Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 60

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 60 Jaime’s body gets missing, Leon is arrested for murder

Potpot identified the body as Didith. In the yacht, Caloy gave a drink to Tessa for them to toast for Tessa’s freedom. Suddenly, the yacht stopped moving so Caloy went to check what was happening.

The Policarpios mourn for the death of Didith. Rafa was there to help them. He gave order to Bert that they should do an autopsy on Didith’s corpse but Bert said what the Policarpios needed was funeral so Rafael should help them with that.

Rafa told Pot that he has made an arrangement with the funeral home for Didith’s funeral but Pot was upset with Rafa. He blamed Rafa for the misfortune that has befallen on the Policarpios.

He said he would bury Didith right away together with his anger and asked Rafa to leave before he does something worse against him. Rafa insisted on being his friend and wanted to help him out but Pot drove him away.

Meanwhile, Marga was telling the management of the yacht club to stop the yacht which was onboard since Jaime was in and would k!ll her husband. The director told her that they could not do that and if there was a problem the Captain would have called them.

Marga insisted that there was a problem. She had a stomach or abdomen pains due to the pregnancy and the man wanted to help her but she yelled at the man not to do a mistake to touch her.

Caloy went to check the captain and realised everyone was dead. Suddenly, the glass in his hand fell off and it broke. Teri was watching some magazines and Caloy appeared there. Tessa asked him what was wrong. Jaime showed up with a gun pointed at Caloy. He has beaten Caloy up and had brought Caloy to see Teri.

Teri begged him not to do what he intended doing. She said she was the person he wanted so he could go with her without doing anything against Caloy. Caloy said he would not allow her to go with Jaime as he would do something worse against her. Jaime could k!ll him yet he would not allow her to go with him.

Jaime asked Teri what Caloy had that he did not have but Teri kept choosing Caloy over him. Teri said it was all Jaime’s fault, after beating her up she gave him second chance yet he blew it.

Jaime hit Caloy, kicked him. Teri kept begging Jaime that she would go anywhere with him, he should leave Caloy. Jaime said he did not go there to return home with Tessa he went there to make her regret for choosing Caloy and the psycho shot Teri.

Caloy who has become weak wanted to defend Teri, Jaime hit him multiple times on the head and neck. Blood ooze from Caloy’s mouth and Jaime shot him. This gingered Teri to fight back. She got a gun from a certain bag which Jaime pushed her on and she shot Jaime on the chest, calling him monster.

Jaime wanted to fight her again and was reaching for his gun. Teri got hold of it and shot him, leading Jaime to fall off from the yacht while she cried for help to save Caloy.

Meanwhile, Rowena called Rafa to call Teri as the time she gave her has passed and was getting worried. As Melai was crying and asking Gabriela what her mother did against the k!llers, Potpot yelled at them to stop it as nothing would bring either Didith or Melchor back.

It was evening and the authorities at yacht club decided to go and check what was happening to the yacht. Marga went with them and saw Jaime at the shore, she almost stoned him. She said Jaime deserved slow and painful death. As she was leaving, Jaime asked her to name her price and he would give it to her for her to save his life.

Fast forward, Teri and Caloy were at the clinic and the bullets were removed from them. She asked of Caloy and the practitioners said they were working on him. They pulled the curtains, Caloy’s state became complicated.

Vida went home after Rafa acted so cold against her. Asya was worried about Marga and wanted Vida and him to report to the police but Vida said it was not 24hours so Marga could not be termed as missing.

Marga came home and fainted as she was bleeding. She was sent to hospital and the doctor said the chances of her child to survive was thin but Marga said they should do everything to ensure the safety of the child.

Meanwhile, Rafa visited Teri and he told Teri that Caloy had been sent to another hospital. Teri revealed to Rafa that she shot Jaime and he fell off into the sea.

Caloy woke up mentioning Teri’s name. He saw Asya with him and he asked of Marga. He was sent to see Marga and he talked to his child to hang in there and not die.

He later called Rafa to ask of Tessa’s health. Teri was discharged and when they went home, Rafa informed her that Caloy called to check on her and told him she would be discharged.

Rowena who was home came to hug her daughter and was glad that nothing happened to her. The doctor came to Marga’s ward with an intention to operate and take out the baby since it was dead but a miracle happened, the child’s heart began to beat. This made Caloy and Marga so happy.

Rafa was bent on finding the body of Jaime, the police said per Teri’s account Jaime could be dead and Rafa said he would not believe Jaime was dead if he did not see his body.

Vida cooked for the Policarpios and Potpot did not want to eat. Vida pleaded with him to eat but he got upset scattered everything. Maila got scared as Gabriela tried talking to him. Pot said everything was not right and asked them to stop pretending.

He went out and Vida tried talking to him. She knew Potpot was going through a lot but life still had to go on. She has noticed Pot get agitated so easily and he said he could no longer control his emotions and yelled at Vida, demanding her to leave.

Caloy had been skipping work just to ensure Marga and the baby were okay. He was doing that due to his sacred vows and his responsibility as husband. Earlier, he had wanted to follow his heart and leave with Teri.

Marga got better and Asya asked her if she had something to do with what happened to Teri since she had already helped Jaime before but she denied. Vida who was eavesdropping tried to compel Marga to voice out the truth but she acted as victim, adding that she almost had a miscarriage.

Asya noticed that Vida had not been herself lately and believed Potpot was the reason. Elsewhere, working as a mechanic, Leon got arrested for murder allegations levelled against him by Potpot.

He called Teri for help and Teri went to the prison to assure him that he was part of her family and was still her son. Teri was hurt that Leon had been dragged into the mess.

She gave him an attorney who said the only way out was to do finger prints test to check if Leon’s finger prints matches that on the gun.
Potpot was told through a phone call and was upset that Teri was helping Leon.

He told Gabriela about it and Gabriela asked him to hear Teri and Leon’s side of the story, perhaps Leon might be innocent but Pot thought Gabriela was rather siding with the Laurels and who wanted to make the criminal go unpunished. Potpot was bent on making Leon and the Laurels pay for his lost.


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