Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 74

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 74 Jaime gets Caloy beaten, Vida accepts Rafa’s proposal

Tessa pulled away from Caloy’s k!sses and told him that she did not want what Marga said about her come to fruition. Caloy was ready to follow his heart not what was right.

At Tindera office in Manila, Ira asked Leon where Cynthia was and he told Ira that Ira was supposed to know since Cynthia was working for him.

As Caloy was heading home, Jaime who was tailing him called Marga to inform her that he knew where Caloy was and where he was going. Marga warned him not to hurt Caloy. Marga then called Caloy for several times but he failed to pick.

Soon, Jaime’s goons ambushed and took him away. They gave him a mob beating when Caloy called their boss a coward for failing to do the dirty job himself. They took video of Caloy’s beatings and sent it to Jaime who watched it on his laptop.

Marga arrived at Santa Monica demanding to see Caloy but Tessa said he was not there. She even dragged Marga to climb up to check if he was there. By second look at Marga’s face, Tessa realised she looked scared and asked her what had happened but Marga ran out.

She went home to find unconscious Caloy being dumped at the bush outside their house. She called Asya for help, they sent Caloy to hospital. As Tessa and her boys were eating, JA called to inform her about what had happened to Caloy and she rushed to the hospital.

She hid to ensure Marga leave the hospital and sneaked into the ward at the blind eye of John, the person Marga left him incharge to take care of Caloy.

Ira was all dressed up and the family told him that he was looking handsome, Melai asked if he dressed to impress Vida. Ira said he dressed to snap pictures with them for Melai to post it for people to see his handsome brother.

Caloy was worried that Marga would pick a fight with Tessa once she comes to meet her there. Tessa told him that she was cautious and ensured Marga left before she sneaked in. She asked him who did that to him. Caloy stated that he has a hunch but he wanted to be sure before.

Marga stormed Jaime’s mansion to confront him for attempting to k!ll her husband. Jaime said he did not intend to k!ll Caloy, he just wanted Marga to know what would happen to her once she disobeyed or disrespect him. He said all that he wanted Marga to do was to work with him so that she gains Caloy and he also gains Tessa but Marga pulled herself out from the deal.

Jaime threatened not to k!ll her but her l*ved ones. At the hospital, Tessa told Caloy that Marga came to visit her but was so worried about him. She k!$$ed the forehead of Caloy and Asya came to meet it. Tessa left while saying sorry.

Marga arrived to see police officers there and she ordered them to leave since Caloy has not recovered, besides they did not know who was behind the attack. The police insisted that they were carrying out their duty, Caloy pleaded to talk to them later. When the police left, Caloy asked Marga the reason she was driving the Police away.

He told Marga to speak the truth, and asked her whether she knew the person who did that to him. Marga claimed not to know and left. She met her lawyer to affirm that her charges against Caloy still stood.

Ira went for Vida for them to attend the ball. He was so happy that Vida was going with him and he thanked Vida. Vida said there was no need for him to thank her since she was doing that for business purpose.

Ira said there were many things he wanted to discuss with her, suddenly, She recalled what Rafa said and made Ira pulled over. She board a taxi to go to the club in search of Rafa. She then accepted to be his girlfriend. Rafa shed tears of joy and Vida wiped his face and gave him a k!ss.

Meanwhile Ira caught them in the act and felt so jealous. He went to drink and destroyed things. He was locked up in jail. Tisoy and Amanda went to get him. Amanda threatened that he would lose everything if he dared misbehave again due to a girl.

Tessa prepared some package for JA to send to Caloy. Caloy was grateful but wondered why Tessa did not deliver it herself. JA explained that Tessa did not deliver it herself due to Marga.

In the house, Asya told Marga about seeing Tessa with Caloy the previous day. Fast forward, in school Tessa discovered that the students were holding some fliers which had her picture hugging Caloy. She saw that the pictures were pasted all over a pillar at the school and she removed all, demanding the students to tell her the person who did that.

Marga showed up being so happy, Tessa knew the only person who would pull such sinister would definitely be Marga. She hit Marga hard with her words. She told Marga that she was envious of her because the man Marga stole from her had returned to her simply because he l*ved only her and not Marga.

She said she might also l*ve him, Marga said she would sue them. Tessa said even if she ended up behind bars nothing would change the fact that Caloy l*ved her. Marga felt humiliated and left.


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