Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 52

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 52 Caloy and Marga finally tie the knot

Potpot visited the site where Melchor was shot. Teri called the police to report JP, the drug dealer who stubbed Leon at her house. Teri swore to protect Leon incase the drug dealer lashed back at him.

Potpot sent Melchor’s picture along to ask the seller who sold Melai shoes to Melchor if she noticed anything weird on that day. Leon was mad at Teri for filing a case against the drug dealer. Leon was afraid that J.P would seek vengeance.

Asya followed Marga to the office to assist her due to her delicate pregnancy. Lauren toured Asya at the office while JP initiated his revenge at the slums where Leon came from. Marga confronted Jaime for Melchor’s murder but Jaime indicated that she was his accomplice in the murder of Melchor as she was aware of the plans but never stopped him.

Leon planed to leave Teri’s house but Teri stopped him. Marcus was bent on knowing why Melchor’s Police friend were investigation about Miding. Meanwhile, Caloy has gotten Leon’s number from Tessa and has texted him.Tessa noticed that Leon was not in his room.

Caloy arrived to pick up Leon and they went to the orphanage home together. Marga wanted Caloy to pick her but he couldn’t as he was with Leon. Leon acted to be affected by Caloy for neglecting him. Teri arrived at the orphanage. Potpot was still investigating the events that led to the brutal murder of Melchor.

Didith tried stopping him from the investigations but he was adamant, and bend on finding the answers he wanted to seek justice for Melchor. Didith was afraid that Potpot might lose his life. Leon insisted on staying with Caloy. Marga and Vida were compiling a list of attendees for the upcoming wedding between Marga and Caloy. Marga asked Vida how Potpot was doing and felt sorry for Potpot’s loss.

Teri had no option than to leave Leon with Caloy. Jaime arrived at the orphanage to ask Leon why he took a decision and did not inform him. Leon wanted to make excuse so Jaime said he could have texted him instead. Jaime wanted to take him to a safe house but Leon insisted on staying with Caloy.

Marga asked Caloy to go back with her to Baggio for their honeymoon. But Caloy wanted them to postpone the honeymoon as Leon was going through some problems. Jaime asked Teri if she was sure about Leon staying with Caloy. Jaime wanted them to go back with him to America so they protect Leon.

Teri asked Leon and Rafa if they would like to go to America. Melchor was finally laid to rest and family and friends were present. Leon went with Caloy to spend time together with Teri since he was celebrating his birthday. It was his treat. They had lots of fun enjoying food and some Karaoke.

Didith was so lost in her thought, she didn’t even eat any thing and has not come to terms with Melchor’s death. Potpot was consoling her. Caloy told Tessa that her wedding with Marga was the next day, he even told Teri that Marga was expecting his child. This took Teri by surprise and her mood changed, but she eventually left.

She flashed back at her moments with Caloy and he also flashed back at his days with Tessa together. Preparations were underway for Caloy and Marga’s wedding and felt like she was forcing herself into marrying Caloy as all the arrangements were done with her idea. Vida has arrived and seemed so happy for her mom. Caloy was late so Marga was afraid he might postpone the wedding.

Finally, Caloy arrived and blamed his lateness to in traffic. Leon decided not to attend Caloy’s wedding but would rather attend the reception.

The judge presiding over the wedding has arrived. Caloy didn’t seem to be happy on his wedding day. He was doing all that for the sake of the child Marga was expecting. They exchanged vows. The very was simple and attended by few friends and relatives.

Caloy and Marga were officially declared as Husband and Wife. Jaime wanted Leon to study in America. Teri was not in agreement, to her it was not the right time to go back to the state. The wedding reception was held and people made merry and party. Vida told Marga that she deserved Caloy.

Meanwhile, Potpot helped Melai to do her homework yet she was worried about their mother. Melai said no one was there to make them laugh. Potpot was really trying to be the man of the house. He has shouldered all the responsibilities and wanted Melai to call him “brother-father.”

Leon arrived at the reception and Marga allowed him to call her mother since she had accepted him as the son of her husband. Caloy was so happy with Leon. Teri called Leon and he told her that he was at Marga’s wedding reception. Leon noticed one the goons who had beaten him up the other day dressed as a service guy.

Teri did not seem to be happy with Caloy and Marga’s wedding. Potpot was waiting for Vida at the hostel. She brought him some meals. Potpot asked for a hug from Vida. He only needed a hug to recharge his strength and Vida added another hug to the first hug.

Teri met Marcus to declare her intentions to hire him to investigate the person who murdered Melchor Policarpio.


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