Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 62

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 62 Leon plans to sell Tessa’s workshop, Ira to return to Philippines

In Singapore, Tisoy asked a female colleague out and she said Tisoy was not her type but said the day Ira would accept her draft she would go out with him. Tisoy said then it meant they would never go out and they laughed.

Ira the rendition of Potpot humiliated Christy for not being efficient and effective. He referred to her as incompetent and said he was close to firing her.

However, Patrice, the lady who facilitated his scholarship tried to make him know the value of his workers. She admitted that Ira was smart more reason he was able to establish the company a year after graduation but advised him to have patient with his employees.

In St Monica, the mayor told Tessa that she wanted her to stand as the vice mayor of the place but Tessa declined the offer. She was not ready to venture into politics.

Vida got to the boarding house and a new mate took the barbecue that Alvin got her. The girl wondered the person who broke Vida’s heart that it was hard for her to carry on. She told Vida that if she did not like Alvin, she should tell him to pursue her instead.

Guada wanted Vida to open up so that she could move on. Leon pick a fight with Rafa due to the former insistent on selling Tessa’s workshop for half a million.

Rafa told Leon that he did not know anything about business and Leon said both were adopted so Rafa was not better than him. Rowena and Tessa came to separate the fight and Rafa revealed Leon’s plans of selling the workshop.

Tessa asked him and he admitted, explaining that he wanted them to live the life that Tessa used to live, a luxurious life but Tessa told him she was happy with her new life.

In Singapore, Melai and Gabriela were watching a movie immediately Ira got in, Melai left to bed. Gabriela advised Ira to make time and be with his sister so Ira planned a outing for the family the next day.

Leon kept pestering Tessa to sell off her workshop but she objected, Leon then recalled another person who wanted to buy the property and had a plan.

Elmo had an asthma attack and Marga was no where to be found. Caloy was home with Asya and were taking care of Elmo. Marga has however changed the name of House of Teri to House of Marga and has published a magazine. She told her team that her success was their success.

Alex informed her about countless number of calls from Asya as there was an emergency in the house. She finally went home and Caloy asked her where he and Elmo fit in Marga’s priority. He asked her not to wake Elmo up as he was finally asleep.

Potpot went to club to drink and Tinsoy told him not to drink too much. Potpot said irrespective of how he drinks it did not affect his job for Patrice to notice it.

He woke up the next day at the side of a woman. Quickly, he wore his pant and dress and confronted the girl for not waking him up early. The girl asked if that was what he would say after spending the night together. Potpot interjected by asking whether she wanted a thank you card.

He called Gabriela to cancel the scheduled outing with Melai, saying he had lots of things to do at work.

Later, Ira bumped into Charlie on his way home and Charlie smelt a woman’s perfume on Ira but he denied getting involved with a woman. He realised Charlie was getting jealous. He invited Charlie over for them to eat.

Tessa was worried and did not know how to make Leon understand that she was okay with her kind of life. She said Rafa was different but Rowena advised her not to do a mistake of comparing her children.

Ira set the table with the help of Charlie and he told Gabriela to join together with Melai. Melai refused to join claiming she was not feeling well. He wanted to go and talk to her but Gabriela stopped him.

Charlie proposed to go out with them to see more interesting places in Singapore. Melai’s action had a toll on Potpot so he asked Gabriela whether his efforts was not enough for Melai. He got call and excused himself.

Caloy and Asya sent Elmo to the hospital and the doctor said since Elmo was born prematurely his lungs did not develop well and had pulmonary problem which has triggered his asthma.

Rafa left to Manila for an investment proposal and bumped into Vida in a jeepney. He spoke with Vida and said he was now living a normal life and Vida said so did she. She told Rafa that she was running late for work and failed to tell Rafa where her work was located.

Rafa went to see Mike and he introduced him to Ms Judith. He told her about the workshop and expressed the need for her to invest in it. Ms Judith liked the fact that it was a charitable work and planned to visit the workshop.

Ira told Patrice about the new version of the shopping app and they planned to launch it the next day. Rafa went home to inform Tessa about the business meeting and also about seeing Vida. Tessa noticed that the smiles of Rafa still gets interesting whenever he mentioned the name Vida.

Tessa was told to teach youth at a workshop, she initially declined as she did not want anything to do with fashion any more but accepted as that could make the governor invest into her work. The governor also visited Caloy to invite him to the workshop to train the youth on engineering and mechanic.

Tessa left Rafa and Rowena incharge of the workshop as she left for the two-day workshop in St Barbara, a nearest town. Marga wanted to stop Caloy from going but Caloy walked out on her. Tessa and Caloy met at the workshop and were happy to see eachother.

Elmo kept crying and kept distance from his mother. Vida got there to play with him to stop him from crying. Ira launched the Tindera version 2.0, a new shopping app and Amanda was enthused by Ira’s presentation. Ira received applause from various investors and Amanda received complements for training Ira well.

Caloy and Tessa were introduced but some of the workshop participants who had seen Teri before did not allow for her to be introduced before they mentioned her name as Teri Laurel, saying she was their idol. Tessa laughed and said she was now known as Tessa Magbanua because that was her right name.

Ira was told to extend the business to Manila, Philippines and Amanda asked if he was ready and he said he was more than ready and even happy to go back to the Philippines.


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