Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 6

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 6 Jaime fights Tessa for her plans to return to Philippines 

Tessa told her friend that she would soon return to Philippines for the sake of her family. She solidified the decision when the detective she hired to look for her son called. He said they had a lead on Rafael after someone reported that they found a young boy on the banks of the river.

He explained that a farmer couple adopted him and they were looking into the information. Tessa told Jaime about the plan to move back to the Philippines but Jaime did not agree. He argued that the information could be false and once again it would make her get depressed.

Vida finally went to the shoot but it was already too late, she had been replaced. Vida was glad to hear it and immediately left. Marga was furious and reprimanded her at home.

She found Vida working on some designs with a magazine of Teri Laurel by her side. She tore up Vida’s designs and told her not to waste time on things that wouldn’t get her anywhere.

Vida said she wanted to be like Tessa and Marga slapped her. Asya stopped her and talked to Marga about the way she treated Vida.

Asya asked Vida if she was still jealous of Tessa. Marga said it had nothing to do with Tessa since she just wanted her daughter to be involved in their business. Marga was upset that they were losing clients due to Vida’s lack of professionalism. Asya asked Marga not to compare herself to Tessa since she was also successful in her own way.

Potpot’s family and the other farmers had trouble when their debtor’s daughter came to demand for their money. She threatened to take away their tractor if they didn’t pay. Potpot wanted to help by using the money he saved up to enroll in school but his parents said they would take care of it.

Rafa had a new project proposal and asked Tessa for her help. Tessa approved so Rafa presented it to the board. It was about selling Tessa’s branded clothes in the Philippines. Everyone thought it was a brilliant idea but Jaime argued that Tessa’s brand was known for it’s exclusivity, not for everyone to wear. He asked Tessa if she agreed and Rafa said Tessa already said yes.

After the meeting, Jaime got in an argument with Tessa over the project. He accused her of agreeing to Rafa’s project as a way to make him agree to return to the Philippines.

Tessa agreed that it was the perfect opportunity for them to return, adding that she also wanted them to work on their marriage.
When Jaime went out for a drink, his friend asked him why he refused to return to the Philippines.

He thought Tessa was devoted to Jaime and was trying hard to make their marriage work. Jaime said l*ve and service were not same. To him, Tessa did not l*ve him. His friend told him not to be afraid of returning home and do as Tessa wanted.

Madam Alma went to collect her money from the farmers. They paid her the little money they had and she said it wasn’t enough so she took their tractor and cow. The farmers pleaded with her not to take them since that was what they used to plant. She however wouldn’t listen to him.

Things got worse when Potpot’s sister, Melai, suffered an asthma attack. She had to be admitted to the hospital and they didn’t have enough money to pay the bills. Potpot worked all night in the farm and collapsed on the shed. His parents scolded him in the morning and said they would take care of their problems.

The three of them went to see Miss Alma and Potpot begged her to give them back the tractor. She acted harsh at first but eventually agreed. She also extended the deadline for them to be able to pay their debts. When Potpot visited Melai at the hospital, he told her a good news about him passing the entrance exam to attend college but asked her not to tell their parents.

He wanted to defer his studies for a year just to help his family. Vida went to a design school to ask about their curriculum but she was shocked to hear about the hefty fees. She visited her father for a meal and begged him to let her stay with him.

Emil reminded her that Marga had her custody and also needed her. When Vida met up with Marga, she couldn’t stop talking about her fun date with her father. She gushed about him and said he always listened to her.

Marga only murmured until a guest arrived. He was the client who’s shoot Vida arrived late for it. Marga introduced them.


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