Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 61

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 61 Potpot gains scholarship to study in Singapore

The case of Melchor’s murder was processed to court, the defendant, Leon Delmundo was found innocent due to insufficient evidence to prove him as guilty. Potpot looked so defeated, Tessa tried to make him understand that Leon was innocent of the crime and he was lashing out on the wrong person. Potpot pushed Teri’s hand from his shoulder.

The police went to Marga’s house to question Caloy about the yacht incident but Marga did not allow, claiming her husband was still recovering from the fiasco and Caloy would only talk when their lawyer was present.

Vida got home to ask Potpot about the hearing. Potpot said the lawyer of the defendant presented all sorts of evidence and was sure they bribed their way through.

Vida tried making him see that his efforts was not in vain and Leon might be innocent. Potpot felt that Vida was siding with the Laurels and said he could not stay with her happily and pretended that nothing ever happened to his family. He told Vida that the wretched people has now turned him into the new person standing infront of her and asked her if she could handle him.

Vida was perplexed to see how Potpot has allowed anger to consume and taken the best out of him, ridding him of being the hopeful Potpot he used to. She said there was no l*ve left in Potpot’s heart and said sorry to him. Potpot realised Vida had given up on their relationship but he did not care who would get hurt till he finally gained the justice he wanted for his parents.

During dinner, Teri expressed plans of moving to the province. Rafa wanted to find Jaime’s body before but Teri was sure the psycho had passed away. She went to draw the curtains in Jaime’s room and a picture of Jaime fell from where it was placed.

The next day, Potpot left home to a scholarship interview and was told Amanda Lou was the one who chose Potpot among the students the school presented to them. Potpot was to study in Singapore but he declined explaining that he recently lost his parents and was now the breadwinner. The lady told him to wait for her to make a call.

Teri parted ways with her workers at HOT, Potpot returned home to meet Vida in the arms of Rafa. He watched for a while and went to his house to inform Gabriela and Melai that they would travel to overseas as he gained scholarship to study with Melai there.

“Our lives are now going to change for the better.” Potpot led the family to recite the Policarpios slogan. This was the first time the Policarpios were making merry after the brutal murder of Melchor and Didith.

Vida tend in her resignation letter since Rafa and Teri were leaving the company. Her only aim was to work with Teri. She then learnt from Rafa that Potpot and his family were leaving the Philippines.

Caloy wondered how Jaime learnt about his location with Tessa. He asked Marga whether she told him about it since she and Rafa was the only one who knew about their plans. Caloy knew after Rafa managed to escape clutches of Jaime he never revealed the location of Tessa to Jaime but Marga denied.

Vida rushed home in a car to meet Potpot’s absence and was told they were on their way to the airport, he was traveling to Singapore.
On their way, Potpot was sad about how his relationship ended with Vida. Meanwhile, Vida was in a car following him.

Tessa discovered that Jaime transferred their properties and money a couple of months ago to different accounts which could not be traced just to leave Tessa penniless. All that Tessa was left with was her 30per cent shares in HOT. Tessa declared intentions to sell it and the attorney told her that Marga was interested and she sold them out to her.

However, Rafa was not happy with Tessa’s decision as she built the company with her own sweat and Jaime did not have right to do that to Teri. Teri advised her son to slack out of it she was okay.

Vida got to the airport and the security did not want to allow her in but Guada intervened that she was with her. Guada told Vida that it was good for the Policarpios to be happy again after the death that almost eroded the entire family. Guada said Potpot had gained scholarship and a job was also waiting for him in Singapore. She told Vida to catch up with Pot, Vida stood aloof and watched Pot from afar seeing that he has gotten a real life opportunity to be a great person.

She wished him well and did not get close to confess her actual feelings of her not been able to live without him. As Rafa turned Vida had already gone.

Marga gave birth and Caloy was happy that Marga had overcome all those shocks her pregnancy encountered.

Fast forward: Teri was being taught how to shoot. Her targets were bottles and she hit all her targets with Rafa and Leon happy for Tessa’s fast learning. She left to the town and met some random women who one thanked her for all her help once she settled in the province but Tessa said the woman did all that due to her own hard work.

Meanwhile, Vida has become a fashion teacher, teaching her students how to sew. The students played along with her while teaching and she was so happy and satisfied with her job.

Tessa was working with some women at the artisan shop. Leon approached Rafa who was making account of the products to inform him that he understood Tessa wanted to live a peaceful life but it should not be in an expense of her comfort.

He revealed that a rich guy wanted to buy Tessa’s shop, that he said could help them establish a new business close to House of Teri for Tessa to enjoy luxury but Rafa asked him to get lost and advised him to support Tessa in doing what makes her happy.

Vida was eating with her friends and Alvin, her new suitor made someone delivered a bouquet to her.

Soon, Tessa was informed that they were given a wrong time for the works that they were making for the town’s function so Tessa worked faster with the women to meet the deadline.

As they were working a voice over by Tessa was heard from the background:

“The women working with me now are just like me.

We were all victims in the past.

When life gives you difficulties it becomes easy to give up because it is hard to carry on.

All these women working with me they were battered, abandoned or abused but they all give me hope to carry on and so I made a vow to help them to live on.”

Tessa and her workers were able to meet the deadline. They designed bamboo hats, baskets, flower pots and carriers. They were in a car moving in town with the mayor. She met a random woman and told her to visit the centre to enroll in her class in order to work and earn to support her husband.

After the town’s festival, Tessa and her workers were feasting at the centre. The mayor visited to have a talk with her.

Alvin had courted Vida for a year and wondered why Vida had not agreed to his proposal yet. Vida said she was not ready for a relationship.

In Singapore, Potpot had a boxing training in his room and made a call to work. He said he would be at the office early and the documents should be presented to his desk before he reached there.


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