Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 66

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 66 Caloy calls for break up after Marga and Tessa’s fight, Melai runs from home

In Santa Monica, Caloy received a call from Asya informing him that Elmo has another asthma attack. Caloy returned to ask Tessa’s help since his car broke down.

Tessa made Leon drove them to the hospital with her delivery van. Elmo was crying so Tessa took care of him for him to sleep. This was something Marga could not do so Caloy bluntly said Elmo needed someone like Tessa to put him to sleep.

Marga arrived to see Leon standing outside the hospital and she questioned his presence. She went inside the ward to find Tessa with Caloy and Elmo. Marga yelled at Tessa for not only trying to steal her husband but her son too.

Tessa wondered what Marga was talking about, before she could answer, Marga had already slapped her. Marga went on with her allegations while Tessa assured her that there was nothing going on between Caloy on her, on the contrary they were friends.

Marga slapped Tessa again, Tessa retaliated with two slaps on Marga’s right and left ears. A fight ensued and Marga pushed Tessa to the hospital bed. Tessa did not back down, as it was escalating, Asya and Leon separated it with Caloy confronting Marga for her action.

Marga told Caloy that he was still in l*ve with Tessa. She wondered why Caloy would take a breather in Santa Monica instead of taking with her. Caloy questioned where she was at that time.

Tessa wept and when she was sent home, she told Rowena about it. Rowena advised her to keep her distance from Caloy if that would bring peace between Marga and Caloy. Leon was speaking on phone with an unknown person. He was demanding for more time to execute a particular evil task otherwise they would end up in trouble.

Meanwhile, Rafa was drunk and he told his friends that things were going on well between him and Vida but once Potpot showed up Vida was given him the cold shoulder.

His friends advised him to give up on Vida since it was obvious that she has not gotten over her ex. Rafa was not ready to pull away from Vida but was determined to fight for her.

The next day, the first interviewee for Tindera company was Leon who wanted to work in order not to be a burden to Tessa. He tended in his résumé and Ira said his résumé was nothing since his personality did not fit for the job. Leon was a murderer and Leon retorted that Ira has forgotten he was acquitted.

Ira saw it as a game so he also played along and decided to employ him. Vida had breakfast with the roomie and she thought Vida liked Rafa but the way she treated Rafa the other day was despicable and believed Vida was hunted by her past. Vida kept denying, saying she was only tired and needed rest that was all.

Melai saw Potpot had come home before sunset and questioned why Potpot arrived early. Potpot said he wanted them to have dinner together. Melai believed he was sick. She revealed that she spoke with Charlie and she would no longer fly to Manila since she was tired of Potpot.

Gabriela tried stopping Melai but she would not stop. Potpot told her that they only had themselves to depend on, asking Melai not to test his patient. Melai said he was not the only person whose patient was being tested.

Later in bed, she recalled how colleagues from the school bullied her. She needed Potpot but he was always not at home. She feared she lost her brother along with her parents.

Caloy got upset with Marga for trying to control his life like her property. He was sick of it that Marga replaced him with another engineer at the training session and she even told the governor about it. Marga lashed out on him, claiming he was flirting with Tessa.

Caloy decided to end everything between them, Marga said if it was not for her Caloy would be nowhere. Caloy did not care, he was bent on leaving. Marga then pleaded with him not to leave her, she was willing to change for him. Asya approached with Elmo asking what was going on.

Marga took Elmo and threatened that if he leaves he would not make him get closer to Elmo again. Kittie told Vida to apologise to Rafa and become a bit sweet to him. She texted Rafa but Rafa did not reply.

Vida concluded that Rafa was upset but she doubted her action triggered such a behaviour from Rafa. Kittie told her sometimes men also play hard to get so she should be a bit romantic. Both left for work.

Rafa was worried about the drop in sales and told Tessa that they had to adopt a new means for the business to bounce back and proposed that they use the Tindera app. Tessa asked if there was no other means since he only cared about Rafa, using the app meant that he would be meeting Potpot often.

Rafa said the business comes first so if the app would be helpful he wouldn’t mind so that they could boost their sales. Tessa was looking for Leon to drive her to the training session. Rafa told her that Leon left early in the morning. He offered to drive Tessa off since he was also going somewhere.

At the Tindera Company, Leon came across Cythia who was warning a man to stay away from her as she has a boyfriend. Seeing Leon, Cythia went to hold him claiming Leon was her boyfriend and the other guy was harassing her. Leon then played along, he warned the guy to stay away from his girlfriend and he even called for war. Cynthia called the guy a coward for fleeing.

At he training centre, Tessa learnt that Caloy had not shown up. Meanwhile, Asya was asking Caloy to have a little more patient with Marga as she might change for good this time around. Caloy had given up and was not hoping she would change. He only stayed due to Elmo and he later played with him . He was ready to support any career Elmo would choose in the future, whether architect or a mechanic.

Amanda supported Ira for employing Leon to gather evidence against him. She subscribed to the regular saying “Keep your Friends close, keep your enemies closer.” However, Ira received a call from Gabriela, telling him that Melai has gone missing.

Melai board a car and went to Vida’s place when she was preparing food. She called out Vida’s name. Vida was happy to see her. She served her with food and Melai asked if Vida broke up with Potpot due to his new personality. Vida advised Melai to have a little more patient with Potpot since they had gone for three years and did not know their life.

Melai was hoping Vida could understand her better since she believed Vida left Potpot due to the change in Potpot’s behaviour. Vida understood her when Melai said she did not know her brother anymore, more reason she did not want to live with him.

Meanwhile, Potpot was home he has gotten in touch with Melai’s former classmates but she was not there either. Potpot blamed himself for Melai’s action and scared that something bad might happen to her. Gabriela tried stopping him for blaming himself but he said he would not forgive himself when something bad happened to Melai.

Tessa got home and saw Leon talking to a stranger, she questioned Leon about the person but he lied. Tessa also asked him where he went in the morning, he said he was searching for a job in Manila. Tessa asked if he was sure and he said Tessa did not trust him like he did with Rafa.

Gabriela told Potpot that Guada had sent a text that Melai was with Vida. After giving Melai a place to lay her head. Vida came out of her room to meet Potpot, she was stunned to see Ira in her house.


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