calls.

Tessa and Caloy bumped into each other. She told Caloy that Leon had a right to know about his father and would allow him to meet Leon. Caloy was really happy to hear that and thanked Tessa.

Caloy went to the Laurel’s mansion to see Leon. The security guards refrained him from going, saying no one was allowed to enter when Jaime was not around. Rowena saw him and told the guard to allow him since she knew him. She took Caloy to Leon’s room.

Potpot was waiting for Vida to come out from work. Rafa saw him and asked what he was doing there. He told Rafa that Vida told him she would be coming early from work and he was waiting for her. Rafa ushered him in to wait inside for her but Potpot declined.

Vida appeared and asked what the two of them were doing there. Potpot told her he was waiting for her. She told Potpot that she was busy.

Jaime called to confirm whether everything was ready. Meanwhile, melchor who was at work noticed someone watching him.

As Jaime was heading home, he saw Caloy coming out of his houses. He got out of the car and the two of them watched each other. Caloy walked to his car and left. Teri told Jaime that Caloy heard about what happened to Leon and was concerned so he stopped by to see Leon.

Melchor went to the Market to buy a pair of shoes for his daughter, Melai. He was happy that Melai would l’ve the shoes he chose for her. The gon still followed Melchor, looking for appropriate place to pounce on him.

It was getting late so Potpot called Melchor to check where he was. Melchor told Potpot that he passed by the market to buy a gift for Melai. Melchor noticed that someone was following him. He got scared and started running away. He ran to a dead end and got caught.

Melchor asked his pursuer to have mercy on him after the goon pointed a gun at him. He said he had a family. The goon said he was sorry, he was just following orders and shot Melchor twice on the chest and fled. A few neighbours from the area head the gunshots and called for help. Melchor before becoming unconscious mentioned Melai and Potpot’s names.


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