Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 7

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 7 Nathan attempts to rape Vida, Potpot gains admission to college 

Marga introduced Vida to Nathan. Nathan wanted to hire Vida to endorse products for his company and Marga agreed. He said they would finalise the details and inform Vida about her schedule.

Vida was hoping they would allow her to plan at her own time. Nathan then asked her to go out with him for drinks.
Jaime joined Tessa and Rafa for breakfast. He revealed his final decision on the project. Jaime agreed to Rafa’s project and allowed him to embark on his journey to Philippines to set up for the kickstart of the project.

Melai was discharged from the hospital. She wanted to prepare a congratulatory gift for Potpot after he told her that he passed the entrance exam. When Potpot left for work, Melai prepared her gift.

She came out in a hurry when she heard her parents had return. Melchor asked what she was up to and Melai tried to hide the gift since Potpot had warned her not to inform their parents. Melchor insisted on seeing it and eventually found out that Potpot gained admission into college.

When Potpot got home, they were all in a somber mood. They told him that they wouldn’t allow him to work in the farm anymore since he would attend college.

Potpot asked about the money and Melchor told him that they would sell something to raise the money. Nathan went out with Vida to a club. He drugged her drink and when she got wasted, he offered to take her home.

Nathan took Vida to his condo and tried to take advantage of her. Vida hit him and ran out. Vida told Marga and Asya what happened. They were furious and planned to report the issue to the police.

Nathan’s parents meet Marga to settle the issue. They showed Marga a video of Vida flirting with Nathan and argued that she was not forced. Marga believed them, saying there was no problem.

Vida was hurt since Marga had refused to believe her. Marga accused Vida of making everything up in order to ruin her business. She said Vida went out to club all night and it was hard to believe women like her.

Vida said she should have stayed with her father but Marga said if Emil wanted to take her, he would have asked for custody. She told Vida that her father also knew she was a problematic person.

Vida got upset at her mother and left the house with her things. She went to see her father and asked him to take her in. Emil however denied his daughter the opportunity to reunite with him since his wife would be upset for letting his daughter stay with them.

He offered Vida some money in order for her to lodge in a hotel but Vida refused to take the money. His father had chosen his new wife over her so she left.

Vida went to stay with her friends for a while and sold her clothes to earn money. She met up with Asya, who insisted on helping her out with whatever she wanted. Marga refused to look for Vida and went about her business.

Vida rented out a room but had to give her phone as collateral since she didn’t have the full amount. She had decided to work and pay to enroll in a design school.

When Marga was out scouting a talent, a street kid stole her phone. A guard caught him and Marga reported him to the police. The boy turned out to be one of the children that Caloy was rehabilitating. He got a call from the station and went to see how he would bail him out.

When he arrived, Marga had already left. The officer said the person who reported the boy had to drop the charges for him to be released. Caloy therefore asked for the person’s identity and they told her that it was Marga.

Rafa established the office in Manila. He called Tessa and Jaime to tell him how things went. Jaime reprimanded him for doing things wrong and Tessa asked him not to be too demanding. Jaime said he had to be strict as Rafa would eventually inherit everything they own.

Potpot’s family and their neighbours threw a goodbye party for him to bid him farewell for his journey to Manila. Melchor gave him a bank book with the money to pay his fees and a phone to call home. After a teary farewell, Potpot left.

He arrived in Manila late in the afternoon to meet the school offices being closed. He begged the attendants to register him, he didn’t want to be carry around the money. They however refused since it was past 5:00pm.

Potpot went to the place he would be staying but they had also turned in. He had no choice but to sleep outside. Vida ran into him as she was leaving in the morning and dropped her earring. She searched around him to find it but tripped over him, waking up Potpot.


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