Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 58

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 58 Jaime kidnaps Rafa

As Teri could not get any tangible reply from Caloy, Rafa asked whether he was trustworthy for them to rely on him for help.

Didith was still sleeping after passing out. Gabriela was tensed that she might not recover but Potpot was hopeful that she would be alright, being able to come home was a good start.

Jaime arrived at Leon’s slam to meet his absence. A neighbour entered to inform him that Leon was there a day ago but left probably because he might be in trouble. Jaime received a call from the security in the house, informing him that Teri and Rafa had left in a hurry and they couldn’t stop them.

Jaime insulted them and realised Teri made a f00l out of him. Marga asked Caloy what was going on between him and Teri. Caloy told her there was no need to go through eachother’s phone. Marga said if there was nothing that he was hiding why did he have a problem if she went through his phone.

Marga threatened Caloy not to return for her and the baby if he leaves. Caloy had no option than to tell her the truth. Teri discovered Leon was not their son and believed Jaime was probably the murderer of Melchor so she was running away from him.

Since they were friends he wanted to help her, by sending her to Baggio. Marga asked him to be safe and should make sure he returned.

Vida told Potpot that they should send Didith to hospital the next day. She believed Didith would recover soon. Potpot feared his mom might not recover, when that happened, he said he might lose his mind but Vida said even in that state she would be with him.

Jaime got home and still Teri has not returned. He kicked one of his securities for negligence but they assured their men were haunting for them.

At the gasoline station, Rafa asked Teri what was the next plan since Caloy was still not there. She told Teri to call him but Teri said she had no signal. Teri asked Rafa that they should leave while they figure out where they would go.

Suddenly, Caloy showed up and said sorry for his lateness. Teri said what matters was he was there. They decide to leave but Teri realised Rafa was not following and asked him why. Rafa said he had accomplished his mission to keep her safe.

He went further to say that he was not going with her, he would stay behind and put a stop to Jaime’s deeds. Teri was scared that Jaime might k!ll him but he insisted to stay. They bid emotional goodbye to eachother.

Meanwhile, Jaime called Teri but the call was not going through. His security came to inform him that his men could not locate Teri, also his patient, Didith Policarpio has also escaped from the hospital. Jaime ordered him not to return if Teri was not found. He threw the glass of drink he was holding to hit the ground.

Caloy drove Teri to Baggio. During the trip, Tessa slept and Caloy while driving caressed the face of Tessa. He parked and told Tessa she might be hungry and she said she did. They passed by a restaurant to eat but Caloy decided not to send Teri to Father Julian since he did not want anyone to know Teri was there. He had a text and told Teri they would go for a key to an house he has gotten for her.

Teri and Rafa spoke and the latter assured her of his safety. He said he got rid of his car and has checked in at a certain hotel and believed it would be impossible for Jaime to locate him.

Meanwhile, Jaime had an information from his henchman that Rafa’s last transaction with his ATM card was at a certain hotel.

Didith asked Gabriela of Melai and she said Melai was taken to school. Potpot asked Didith if she was truly okay since he could send her to hospital for a check up if only she wanted but Didith refused. She said the hospital makes her go crazy.

Vida visited and Didith thanked her for taking care of her family while she was away. Gabriela told Potpot to go and have fun with Vida since Didith was now well.

Jaime got to the hotel and when Rafa was cashing out, to his dismay, Jaime and his two securities appeared from nowhere. Rafa took to his heels while Jaime’s security ran after him.

Potpot and Vida arrived at a funfair. The country boy was scared and claimed he was from the province and had not gone to such a place before.

Elsewhere, Rafa had run to a dead end and was caught. Jaime sent him home and threatened to disown him and take all the money Rafa owned if he failed to cooperate.

Rafa said he did not care, Jaime added that he forgot to remind him that his existence was also due to him and could erase him from the surface of the earth.

Rafa stood on his grounds unwilling to reveal where Teri was. After eating, Caloy and Teri took a stroll and he asked the probable place Teri could go which would be difficult for Jaime to locate her.

Teri said she wanted to go to Hong Kong since she had friends there and later get her parents to move there to stay with her. Caloy was sad that she would leave HOT behind but Tessa said that was least of her concern since HOT was for Jaime and Marga was also managing it well. She was ready to start all over again.

Caloy told Tessa that Rafa was right to say they could not hide forever and they had to get Jaime behind bars.

They came across some people who were having a culture dance. Caloy recalled when he had the bougie-bougie dance with Tessa. Caloy danced to entertain Tessa.

They later arrived at the building. Caloy said his friend owned the house and he had traveled so the house was in his care. Later, Tessa learnt from the caretaker that the house was for sale and she did not understand why Caloy had not bought it.

Tessa asked why Caloy had not bought it since he had plans to return to Baggio and the house would be good for a family. He said there were many things that have changed and no longer had that interest.

Meanwhile, Jaime used threat, torture and even pointed a gun at Rafa but Rafa failed to talk. Jaime received information that Teri’s phone had been traced by the telecommunications centre but Rafa recalled throwing it into a trash can at the gasoline station. Jaime ordered his securities to lock Rafa up in his room.

Potpot got Vida a tedy bear and named it Potpot Junior so that even if he was not there Vida would see the bear as him. Marga was being paranoid and Asya did not understand why she was not losen up on Caloy.

Marga said ahe could not trust neither Caloy nor Teri and believed Teri wanted to take away her husband. Caloy was reminded to buy the house and he told the caretaker that he might actually retire in Baggio.

Later, Teri wanted to get in touch with Rafa. She was worried and the place was without signal. Caloy advised her not to get in touch with anyone in Manila. He said Rafa’s sacrifice would be useless if Teri rush things up.

Jaime was informed by his goons that the phone was found in a trashcan at the gasoline station and told them Teri might be around that area so they should just search around. He took his gun and said if she had failed to return, her son could make her return.

The country boy, told Vida that the best decision he made was to l*ve her. He admitted being a pain on the neck and Vida promised that there would never be goodbyes. She promised to always be by his side, they were about to k!ss when they saw Leon.

Potpot decided to confront him and Vida followed him even when Potpot did not want her to. However, some friends arrived at the Laurel’s mansion in search of Rafa. They claimed to have something for him so the security had to open and take the thing since the guys would not be allowed to see Rafa.

Unbeknownst, it was an escape plan, Rafa took the opportunity of the distraction to flee from Jaime who was searching for him. Rafael left in a car with the guys.

Didith was also not found, as Jaime recalled how Teri and her family had escaped including Didith he got crazy and swore to make them pay.


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