Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 71

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 71 Jaime threatens the life of Caloy

In Santa Monica, Tessa was waiting patiently with Rafa for Leon. When Leon got in, Tessa asked if he was the one who took the money from the safe. He denied and Tessa insisted on him to tell the truth since he was the first person to get home.

The denial of Leon got on the nerve of Rafa and he asked him if he didn’t who did that. Leon accused Rafa and the latter said Leon was the person who had the tendency of stealing. They almost got into a fight and Tessa separated them.

Since they were branding him as thief, Leon decided to leave. He went for his things and Tessa continued to stop him. Leon yelled that he would not stay and Tessa also accepted but warned him not to turn back to her when he got involved in trouble.

Caloy agreed to the lawyer’s petition, if the divorce required him and Marga to bring out their dirty laundry out he was willing to do it to get Elmo. Caloy signed the documents and Marga was served. She was upset after reading the summons, she crumpled the summons and threw it away.

Rafa thought of the flowers Ira had been sending to Vida. He wore his jacket, said bye to Tessa and left for the meeting. Tessa was however, surprised to see Leon still in the house. Leon said sorry and Tessa also said sorry for making him feel like he was a thief and promised not to repeat it.

During the meeting with Ira, he went through the products gallery and demanded 1000 unit of a particular style, 3000 of another and as he was still listing, Rafa asked whether he would need all that.

Ira asked if they could not deliver, Rafa said they could as there was a will there was a way. That phrase, he said Ira could relate to it. Ira said “not giving up” but there are things one should give up. Rafa then said more reason he had to give up on Vida.

He asked his intentions of given Vida flowers as Vida told him about it. Ira was not cheerful when Rafa said Vida told him about it. He explained that he felt to give the flowers and he could give the flowers too. Rafa told him to back off but he said he would give a tight competition since he seemed that as investment and wanted a return.

Marga went to Caloy’s house to confront him. She slapped Caloy before he would open his mouth. She screamed that she gave half of everything she had to him and even gave him a baby but Caloy said he wanted none of that.

Tessa informed her workers that they were now on the Tindera app and she believed that now they would do mass production. She said due to that her father was there to help them out. She introduced her father to them.

Later, her friend Lauren showed up and she was glad to meet her. Lauren told her that her parent were retiring and also they were opening a branch of their school in Manila so that was why she was there and she wanted Teri to teach the Art class fashion.

In Vida’s school, the teachers were told by the headmistress that there was a young boy who was sponsoring the school. He was given the students scholarship and would give the teachers too some amount of money. The young sponsor was no other than Ira. Vida was shocked to see him.

He wanted to work with the fashion unit and since Vida was a designer he was supposed to work with her. Vida asked about Ira’s intentions and he said he genuinely wanted to help the school and in the long run it would also benefit his company.

Rafa got home and was happy to see Lauren. Rafa told Tessa that he was not sure if they could meet Ira’s demand since they did not have enough funds. Tessa said Lauren would provide a financial support to her business.

Marga and her lawyer had a meeting with Caloy and his lawyer. She has filed a concubinage suit against him for adultery. Caloy also threatened to prove in court that Marga was a worthless mother to gain Elmo’s custody. Marga said she would ensure he would end up behind bars before doing that.

As she was there with her father, Caloy got there and he informed Tessa about the concubinage lawsuit which Marga has filed against them.Caloy deemed himself to be worthless if he loose two sons. He was not ready to leave Elmo to Marga.

Tessa tried to calm him down as he was crying. Caloy leaned on Tessa, she consoled him. A camera direction from far distance of the bush indicated that someone was spying on them.

Vida attended a meeting with Ira in the company of Rafa. Rafa wanted to excuse them but Ira said he should sit with them since Rafa had worked at HOT as Operations Manager.

Ira wanted to establish a clothing line and wanted something trendy, Vida suggested they needed to research what the market would need. Rafa agreed with Vida but Ira disagreed with Rafa’s suggestion and said that was what he did for HOT to collapse. The two guys almost had an argument.

Seeing Tessa and Caloy, Tessa’s father wanted Tessa to be far away from there so that she did not fall for Caloy again. He later advised Tessa to do what would make her happy.

Elsewhere Elmo’s asthma has triggered and Asya gave Marga Caloy’s tricks in taking care of Elmo. Soon, the truck which supposed to deliver their raw materials arrived. Being so happy, Tessa together with the workers ran to meet the truck but the messenger said there would be delayed in the delivery of the raw materials since they had a problem at the factory.

Melai had an impressive result and her brother wanted to buy her a phone but she refused. He came with Melai’s favourite, rice cake but she pretended not to like it, when Ira left, she pounced on it and Ira spied on her and smile.

Vida learnt about Tessa’s predicament and she helped out. She had a friend whose family was into raw materials supply. Through hustling and tussling with Rafa, Vida managed to get a truck deliver some raw materials for Tessa. Tessa and her workers were happy as Vida saved the day for them to meet the Tindera deadline.

Amanda received a call from someone who Patrice claimed to be the boss. Amanda did not receive the call and said it was not yet time. On his way, Caloy’s car broke down and as he was repairing a motor almost ran him over.

Soon, Caloy received a threat message and he recalled the earlier incident with the motor. He called the line to order the person to meet him since he already claimed he knew his every movement. Jaime who now could stand after several therapy said he should not worry. Caloy asked who he was and Jaime hang up.


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