Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 53

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 53 Jaime employs his henchman to commit another gruesome murder

Teri talked with Marcus to help find the culprit behind Melchor’s death. Marcus asked if Jaime was aware that she was soliciting his services. Teri was determined to help the Policarpios to obtain justice as they were good people.

Though Marcus declined to help Teri with an excuse that he had so many cases he was handling. Potpot did not wake up on time, fortunately, Vida was there to prepare Melanie for school and also prepared breakfast and lunch for the Policarpios. Vida fully helped Potpot with his chores.

Didith got emotional after seeing her late husband’s shirt. She cried and could not contain her grief. Marga was preparing breakfast table for her husband, Caloy. Vida couldn’t make it to work since she was helping Potpot to get over his grief.

She took a day leave from Rafa, and the gentleman granted her the permission. Leon was trying his hands on motor repair. Caloy was there to guide him and even called Caloy, father as the relationship between them was growing.

Teri had lunch with Leon and he updated her on how Caloy and him were getting along. Teri invited Caloy to join them for some food. Didith has still not come to terms with her husband’s death, she was in denial. She told Potpot to call the father. She even said they ain’t going to eat until everybody was at the table. Potpot took her to her room to wait for Melchor.

Teri congratulated Caloy for his wedding. Jaime has improved security in his house and Teri wanted to take Leon home with her. Didith’s reaction terrified Vida. Caloy couldn’t eat the food prepared by Marga as he had already eaten the food Teri brought at the center. Leon was a very fast learner. He received a call and his friend advised him to pay JP off as the smuggler had planned to eliminate him.

Didith could not sleep all night long. Her action deepened the will of Potpot not to rest until those who killed his father were brought to book. Teri told Lauren to ask around for another private investigator and Jaime overheard their conversation.

Jaime pretended to be worried about Teri as investigating about Melchor’s death would put her own family in danger. Jaime offered to help the Policarpios instead. Potpot has resumed classes, though he was worried about his mom. Marcus was asking his coo pal about Melchor’s death.

Jaime put necessary measures for Leon to go back to school but Teri has Informed him that Leon was being trained as a mechanic, claiming that was what he wanted. He wanted to follow his father’s footsteps. Leon decided to meet Teri but Caloy was worried about him going out, he has even suggested to Leon to just text Teri. But Leon insisted on going to see her in person.

Didith sneaked out of the house once she saw Gabriel dozing off. She hit the street to search for Melchor. Marga reported at work and Teri congratulated her on her wedding and her pregnancy. Marga asked Teri if she was okay with everything, or she was mad that she ended up with Caloy.

Teri told her that what matters was her son was with the father, adding that Leon needed his father now. Potpot was with Charlie and he was worried about his family and on how to provide for them while schooling. He received a call from Guada. She Informed him that his mom has gone missing.

Potpot’s granny was hysterical, she blamed herself for letting Didith out of her sight. Potpot left to look for his mother. Didith was roaming around the streets asking random strangers if they had seen Melchor. Leon has arrived at Teri’s office and she has offered to buy him a car but Leon declined as he needed the money to pay JP the 100k.

Jaime asked Marcus to forge documents for Leon for his high school diploma. Marcus refused and even expressed regrets for forging the DNA results. He said he was a private investigator and the act was against his ethics.

Marcus hoped that Jaime has nothing to do with Melchor’s death. Marcus did not want to do any other dealing with Jaime and he walked away. Teri refused Leon’s demand, she was fearless and willing to do anything to protect Leon. He left Teri’s office disappointed.

Vida quickly rushed home to cook for Gabriela and to also help Melanie with her homework. She told Rafa about it the latter asked her if she l*ved Potpot but she said they were just friends. Rafa complained that they were also friends too but she has never done that for him.

Rafa concluded that Vida was in l*ve with Potpot and he was okay with it. He was ready to let go of her not because he was giving up but it was because of his love for her. He wanted her to be happy. Vida was sure that Potpot would never hurt her.

Vida received a call from Guada. Leon visited his friend back in the slums. Leon handed him some cash. JP’s group has caught up with him. Teri called Caloy if Leon was with him. She was worried as he was not picking her calls. Potpot and Vida also hit the streets in search of Didith.

As Didith was bent on finding her husband, she was almost ran over by a car. The driver kept honking yet she stood on the road though on the zebra crossing. Caloy was leaving for the center to check on Leon, but Marga advised him to just call or text instead of rushing to do what Teri wanted. Caloy texted Leon just to stay with Marga as she demanded.

Potpot’s spirit was down so Vida gingered him by reminding him of Melchor’s words to keep fighting. She promised to always be there for potpot, she would help him with anything that comes his way. She confessed that she would do all that because she l*ved him.

She nt to say that she l*ved Potpot so much and their love would be their strength. She then begged him to be strong for his family and for her. Potpot reaffirmed his feelings for Vida and decided to date. Leon was tortured by JP’s men. He was given 24hrs to pay up.

Potpot decided to skip classes just to look for his missing mother. Vida was willing to go with him, she has already emailed her day’s work and would not go to the office. Teri prepared food for Leon. Rowena said they might end up as friends with Leon. After he was beaten up, Leon went to Caloy’s place and Caloy noticed the bruises on Leon’s face.

Leon begged Caloy for help. Teri applauded Caloy for being a good father to Leon. Rowena advised her not to put her guard down when it comes to Jaime.

Meanwhile, Marcus privately inquired about Melchor’s death and more about Jaime and it was evident that Jaime has assaulted every woman he has ever been with.

Jaime has psychotic tendencies in violence and has solicited the services of the henchman to eliminate Marcus. He has his people following a certain woman.


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