Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 69

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 69 Tessa is denied a permit to operate her business

At her hostel, Vida shed tears for the ail treatment she suffered from the hands of Potpot. Kittie consoled her and told her it could be that bitterness has actually changed Potpot. Vida thought her tutoring could make Potpot becomes friends with her but she thought wrong.

Melai questioned Potpot for acting rude to Vida. He said Vida let Melai down, Melai said Potpot also let her down too. Melai realised Potpot did not want to make her happy since he was driving her only friend away.

Tessa complained to Caloy about how her sons were disrespecting her with their constant fight. Caloy asked her to have patience. Caloy also did all the necessary adjustments to the wiring at the workshop.

Meanwhile, Marga was at the mayor’s office bribing her. The mayor took the envelope with a smile and Marga said it was a tip of what was yet to come.

However, Tessa was at the mayor’s office and was made to wait. As she was waiting patiently, she saw Marga coming out of the office. She was then ushered in and gave the documents to the mayor. The mayor said she would only consider signing it when there had been a second inspection.

Tessa thought since they were close the mayor could make it quick for her to make her start the business. The Mayor told her she could still sell off the property and Tessa interjected: “to Marga?” The mayor was surprised and Tessa asked if Marga was the reason behind her action.

At the hostel, Vida asked why Rafa had a swollen face and he said he fought with Leon and their act was getting Tessa worried. He also asked about how the tutoring was going and she said she quit. Rafa then believed Potpot was not the old person they used to know.

Melai and Potpot arrived there and he asked Vida to teach Melai. Rafa asked why Vida would do that and Potpot said he was not Vida’s manager. Since she did not want them to fight, Vida stepped in to say she would teach Melai but it would be under her own terms and conditions. She would not accept any payment for it.

Ira annoyingly asked if he could join them to have breakfast and gave a food package to Rafa for him to serve. Rafa saw that as insulting before he would open his mouth,Vida quickly took the package and said she would serve.

Elsewhere, Leon and Cynthia had a quiet time together in bed and Leon wanted another round but Cynthia did not want to allow without coming up with a demand.

Tessa told Caloy that she was not yet given the permit but Caloy was hopeful she would get it after the second inspection. Tessa did not look hopeful so Caloy suspected there was a problem.

Rafa ran after Ira to question him on what he was doing. Ira threatened to claim Vida back if he did not keep an eye on her. Tessa planned not to allow Marga hurt her anymore. She payed a surprise visit to Marga at House of Marga. She asked Marga to look at the kind of life Marga was leaving yet Marga was bent on destroying the simple life she has chosen.

Marga said that was what Tessa would get for going after her husband. Tessa said Marga was her own problem with her or without her Marga’s marriage would be destroyed since Marga was a pathetic wife. Marga wanted to slap her but Tessa caught her hand and told her she had passed through a lot and comes up on top and she would win against Marga.

Caloy learnt about Marga’s visit to the mayor and called to find out from Tessa if that was the reason it affected the signing of her permit but she said she would handle it in order not to spark a fight between him and Marga.

Amanda wanted to drop the Santa Monica’s proposal but Ira asked her not to since he wanted to be the reason their business fail.

Rafa came to meet Leon talking rudely to Tessa’s workers and he pleaded. The workers wanted to quit so Tessa and Rafa had a meeting with them to apologise. Soon, Caloy visited Tessa with Elmo. Tessa served everyone with food. She took Elmo and played tickle games with him.

Melai refused to go to school so Gabriela called Ira to get home. Ira called Vida instead to ask of her help. Vida arrived at the workshop with Melai and Tessa served Melai with some of the food. Vida told Rafa that Melai was feeling alone and was bullied in school, that was why she skipped school. Rafa believed Melai needed a family.

Marga was sitting all alone with a food she has served. Asya got home and Marga said she came early to surprise Caloy but ended up being surprised. She called Caloy and he intentionally hang up. Marga was later seen in her car calling Vida to tell her she needed her company but Vida said she was at Santa Monica helping Tessa out and Caloy and Elmo were even there.

Vida thanked Rafa for sending her flowers but Rafa claimed he was not the one although he made his mind to send her some. Rafa believed it was Ira but Vida doubted.

Leon got home in a foul mood after witnessing Cynthia flirting with other guys including Ira. He came to meet Rafa done with the needed slides for the presentation. Leon now had nothing to say since Rafa would now pitch the proposal to Ira the next day.

Leon went inside to eat but was feeling lonely so he watched Rafa and how he was happy with Vida. Rowena entered and asked Leon to join Rafa but he claimed he was tired.

Tessa was playing with Elmo and Marga who has arrived was watching her. Suddenly it began raining so Tessa and Caloy ran inside. Caloy was wiping Elmo when Marga arrived there to confront Tessa. She dragged Tessa out and pushed her to the mud and beat her. Tessa was taken by surprise so she could not properly fight. Caloy and Rafa rushed there to separate the fight.


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