Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 59

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 59 Didith is k!lled after discovering the truth

Teri lamented on how her dreams turned into a nightmare as everyone including the Policarpios were caught up in her mess. Caloy said he was partly to blamed for the misfortune but he believed everything would be alright.

Potpot followed Leon. Leon warned JP to leave the Laurels’ out of their issue but JP said he was attracted to money, where money goes there he would also be found. JP said he would only leave the Laurels if Leon do a certain work for him.

Teri was feeling cold and Caloy removed his suit and used it to cover her. Potpot told Vida to wait while he goes to fish out the next move of Leon. Potpot returned to find the teddy bear which Vida was holding on the ground.

Didith was sitting outside the house when Jaime’s henchmen introduced themselves as Melchor’s friends. They lured her to go with them since Melchor wanted to see her.

They sent her to meet Jaime. She recognised Jaime and had no doubt that he made his men k!lled Melchor. Jaime admitted to the crime and Didith said she might not be rich but she had the truth on her side. She threatened to reveal the truth. Jaime held her neck, pressed it till she died.

Potpot was also captured by JP’s men together with Vida. Due to how they were torturing Porpot, Vida had a deal with them to leave Potpot alone, she would do whatever they wanted her to do. The drug dealers kept beating Potpot to reveal the person who sent them there. Vida insisted that no one did.

In the house of the Policarpios, some local authorities asked about Potpot and informed Gabriela and Guada that, Didith was said to have been seen in the company of some men who she left in their car.

Potpot managed to pull a gun from one of the smugglers pocket and warned JP to put down his gun. He fired in the air and warned that the next bullet would not go waste. He compelled them to give him their car keys he took it and fled with Vida using JP’s car.

JP told his guys to run after them. Teri finally fall asleep after wondering what had happened to Rafa. She even said she should not have left since that has also made Marga worried about Caloy. Caloy came to cover Teri with a blanket and k!ssed her while saying they were not meant to be. Once he left Teri opened her eyes.

Jaime ordered his goons to dispose the body of Didith at where she would not be found and the goons wrapped her up and sent her away.

Potpot was able to escape the drug smugglers and hugged Vida, asking whether nothing happened to her. She said she was okay and Potpot said sorry.

Rafa arrived at the Policarpios house to find out that Didith was missing. She told Gabriela that he was sent there to help them out. Potpot sent Vida to Marga’s house and said she would be safe there. Vida wanted to be with Potpot but as Potpot insisted she ran into the house.

Potpot went home to find out that Didith was missing. Teri woke up to find Caloy preparing breakfast. She said Caloy should have woke her up to prepare but Caloy said she was tired and did not want to bother her. He told her about a yacht arrangement he had made to send her to Hong Kong since Jaime would find her if she traveled with airplane. She thanked Caloy for all his help.

Marga wanted Vida to stay with her since Caloy was not around but Vida wanted to be with Potpot to support him in his trying time.

She followed Potpot to the police station, Bert has still not gotten any lead about the whereabouts of Didith which left Potpot devastated to tell Vida to be with her family. He did not want to drag her into his mess.

Jaime received information from his men that Teri left the gasoline station with a certain man and he knew it was Caloy. He went to see Marga to ask her if she told Caloy and Teri the truth but Marga said she was no setup!d to reveal the truth.

Jaime told her that allowing Caloy to be with Tessa meant that she would never see her husband again. This left Marga worry and became more devastated when she could not reach both Caloy and Teri.

She decided to follow them in Baguio. Jaime was waiting around and once she saw Marga’s car he also followed her. Marga finally reached Caloy and she told him that she was on her way to Baguio but Caloy told her not to bother as he was heading back.

He was sending Teri through a yacht and Marga head there almost got knocked by Jaime’s car. Teri was helped by Caloy into the yacht. Meanwhile, Vida was not ready to give a break to Potpot. She wanted to be with him through thick and thin but Potpot feared she would be hurt and told her if she did not leave he would.

Gabriela and Rafa were told that a dead body has been found wanted her to go and identify the body. Gabriela objected that the body would that of Didith and cried. Potpot got home and he and Rafa went to the scene to identify the body.

After their opened the corpse it was that of Didith and Potpot cried.


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