Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 64

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 64 Vida is shocked to see Potpot after accepting Rafa’s proposal

In St Barbara, Marga got out of the game room, Caloy followed her to ask of her problem. Marga yelled that her problem was him. He humiliated her by assisting Tessa.

Caloy explained that he was helping a friend who fainted. Marga referred to Caloy as useless, she abandoned her important meetings to keep an eye on him but what she gained was heartbreak. Caloy told Marga to quit her nagging behaviour since the problems in their marriage was caused by her.

Tessa was feeling a bit okay and asked of Caloy. She was told he left with his wife and the person even felt sorry for Caloy for being yelled at.

Vida was in class teaching and giving fashion tips. Rafa was there with her and told the students that Vida was the top fashion designer in House of Teri and the students asked why she resigned.

Vida explained that she wanted to work with Teri Laurel to learn more about fashion and once she did that she felt the need to impact into others, hence her new job as a fashion teacher.

They went out for break and Vida noticed that on of her students who was crossing the road was almost knocked she rushed to get the girl out of the way, Rafa seeing Vida might run over by the moving vehicle became the saviour.

He quickly pushed them of the road and he was knocked slightly by the car. He fainted and was rushed to hospital. Vida thanked him for laying his life for her. Rafa said he would rather die before something bad happened to her.

Jaime was having shooting practice and his goon came to inform him that Leon has agreed to the plan. Marga got home and around the pull area she recalled Caloy and Tessa playing the apple game. She threw the glass of drink she was holding in anger.

Caloy made up his mind to sleep in a different room but went to check on Elmo before. Marga went to Elmo’s room to see Caloy k!ss!ng the child. She received a text that the boss was back and the plan would start soon.

Meanwhile, Rafa had been discharged and Vida sent home. She dressed the affected place up and Tessa came to meet. She became worried but Rafa insisted that it was just a minor injury. Tessa was happy to see Vida and asked her how she was doing.

They had a dinner. Marga asked Vida of Potpot and she said he traveled to Singapore to study with his family and also had a good work there but they were not in touch since Potpot kept his distance due to the bad things that happened to him and his family in the Philippines.

Vida was very affected when she heard Potpot’s name. She wanted to leave, however, Tessa stopped her as it was late. She told her she would arrange for someone to send her home the next day. She asked her to sit and enjoy her rice cake prepared by Rowena.

Rafa later approached Vida to give her tea, he promised not to talk about Potpot since he saw her reaction when Tessa mentioned his name. Vida said she was used to people asking her about Potpot.Rqfa promised not to hurt her.

The next day, Potpot and his family arrived to Philippines and occupied a luxurious house which Amanda gave him. Gabriela was happy and asked him to that Amanda for her kindness.

Marga planned to buy a resort which Alex showed her. It was 50,000 and she told Caloy about it but Caloy was not in support of Marga acquiring a vacation resort. He wondered how she could manage and how she got money for that project. Marga said she had lots of investments and the price wouldn’t be a problem.

Rafa told Tessa about how the sales had declined and was depressed, thinking how they would survive, already they had lots of recruits. Tessa thought about the problem with her employees which she viewed them as partners.

They proposed to work more to design and sell more as means for the business to bounce back. Rafa asked Mike about the investment and he said the woman was investing into other business with more offer.

Ira was not happy that the amusement park was chosen for the Tindera shopping app outdoor programme. The place reminded him of Vida and he was not happy with that.

However, Amanda said she chose the place. The place was overcrowded as everyone wanted to know what was going on. Ira introduced the app to lots of people.

Vida and her colleagues came to the amusement park to celebrate a friend’s birthday, she wanted to turn back since she recalled her moment with Potpot. Ira seemed to have heard a familiar voice, he turned but did not see anyone.

Asya prepared food for Caloy since it was his birthday. He packaged some for him to send to the workshops. At the workshop, the authorities were wondering if Caloy would come.

Tessa overhead the conversation and looked so worried. Soon, Caloy arrived and apologised for his late coming. Tessa was so happy when she heard Caloy had arrived. She thought her students and gave them papers to write their dream work so that she helped them get it.

One asked of the day and she said October 31. It rang the bell and she planned a surprise birthday offer to Caloy. Caloy was happy that Tessa still remembers. Tessa asked the place she and Marga would go and he said nowhere. Marga had not even greeted him, he believed she has forgotten.

In the house, Marga asked Asya where Caloy was and he said Caloy left for the workshop. Marga did not understand why Caloy kept doing what she was against.

Vida and her friends went to sit somewhere to eat after listening about an address on the Tindera app. As they were eating, Potpot saw her and he viewed her from afar. Vida was blindfolded, she watched and it was Rafa. She asked Rafa what he was doing there and he said he was there because of her. She introduced Rafa to her colleagues include in Alvin.

Potpot was upset, consumed with jealousy after seeing Vida and Rafa together. After seeing Potpot as the man behind the Tindera app, Leon returned home with flyer of the app to introduce it to Tessa. He said it was an app that they could sell her products on it online.

He also said the company would have an event the next day so he would attend to know more about it. Tessa said she would make Rafa go with him. Rafa sent Vida for site seeing after enjoying with her, he proposed to Vida and Vida said she liked him and did not know whether that was okay for Rafa.

Rafa hugged her and said it was more than okay. Caloy got home and Marga greeted him with a fight but Caloy did not condone it, he said it was his birthday and was not ready for Marga’s nagging behaviour.

Escorting her home, Rafa told Vida that he received a text from his mother about a certain programme he would have to attend in Manila with Leon so he wanted her to escort him to the place since that would make him happy.

Elsewhere, Potpot drunk his head out and approached a random girl at a bar. Because he was feeling tipsy, he saw the girl as Vida and lashed out on her forgiving up on them. He said she broke up her promise and insisted on her to tell him the truth if she was dating him. The lady slapped him, Tisoy quickly went for Its saying he was drunk.

Ira met with an attorney to reopen Melchor’s case but he was told there was no new evidence against Leon. He became so upset and said if evidence is what they wanted he would get some for them.

Rafa, Vida and Leon arrived at the launch of the official launch of Tindera App. The inventor was introduced as Ira Policarpio. They all clapped after seeing it was Potpot, Vida and Rafa stopped clapping. Vida became really shocked and kept staring at Potpot.


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