Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 70

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 70 Caloy files for divorce and custody of Elmo

Jaime is informed about the happenings of his allies. He had them investigated to ensure they comply to his orders. Leon has been able to execute all of Jaime’s evil plans by burning Tessa’s workshop and working for Ira, Marga on the other hand has let Jaime down.

At Santa Monica, the fight between Marga and Tessa was separated by Caloy and Jaime. Marga threw some of the mud on Caloy’s head and went for Elmo from Vida but Caloy took Elmo away from her, warning her not to involve the child in their problem. Marga said she already warned him that he would not see Elmo again once he leaves her.

On her way home, Marga shed tears, Tessa served Caloy with coffee but he was busy feeding Elmo. Seeing her daughter sad, Rowena called to comfort her before she would lean on Caloy.

Rowena blamed Marga for her husband’s inability to stay home since Marga has attitude problem and is hunted by her own attitude. On their way home, Vida thanked Caloy for alighting Melai at her house.

She queried Caloy if he would leave Marga. Caloy said he was tired and would not be able to stay with her. Vida believed her mom would not be able to take it. Meanwhile, Marga cried that she would not be able to live without Caloy. Asya consoled her. Tessa also wept bitterly.

Elsewhere, Ira went to dinner with Cynthia and paid her to form a relationship with Leon. She should make Leon fall deeply for her and learn about all his movements, family life and return to him with all the information.

The next day, she and Rafa went to Tindera company, Tessa was impressed by the number of awards Potpot had won. Rafa reminded her to call him Ira not Potpot.
Seeing Potpot, she ran and hug him but Potpot was not pleased by the first hug he had gotten during his first meeting.

Marga arrived at Caloy’s new place with a lawyer and policemen accusing Caloy of kidnapping. The lawyer explained to Caloy that a child who was below Seven years supposed to remain in the custody of the mother, anything contrary to that was kidnapping.

After the presentation, Ira rejected the Santa Monica’s application, claiming they did not meet the requirements of the company since the app would bring them lots of customers which a man power could not meet only machines could deliver such demands.

Ira walked out with an excuse of having a different meeting. Leon was upset that Tessa had no plans of replacing her workers with machine for them to succeed. Rafa asked Leon of his problem and he said Rafa had no ambition.

Elsewhere, Caloy met with his lawyer for him to work on his marriage annulment. He also wanted the custody of Elmo but the lawyer said per the Philippines law it would be difficult to prove Marga as an unfit mother for her child, moreover she had money and could give them tough time. He also explained that the case would be dirty one as there would be name calling and all sorts of things so Caloy should prepare himself to withstand all that.

Cynthia managed to calm Leon down and went out with him. Tessa returned to Ira’s office to plead for a second chance since people’s livelihood depended on the workshop. Ira was moved by the passionate nature of Tessa and gave her a task to meet the following work.

Tessa had to bring 2000 products which varies in order for customers to have a wide range of varieties to choose from. He said after that his team would do quality inspection.

Tessa went home to inform her sons about it and said no matter how Potpot’s personality has changed he was still that good person they used to know. Some flowers was delivered to Vida and she managed to get the sender’s name as Tisoy. She came across Tisoy and told him that he looked familiar, he was one of Potpot’s childhood friends.

At the training session, Caloy tried talking to Tessa when he realised she was keeping her distance. Tessa said their friendship was creating problems in his family and she did not want to be the reason for his family to fall apart.

Caloy cried, asking Tessa not to do that to him. He needed her now more than ever as Marga has taken away his son. Tessa said sorry and left.

She thought about it while working at the workshop and felt sad for what she did. After Cynthia requested for 6000 pesos to pay her rent, Leon called his contact to Jaime and he hang up on him since the boss had not given him any money for Leon.

Running out of option, Leon sneaked into where the savings of Tessa’s business were saved and made away with the money. Soon, Rafa saw him with the investigator who earlier claimed the workshop burnt off due to faulty wiring. The man threatened to reveal the secret to Tessa if Leon fails to pay him.

Rafa then confronted Leon and accused him of setting the workshop ablaze but he denied. Vida and kittie were setting a table for lunch. Ira and Melai came and Kittie sent Melai inside to allow Ira and Vida to talk.

Vida questioned him, why he kept sending her flowers, after beating about the bush, he finally revealed that he wanted to win her over but Vida made it clear that both of them have changed and she would never get back to him.

Ira thought she was saying that because of Rafa but Vida said she and Rafa were not couple. Ira said he would not take “No”, if he used to be Potpot he would have accepted that No but Ira infront of her would ensure that she says yes to him one day.

Rafa told Tessa about his suspicion of Leon and the investigator but Tessa brushed it off, claiming Leon had no reason to set the workshop ablaze. Suddenly, Rowena appeared to inform them that the savings had gone missing.

Caloy went to Marga’s mansion to see Elmo in the hands of the servant, he wanted to hold Elmo but the servant was working under Marga’s instructions and did not allow him to hold him.

Marga appeared and told Caloy that if he wanted Elmo he knew what to do. However, Caloy made it clear that he would never get together with Marga.

Marga went inside brooding over her loss to Tessa. She called Jaime and informed him that Caloy was leaving her for Tessa. Jaime said he knew what to do.


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