Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 56

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 56 Jaime incriminates Leon for the death of Melchor

Vida and Gabriela were waiting for Potpot but the country boy kept long. Gabriela went to sleep leaving Vida at the dinning hall. Potpot arrived and Vida asked him to eat but he said he was tired so Vida should go and have a rest.

Marga descended down the stairs to find Caloy eating, they apologised to eachother and Marga promised not to get jealous either with Leon or any other woman.

Meanwhile, Tessa was at the seminary compelling Leon to tell her the truth but Leon insisted that he had told her all the truth she had to know about him. He left in rage.

Vida visited Potpot and asked him to go out with her but Pot was not in the mood for outing. Using his school and Vida’s work as an excuse, he said Vida should not worry besides he had no money on him. Vida said it was her treat.

Realising Potpot was not ready, she gifted him with Polo shirt to celebrate their week relationship. Potpot seemed not enthused with Vida wasting efforts and resources for nothing. Vida felt sad for how Potpot was behaving and left.

Caloy found out from Marga’s laptop that House of Teri was planning to do expansion. He queried Marga about it and she said it was her idea and she had not informed Teri and Jaime about it.

Seeing how mean he acted, Potpot ran after Vida but Vida had already board a taxi while Potpot was calling out her name.

At the office, Rafa met Vida and he asked her why she looked down, Vida said she was okay. Rafa went on to query her if she had a fight with Potpot since Vida was the cheerful type but she denied.

At the Laurel’s mansion, Teri assured Rowena that Leon was not hiding anything from her and promised to keep on with her investigation on the fake DNA test to expose Jaime.

Jaime appeared in the scene and Teri told him that Rowena would go on vacation with her father, far away from Batag.

Rafa told Vida about Leon being sent to Baggio to hide him from bad guys who were after his life. Vida encouraged him to be happy as things would be fine. Rafa said same to her, adding that she was forbidden to be sad since his sadness fades whenever he talks to her.

Elsewhere, Jaime ordered his henchman to plant an evidence in Leon’s ghetto to incriminate him for the murder of Melchor. Jaime swore to make Teri regret for ganging up against him. Teri went to meet Miguel, a friend of Jaime who revealed the psycho tendencies of Jaime after the death of his wife.

He asked Teri to be cautious as Jaime was capable of anything just to keep her. Teri quickly sent her mother away, promising to take care of herself and would be cunning like Jaime just to put a stop to his deeds.

Elsewhere, Potpot wore the polo shirt to make up with Vida. He later arrived at the seminary to search for Leon after Vida revealed to him where he was. Unfortunately, he met Leon’s absence. Leon after his encounter with Teri left the seminary and told the father a lie that he wanted to go to his mother.

Potpot was consumed with fury for Leon’s narrowly escaping him once again. He head to the slum to find Leon. He picked a fight with him, claiming Leon k!lled Melchor while Leon denied the allegations. The local barangay officers arrested them and sent them to the precinct.

However, the henchman was keeping tap on them, once he saw they had left the room he went to hide the gun he used to commit his atrocious sin against Melchor.

Elsewhere, Tessa was having dinner with Jaime to celebrate their anniversary. Jaime had been having calls but he did not attend to the calls, claiming it was nothing.

Didith woke up and was rumbling about meeting her son right away to reveal the truth to him. The doctor injected her. Teri and Jaime got home and placed the bouquet Jaime gave to her somewhere.

Jaime thanked her and promised to do anything to maintain their relationship. Teri said she did not know whether to be happy with those words or not. A call came through and Teri told him to pick. Jaime later picked the call when Teri went to her room. It was the doctor, he told him about everything Didith was saying.

The next day, Teri visited Caloy to inform him about the lies Jaime had made them believe about Leon. Caloy described Jaime as monster. Meanwhile, Jaime was desperately searching for Teri at the office but was told she was at an early morning meeting.

Caloy received a call from Leon’s friend to inform him about Potpot’s allegations and how it has landed Leon in jail. He told Teri about it and they decided to go but Marga tried to stop them which she did not succeed.

They got there to witness Potpot still confronting Leon for being a murderer even when the officer asked them to go and settle their issue in the house. Potpot walked out on Teri and Caloy when he saw them.

Didith woke up after being sedated. She managed to steal a receptionist phone and the receptionist suspected that Didith was the one who took it. She went to Didith’s ward the moment Didith reached Potpot, Potpot line was engaged since Vida was also calling him.

The receptionist and Didith fought over the phone since she was telling her she needed to talk to her son. The receptionist called out the nurses and they forcefully took the phone from her and injected her.

Potpot assured Vida that he was fine and she should tell Gabriela not to worry, he was on his way to the house.

After settling Leon’s issue, Leon told Teri he would go with his father but Caloy revealed the bitter truth to Leon and he got upset that they took him from a humble place made him taste a good living and now claiming they were not his parents. He cried.

Elsewhere, the police raided the slum and found the gun which was used to k!ll Melchor. Bert called Potpot to inform him about the good news. Potpot was happy that finally they have caught the murderer. He claimed he had always known Leon to be the murderer. He swore to make him pay.


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