Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 65

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 65 Caloy gets Marga investigated over her outrageous wealth

At the launch, Potpot introduced the Tindera shopping App as the answer to the online shopping quest which would make sellers advertise their goods and services to a broader audience and inturn gain potential customers.

Vida seemed so worn out in her seat, it was as if she wanted to cry. Rafa went out with her to tell her he could send her home if she was uncomfortable. Due to Leon Vida said she was fine.

Ira appeared there to shake hands with Rafa and asked them about how they were faring, Vida said he had changed a lot. Ira told them if Rafa was interested in the app to boost his mother’s handicrafts he could sign up.

Caloy came from the shower to find a box of gift on his bed. He opened and it was a car key. He went outside to find an expensive car, Marga appeared and wished him a happy birthday although she was late. The car was so expensive for his liking and questioned Marga where she got the money from, since he did not believe Marga was earning that huge sums from her business.

Marga saw him as ungrateful, instead of him to appreciate what she did he was rather upset. She queried what at all did he need and he said he needed her.

In Santa Monica, Tessa told her mother that Rafa and Leon had gone to Manila for a seminar concerning the shopping app. Rowena was happy that finally the two boys were getting along since all that Rafa wanted was for Leon to support Tessa in her new business.

Tessa saw a stranger taking pictures of her workshop and she reprimanded him. The man made excuse that he was searching for a job and heard there was a vacancy. Tessa said the work was for only women and warned him not to trespass. He immediately left.

Rowena asked Tessa who she was talking to. Tessa told Rowena she came across a man who she thinks was investigating and have bad feeling about it although the man gave an excuse and per what they had passed through in life she did not want to experience anything bad again. Rowena rather said Tessa was being paranoid.

Ira saw Leon at his office and got close, pretending to be talking to the person Leon was talking to. He wanted evidence to reopen his father’s case. Leon cleansed the suit of Ira as if there were dirt on it.

Ira asked him whether he was staying with Teri since he saw him with Rafa. He said was staying with Tessa Magbanua, just like him, Teri has also changed her name. She sold out HOT and now living a simple but happy life.

Ira said such is life you become a king and the next moment you end up as slave. Marga asked her two workers about the property she wanted to buy at Santa Monica and they said the mayor had a second opinion, she was not ready to sell out the property. Marga insisted on them to do everything possible to get her the property.

Rafa sent Vida to her hostel and asked her if she was okay, Vida yelled at him for pestering her. She said she was okay and everything about Potpot was in the past. She realised she was disrespecting Rafa and said sorry. Rafa accepted and said she was stressed out and left.

Seeing her moody, Guada asked of her problem and she said she saw Potpot and he was now successful. Guada admitted knowing he was in Manila but did not know how to inform her.

Caloy was looking for his school records and found a cheque with more than 350million, he wondered where Marga was getting all that money from. The boys got home and Tessa realised Rafa looked moody. She asked Leon and he said Rafa met Ira who was the inventor of the Tindera App and believed Rafa was feeling jealous.

Marga met Jaime and the latter queried why Marga could not control Caloy since he had already met Tessa. He threatened to get him under control. Marga also threatened to reveal Jaime’s secret if dared do something against Caloy. Jaime interjected that Marga also had secret.

On her way home, Marga recalled how she sent Jaime to hospital and in return she got paid for the dirty job. Tessa asked Rafa if he was okay and he said he was but not sure about Vida after they met Potpot. Tessa also told him about the man she caught snooping around. Rafa wanted them to report the matter to the police but Tessa said she might be paranoid and believed it was nothing since Jaime was already dead.

Amanda asked Ira why he was moody after seeing Vida and Rafa together. He wondered how she knew and she told him that Tisoy told her about it and she even knew that Ira met with Attorney Vingera.

Charlie had a call, it was Ira who called her. She later received it and asked Ira why he called. He told her that he saw Vida and Rafa together. Charlie asked whether he was bothered and mad about it.

“Yes, it really bothers me, it was just irritating to see them together.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Nothing! I guess I was so overwhelmed by that.”

He then asked Charlie when she would be in Philippines and she said she was no longer going to Philippines, she would stay in Singapore since Ira did not care about her feelings. She was done throwing herself at him. Ira asked if she was abandoning him too, she said she never did that she l*ved him but he did not reciprocate that affection.

Rafa waited for Vida to have breakfast with her but she seemed to be running away from Rafa. She gave excuses to her action but Rafa did not accept it. She then went to eat with him. Rafa realised Vida was still not in her element even though she was pretending to be alright.

Ira told Tisoy about what Charlie did, Tisoy understood Charlie’s decision since she had been longing to be with Ira but he seemed not to care. Ira said he needed time, however, Tisoy said Charlie gave him all the time he wanted, the bottom line was that he has changed and his grandmother also said it.

Meanwhile, Leon met Jaime’s henchman who delivered a message on Jaime’s behalf to ruin Tessa’s business. Leon did not want to do it but he was told if he refused the boss’ order he would be caught in between.

Ira got home, Gabriela brought him a coffee but he did not want Gabriela to stress herself, since that was the reason he has hired a servant to help them. Gabriela said she was bored of watching television that was why she was doing that. Ira said she was stubborn and that was where he took his stubbornness from. Gabriela has a philosophy about stubborn people, she believed such people knew what they really want.

Rafa waited for Vida till she closed from work. She said she was stressed out and needed to rest . Rafa believed it was about Potpot but she denied. In Santa Monica, Caloy startled Tessa at her shop. He needed someone to talk to and told Tessa about getting his wife investigated.

He feared Marga was doing something illegal as she had lots of money that no one knew the source. Tessa advised him to trust Marga and drop what he was doing. Elsewhere, Alex asked Marga why she intended buying Tessa’s property while she knew Tessa was left with nothing. Marga said she wanted to see Tessa completely as miserable wretch for flirting with her husband, Tessa called for it and she should suck it.


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