Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 72

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 72 Marga humiliates Tessa, Rowena dies in a tragic explosion

After introducing herself to St Mary’s College students who already knew her as Terry Laurel, Tessa got home with Lauren, memorising her speech to address the students during the college’s career week. She received a subpoena and wondered who sent it.

At Tindera company, Ira called Leon to ask about the business preparation. Leon was happy that his family would be able to meet the company’s demand.

Ira did not look cheerful when he was told that. Leon went on to say that initially he thought they would not be able to make it since the delivery was withhold due to problem the raw materials factory encountered but Vida saved the day.

He told Ira that Vida was smart and kind and she always got Rafael’s back. He made Ira realised the mistake he made to have allowed Vida go.

After receiving the subpoena, Tessa is advised by Lauren and her father to engage Caloy to help clear her name. Elsewhere, Marga was happy to serve Tessa with Subpoena and was bent on getting her behind bars for seducing her husband.

Ira and Vida went to the market to by materials for Ira’s clothing line project for school. He was brooding about the fact that Vida has helped to solve the Santa Monica’s business problem and Vida asked whether he had a problem with it.

He dropped the issue and told Vida he needed a suit, Vida wanted to refer him to expert but he wanted Vida to design it for him. Elsewhere, Cynthia was still milk sucking Mr capable, Leon. She demanded for a 15,000 phone and Leon said he would buy for her.

In order to delve into the life of Leon, She asked Leon to tell her more about his life since he was too secretive. Leon wondered what she intended to know, to him he had told everything about his life to Cynthia since he liked her and did not only want to court her.

The next day, Ira came early morning when Vida was having her breakfast for her to take hs measurements.

As Vida was measuring him, Rafa arrived to meet her in a compromising situation. Not ready to ruin their special moment, Rafa decided to leave but Ira told him not to misinterpret what was going on as it was strictly professional.

Vida asked Rafa to stay and she tried explaining herself. Rafa then hanged around to wait patiently for Vida. Meanwhile, Lauren encouraged Tessa to be strong when addressing the students but Tessa felt sad that a person who people were drawing their inspiration from was accused of adultery. Lauren told her not to be bothered by that since she has not done anything wrong.

Rafa could not withhold his emotions any longer since he knew Ira was doing that on purpose. He went to disrupt the job which Vida was doing and told Ira that Vida would not sew any suit for him since he wanted to prove to himself that Vida loved him.

Ira asked if he was jealous, Rafa did not admit but said he and Vida were friends and would not allow him to continue hurting Vida as he was a j*rk. They began fighting and Vida sacked Ira for causing trouble even when Ira claimed he was not the one who started the fight. Vida did not care who started it but wanted him to leave.

Ira got home, very affected by what Vida did and Melai came from her room with her books going for her bag. She realised her brother’s state and helped him. Tessa was introduced to deliver an inspirational speech to the students during the career week. Delivering her speech, Marga made an entry to disgrace her.

She referred to Tessa as homewrecker, adulterous, husband stealer who was desperately running after her husband and was there to deliver the students from such a woman.

Lauren tried talking to Marga but she pushed her, hurting Lauren. Tessa’s eyes were heavy with tears as she could not stand the humiliation. Lauren hugged her and the securities came for Marga.

In the house, Tessa was still crying while her father said if Marga was not a woman he would have beaten her for humiliating her. Caloy got there and Danilo vent his anger on him but Tessa stopped him since Caloy has not hurt her in anyway. Melai dressed up the scratches Ira gained from his fight with Rafa.

Tessa decided to heed to her father’s advice to fight back even if it would hurt Marga. Caloy deemed that as right since Marga has changed and was not the friend that Tessa used to know. Her father informed her that Rowena would be home the next day for them to be one happy family. That night in Batak, as Rowena was closing the widow’s someone appeared in the bush.

The next day Tessa spoke to Rowena and was glad that she was coming home. Melai did not go to school so Ira decided to go out with her and Gabriela to watch movies. As Tessa gathered courage to climb the stairs, thinking the students were gossiping about her after she and Marga’s incident she had a call and was told by Ms Gina that her mother’s car has exploded during her trip to Santa Monica.

She went home and the family mourn for Rowena. Meanwhile, Vida has been checking her phone waiting for Rafa’s text. Asya advised her to call Rafa. After the second try Rafa received the call and Vida asked if he was mad at her and he said his grandmother died. He explained that someone planted a bomb in the car she was traveling with and the car exploded.

Marga learnt about it from Vida and she stormed Jaime’s safe house to confront him. Jaime believed Marga liked what he did and Marga admitted she was a bad person but not an evil person or a murderer. Jaime said, that, was not the way Marga had to thank him for the good that he has done for her. He added that Rowena’s death would be on Marga’s head. Marga cut ties with Jaime and was ready to return his money. Jaime said that move would end Marga behind bars as everyone would know she inherited his money.

Caloy wanted his attorney to ensure Tessa was not dragged into his case with Marga since Tessa was innocent of the accusation. The lawyer said Marga had provided an evidence so Tessa would have to appear before the court. They talked about the sudden wealth of Marga and the lawyer asked whether Marga inherited it from a relative.

As Caloy was driving he joined the pieces of how Jaime attacked him and Tessa in the yacht, Jaime’s body could not be found, someone tried to run him over and the threat message and suspected that Marga was working in cohort with Jaime.

Tessa went to Batak with Danilo and Leon. She told Rafa to stay behind and take care of things in Santa Monica. Rafa did not want to eat so Vida forced him to eat. Rafa did not understand why tragic incidents kept happening in his family.

In Batak, Gina told the Magbanuas that Rowena’s body has burnt beyond recognition. Tessa and Danilo cried. Later, some police inspectors told the family that they had received an information about a man who appeared at the house before the incident and were now probing into the matter to find out who that person was.

Danilo cried that he could not live without Lorena and wished he was the one who suffered the explosion. Seeing how the family was affected, Leon called his contact to Jaime and asked if Jaime was behind the incident. The goon did not deny but said he should keep executing the orders of the boss.

Tessa could not sleep, she thought about the good times with Rowena and wept bitterly.


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