Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 57

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 57 Didith escapes, Teri and Rafa under run to save their lives

At the precinct, after Caloy revealed the truth to Leon, the latter was affected by the bitter truth. He found it hard to accept the reality, claiming they were disowning him after they made him taste a good life, they were now removing the rock from under his feet.

Teri compelled him to voice out the truth, he admitted being Jaime’s accomplis if that was what they wanted to hear. Teri said they were also f00led, not knowing the DNA test was tempered with.

Leon got upset and fled, Teri and Caloy ran after him. Outside the precinct, Teri tried to calm him and assured to give him the life she promised but Leon said he was still not the son she was searching for. He left and Teri sobbed. Caloy embraced her to comfort her, unbeknownst, Jaime was watching them in his car.

Teri got home to meet Jaime sitting waiting for her. After Teri said she was at a meeting, he was quick to add that “with Caloy”. Teri explained to have met with Caloy due to Leon. She made it clear to Jaime that since she and Caloy had a son, meeting him would be inevitable.

Jaime promised to do everything possible so that Teri would not turn to someone else for help.

Potpot arrived home and told Gabriela and Vida that the bruises on his face was given to him by Leon. He confessed to have wanted to k!ll Leon with his barehands if the local officers had not arrived.

Gabriela advised him to think about her, Melai and Didith but Potpot swore to make Leon pay now that he has found the k!ller of his father but Gabriela was scared to lose Potpot.

While, Jaime was off to the shower, Teri sneaked to his room to check on his phone. He saw a chat between Didith’s doctor and Jaime. She realised her husband was keeping tabs on Didith.

The next day, she rushed to the hospital. Didith had told Potpot that there were people keeping an eye on her and wanted to get home. Teri told Potpot that she was not the enemy and wanted to help his family. First she would transfer his mother to a different hospital as she requested. Potpot wanted Teri to make Leon pay for Melchor’s death but Teri assured that Leon was innocent.

At HOT, Jaime was desperately searching for Teri and Lauren said she had not reached yet. Jaime indicated that Teri and Rafa left home before he did and acted so shocked. Lauren believed she might have attended an emergency meeting.

At the hospital, Gabriela thanked Teri for helping her family. Didith later told Potpot that she might not be in the right frame of mind but she wanted to tell him about his real mother.

She said he looked like his real mother, Teri. She had a breakdown and told Potpot that he was not her son. She blamed him for Melchor’s death. The health practitioners had to come in to sedate her. Potpot on the other hand cried, seeing his mother in such situation.

Teri and Rafa arrived at the hospital to hear that Jaime was searching for her. She had a call from Caloy who told her that Leon could not be found so they agreed to meet. Jaime overheard the conversation and cancelled their meeting to help Teri instead.

He took her on the ride and force Teri to admit having relationship with Caloy. Teri warned him not to compel her into admitting something which was not true. She claimed not to be afraid of Jaime anymore. Jaime then increased the car speed and Teri asked him to slow down.

Jaime threatened to secure tickets for them to travel back to the state. Didith had an opportunity to run from the hospital. She jumped from a wall. The health practitioners searched everywhere for her but could not find her.

Caloy waited for Tessa but she did not show up. To his dismay, Marga showed up after overhearing hid conversation with Teri. She took him home and Teri sent him a text to apologise for not showing up.

She explained that Jaime found out about their meeting and has confined her. Caloy was scared he might hurt her but she said she was okay. Marga was upset with him for meddling in Teri and Jaime’s marriage.

Didith hurt her leg and was walking on the streets in the night, limping. She tried stopping a car but none stopped. Potpot and Vida rushed to the hospital after hearing that Didith had escaped.

Potpot lashed out on the workers of the health facility and said they would be blamed should anything happens to Didith.

Teri rushed to Rafa’s room to inform him about Jaime’s plans to send them to USA the next day. Rafa said it seemed not right, for them to just abandon everything and leave. Teri advised him to play along for them to plan their own escape.

Rafa received a call from Vida enlisting his help to find Didith. Vida and Potpot sat in Rafa’s car to search on street for Didith.
Potpot was impatient and blamed Rafa for Didith’s disappearance. He got out of the car, saying he did not trust any Laurel again. Rafa and Vida tried to talk him into believing that Rafa was on his side but the country boy has lost his cool.

Teri who was shopping with Jaime received a text from Rafa that Potpot declined his help. Suddenly, a hand from nowhere dragged Teri. Marga was having a bad feeling that Caloy and Teri were up to something. Asya calmed her since she believed there was nothing between Caloy and Tessa.

The hand pulled Tessa into a certain room and the person was Caloy. He planned with Teri to meet her at the gasoline station for him to send her to Baggio.

Teri realising Jaime was not home made Rafa packed all their things into the car. As Rafa was sending the last bag, he bumped into Jaime and he asked Rafa where he was going with the bag.

As Rafa had no excuse, Teri who was hiding availed her face and told Jaime a lie. Jaime decided to be the one to go for Leon who Teri claimed had been found.

Teri and Rafa fled after Jaime left but the security would not allow them as Jaime has ordered them not to allow the two to go anywhere. Rafa fought with them and Teri managed to take a gun from the back pocket of one of them.

She pointed at them and compelled them to open the gate, she then threw the gun away when Rafa sped off. She later called Caloy but Marga received the call and Teri who did not know it was Marga said she was heading to the place they agreed to meet. She asked if he was already there but Marga refused to talk, making Teri more agitated.


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