Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 73

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 73 Marga fights Tessa amidst Rowena’s prayer vigil, Ira rises against the Magbanuas 

Tessa and her family rushed to the precinct to ask the culprit who was nabbed by the police what her family ever did to him for him to k!ll Rowena. The criminal apologised, adding that he was just following orders.

Danilo tried to squeeze the truth out of him but he failed to mention the person who instructed him to plant the bomb in Rowena’s car. The police assured the Magbanuas that they would make him talk.

Jaime threatened to make the Magbanuas pay for what they did against him and his next target was Caloy, threatening that this was just the beginning. Rafa and the workers were working tirelessly to ensure they meet Ira’s deadline.

Caloy got to Marga’s office and met her at the gate. He dragged her into his car, meanwhile someone was keeping an eye on Marga and witnessed what Caloy did. Caloy sped off his car and demanded the truth from Marga whether she was the person who inherited Jaime’s wealth and was also working in cohort with Jaime but she denied the allegations.

Santa Monica has still not delivered their products, Ira got upset and ordered Tisoy to cancel all his meetings. Caloy got to Tessa’s place. Rafa told him about Rowena’s accident and Caloy felt sorry.

The Police later came to inform the Magbanuas that the culprit had escaped. Tessa was perplexed, she said making the culprit rot in jail was a means to seek justice for her mother’s death. She asked the police whether they connived with the culprit just to leave him to flee.

In Santa Monica, Vida stopped Rafa from packing the crafts and told Rafa to let out his pains. Rafa wanted to meet the deadline but Vida saw how much Rafa was hurting and told him to allow it out. Rafa cried and he embraced her. Ira got there to see the scene and accused Rafa of not being professional for not meeting the deadline.

Rafa requested for an extension but Ira failed to do it. He wanted the items delivered right that instant. Rafa asked why he was being so difficult and hard on them while they did nothing against him. Ira rushed into his car. The workers asked what would happen to them.

Vida ran to talk to Ira to be considerate since Rafa was going through tough time as Rowena was dead, even that he did not idle around he worked on the products. Ira said sorry for the loss but he would not do anything about it. He dropped the Santa Monica’s craft and Amanda asked him why.

Amanda asked whether the Magbanuas have learnt the truth that Ira was the one behind the delay of the raw materials. He told Amanda that Rowena has died, seeing Ira was affected by it, she advised him to buy a flower for the the family.

Soon, Rowena’s body was cremated and Caloy consoled Tessa in the church during the prayer vigil for Rowena. Marga got there, seeing Tessa in the arms of Caloy, she started calling Tessa names and held Tessa but Tessa pounced on her and pushed her to the floor. Marga was surprised to see how Tessa retaliated.

Tessa told her that they should stop it as she was exhausted, Marga said she was also exhausted. She taught Tessa was mourning but she was rather flirting with her husband. Vida and Caloy tried stopping Marga.

Vida followed Marga to tell her that she has witnessed and there was nothing between Caloy and Tessa. Marga claimed Vida was taking sides with Tessa while she has broken her home. Vida asked her to give respect to Rowena since it was her funeral.

Everyone has left and it was left with Caloy and Tessa in the church, unbeknown to them, Jaime was there keeping tabs on them. Caloy almost saw him but he did not notice it was Jaime. He only saw someone holding stick descending down the church stairs.

As Gabriela was playing with Melai, Ira asked them if he could sleep next to them in their room, they agreed. Jaime got to his living room to find Leon. Leon queried him and he admitted to have k!lled Rowena. He told Leon not to be bothered since Rowena is not related to him in any way, he had a deal with him and the deal would never be easy.

Leon retorted that the deal is cancelled he would no longer work for a monster like him. As he was leaving, Jaime said he would not have anyone on his side. He brought out Cynthia who confessed that she was working for Ira. Ira contracted her to seduce and to make him fall for her then she returns to him with all information she gathered about Leon but she never knew Ira would use those information to incriminate Leon.

Leon realised she was taking him for a f00l. In the church, Tessa was still mourning for Rowena. She promised to make the culprit pay for k!lling her. Jaime ordered for Cynthia to be released and she begged Leon. Leon ordered her to leave and should never show her face to him.

He then agreed to work with Jaime to take revenge on Ira. Vida was affected by her mother’s action and told Rafa that she would even find it difficult to get close to them due to Marga’s action. Rafa told her she was not like Marga and she should not allow Marga to come in between them.

Rafa informed Tessa that they would not be able to sign to the Tindera app, Tessa said it was nothing but part of a business and she was sure there would be a way out to help their workers. She embraced Rafa.

Amanda got to her house to find Jaime in there. Jaime apologised for scaring her and Amanda was surprised to see him walking. Jaime said his wealth was the reason she had become who she was. Jaime was happy that the anger of Ira was rekindled against his former family.

Jaime said Amanda never came to look for him but would not do her anything since she was playing her role perfectly well. Elsewhere, the principal of Vida’s school assigned her to represent the school at an upcoming ball with Ira.

She informed Rafa about it and Rafa was so furious that Vida has accepted to attend the ball with Ira. Vida explained that she never wanted to go but her principal insisted. She told Rafa that he had no reason to be jealous and Rafa asked if it was because she was not his girlfriend.

He said he had to stop since all was in his head as it was difficult for him to call her his own.

Caloy packed all the boxes of the crafts work in a truck and explained to Tessa that he told his friend who transport handicrafts outside and he was interested. He told Rafa about it and he gave him the go ahead to sell it.

Tessa asked Caloy why he was doing that and he said he wanted to make up for the mistake he made in the past. Tessa believed that was not the reason since Marga kept attacking them yet Caloy had not given up, he was always there to help her. Caloy said she should know his intentions and he k!ssed her.


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