Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 67

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 67 Tessa’s workshop gets burnt 

At Vida’s place, Ira asked to speak with Melai. Vida told him it would be appropriate for Melai to be away from him for the moment. Potpot walked out on her to go and talk with Melai. Melai refused to go home with him.

Rafa arrived at the hostel in the company of his friends with a suprise for Vida. He promised to treat his friends when Vida falls for him for the bouquet and teddy bear.

He stood at the gate and when the door opened he was surprised to see Ira. Rafa asked what he was doing there. Vida explained that Melai ran from home and she was with her, hence Ira’s visit.

Before he left, Ira told Vida that he should tell him how much she needed for the food, and the inconveniences that Melai’s presence has created. Rafa deemed it as an insult and told him that money cannot buy everything including l*ve. As he left, Rafa gave Vida her gifts and hugged her. Ira who was in his car watched and recalled how Vida and him broke up. He wept when he went home.

Marga went home early to inform Caloy that they would eat in a restaurant. Caloy refused using Elmo’s health as excuse. He also said he had other plans. Caloy went to meet his investigator who told him about the huge sums that Marga had in different accounts.

Caloy told the investigator to find the source of the money she had been receiving into her account. Elsewhere, Tessa was grateful that her workers did not give up and still did their best for the business.

She closed from work and in the house while having dinner, she asked Rafa where Leon was. Leon did not inform Rafa about his plans. Someone dressed in blue jerican who had been spying on her all those while broke the lock to the work shop, poured kerosene and set the place ablaze.

By chance Tessa saw the place on fire and screamed, she ran out so Rafa and Rowena followed her, they called for help. Tessa cried while Rafa consoled her. Rafa later joined the neighbours to put the fire under control.

The investigator said the workshop caught fire due to faulty electric appliance. Rafa rubbished the claim as the electric appliance was checked a week ago.

Caloy told Marga that he was going to Santa Barbara since the engineer Marga claimed she found for the workshop did not show up so the governor asked him to go. Marga did not want him to go but he also refused to allow Marga decide for him.

Marga met with the Mayor of Santa Monica and expressed her readiness to buy Tessa Magbanua’s property. Marga was willing to persuade the mayor with few millions.

Ira drove Gabriela to Guada’s house and left for work. Caloy went to Santa Barbara to learn about the unfortunate incident that happened to Tessa and went to assist her.

Rafa still was not convinced that the fire incident was caused by faulty electrical wire but felt that the person that Tessa had been seeing around the property could cause that. Tessa did not know the issue she had with the person so she took it as an accident. Ira was going through the pictures of Vida from her social media accounts when Tisoy arrived at his office to see it.

He knew Ira was stalking her, he denied but eventually accepted and expressed his readiness to win her over again. Tisoy asked if he still had feelings for her and realised Ira wanted her back to break her heart, just for revenge.

Leon sent Cynthia out to a fancy restaurant where food was expensive. They kept long and arrived at the office late. Ira questioned him for being late from break and made Leon know that he was his boss.

Rowena advised Tessa to ensure she did not fall for Caloy again. Caloy later got home to meet Marga setting table for dinner and she invited him over. He did not want to join but decided to since Marga just wanted to spend time with him.

Ira arrived at Guada’s place for Gabriela. Gabriela told him about the good news concerning Melai who was now ready to go home with them. Ira then said they should eat together in a restaurant and Gabriela invited Vida but she refused. Melai insisted and Ira also said she should join them. Vida could not give further excuses and left with them.

Tessa prepared tea, Meanwhile Rafa was busy working on a document for them to build the workshop again as soon as possible. He asked Tessa if she has thought of getting back with Caloy some day, but Tessa brushed the idea off.

Leon arrived and he decided to go inside his room without eating. He had a conversation with a man whose side profile showed as Jaime. Leon said although he could not stand Potpot but due to him he accepted to work with him. Jaime told him not to worry he would receive his payment soon.


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