Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 68

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 68 Mayor of Santa Monica joins forces with Tessa’s enemy

At the restaurant Guada told Potpot to always tangle her with them whenever they go out to a fancy restaurant. Ass they arrived home Vida told Melai she was welcome to stay with her anytime she felt like.

Seeing Melai so close to Vida, Potpot asked Melai what if Vida becomes the one to help her with her studies. Melai was happy to hear that.

Meanwhile, Caloy told Marga that he would go to Santa Monica the next day to help Tessa as her shop got burnt. Ira offered to pay Vida to help her so she should name her price.

Caloy together with the workshop trainees helped to put up the structure. Tessa served them with food. In Manila, Rafa told Vida about their burnt shop. Vida looked worried and asked if everyone was okay and he said yes. Rafa asked Vida out, she declined and said she would be teaching Melai at Ira’s condo.

Meanwhile, Ira worked himself up to impress Vida. He made Tisoy sent lots of things to the condo to set up the place for Vida to see that his life has improved after they separated.

Rafa was jealous but allowed Vida to do what she felt like. Tessa was hammering a nail to a wood and she tripped from the chair she was standing on, Caloy quickly rushed to catch her and she fell on top of Caloy.

Caloy got hurt and she sent him to the room and applied an ointment on the affected place and said sorry to him. Caloy proposed to be a partner in Tessa’s business in order to help boost the business.

The mayor later visited Tessa to ask her how things were going, Tessa told her that she could not wait to finish putting the structure since the women she was helping could not wait. The mayor said she could help the women in different way by selling off the property. Tessa declined the offer.

In Ira’s condo, Vida watched Potpot’s graduation picture and recalled when Potpot struggled to get enrolled. Melai came and she taught her. She was leaving when she bumped into Ira at the gate and he asked her to wait. He signed a 50,000 cheque for her as a down payment.

Marga visited Tessa to warn her stay away from her husband, claiming Tessa jealous her but Tessa reminded her she changed what was House of Teri to House of Marga which meant that she jealous her. She threatened to make Tessa beg her and left to see the Mayor.

She offered to sponsor her campaign for her next elections if she failed to give a permit to Tessa for her not to be able to work on her property and sell it out to her. Rafa believed Tessa set fire to the workshop.

Cynthia milked Leon, she made Leon got her an expensive 50k bracelet. Ira realised the relationship between the new employee, Cynthia and Leon.

Tisoy doubted they were dating since Cynthia has quite a reputation of being a material and fancy person.

Caloy met the investigator and he was unable to find the source of Marga’s funding as the person she was doing it with was experienced. He however, revealed that the accounts were opened three years ago and asked Caloy if he could recall anything that happened in that three years.

Caloy got home to separate his conjugal agreement with Marga as he was not interested in sharing accounts with her to be part of any shady dealings she was involved in.

Jaime called Marga to speed her up to work to ensure Tessa becomes miserable. Vida visited Rafa while at work Ira asked Leon the time which Rafa would pitch the business presentation to him and he said Sunday. Ira shifted the meeting to the next day.

As she was learning the handicraft work, Vida told him that Ira was so different from the Potpot they used to know but she could see some Potpot in Ira who was trapped inside waiting to be freed.

The engineers of Mayor’s place did some inspection on the wiring and claimed there was a problem with the wiring. Tessa was perplexed since that meant that they would not get permit. Vida assured to tell Caloy about the problem.

Vida arrived at Ira’s condo late and Ira was ruthless to her for wasting time while he paid her for the private teaching. Vida explained but Ira said he did not pay her to be seeing her boyfriend. He claimed Vida was the same since she did not focus on one thing and referred to her as failure. Vida slapped him and torn his cheque on him.

Meanwhile, Leon fought with Rafa for telling him that he would not be able to do the presentation the next day as Leon scheduled with Ira since they needed permit before.

Vida told Ira that he was still bitter and his anger has consumed him until now and felt sorry for him. She walked out on him.


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