Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 75

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 75 Caloy disgraces Marga, announces his relationship with Tessa to the press

At St Mary’s College, the principal of the school queried Tessa on the allegations of her being involved with Marga’s husband. Tessa said there was no iota of truth in Marga’s allegations. She and Caloy were mere friends hence the pictures that showed her hugging him. Tessa pleaded with the principal not to fire her.

Marga got home and Asya advised her to solve the issue amicably with Tessa. She should not resolves to violence and disgrace as Alex told her. Marga said she would not solve the issue amicably since whatever she wanted she gets and now she wanted Caloy and must get him.

Ira reported Vida to the principal for standing him up during the ball. Vida tried to explain that an urgent matter arose but Ira did not need her explanation. The principal feared the act of Vida might make Polycarpio change his mind of funding the school.

Vida asked Ira not to make hasty decision based on her inability to go to the ball with him. Ira walked out and Vida followed him. She told him not to pull of the scholarship since the students were relying on it.

Ira brought up the past three years relationship issue with Vida and accused Vida of leaving him at a crucial moment which he needed her. Vida said he was the person who left her and he even failed to inform her about his scholarship and left the country. Vida told him that she even followed him to the airport.

Ira assured that he would not pull out the funding as he was not a bad a person. Tessa was scared that the incident would lead to her dismissal and told Lauren about her frustration. Lauren doubted she would be sacked based on Marga’s accusations.

Tessa said it might be that she had nothing to do with Caloy at the moment but she was in l*ved with him. Lauren said no matter what Marga would not stop inflicting pain on her so if Caloy was the person she l*ved she should follow her heart.

At the hospital, a goon working under Jaime’s orders came to inject Caloy, suddenly Caloy woke up to fight him so he was unable to inject him, a nurse also appeared. The goon had no option than to run and save his life.

Tessa got to the hospital to discover the absence of Caloy. She went to ask the receptionist. As the receptionist was fishing out where Caloy was, Marga reached there to fight Tessa for trying to steal her husband. She sent Tessa to Caloy’s ward and thought Tessa had a hand in Caloy’s disappearance, she slapped Tessa and Tessa slapped her back.

Tessa told Marga that she l*ved Caloy and Marga was the person who stole Caloy from her. Marga insisted that so long as she bore Caloy’s name she would not allow Tessa to steal him from her and she slapped Tessa again, declaring that she was fighting for all women whose husband was stolen by others.

Vida after alighting saw Leon talking to a strange man and he accidentally dropped a newspaper article on Ms Miding. She went home to think about what Ira accused her of. Rafa payed her a surprised visit and Vida asked him if Leon’s court case on Melchor’s murder was resolved.

Rafa explained that the complainant did not have enough evidence to accuse Leon of the crime so he was acquitted. Vida showed him the newspaper article Leon dropped and told Rafa about it. Rafa knew the woman as Miding, the person who mistook Leon for Tessa’s missing child. Vida wondered why Leon was searching for her.

Tessa was in the house thinking about she and Marga’s confrontation. Caloy arrived with JR. Caloy revealed that someone tried to k!ll him and has on several occasions received threat messages and believed Jaime was behind it but Tessa doubted.

Tessa began to give him attitude since on the public eyes she was the other woman, a homewrecker and a husband snatcher. Caloy said they should not care about what others think, they should only follow their heart and passionately k!$$ed eachother. Someone hidden inside the bush took pictures of them.

Jaime received the pictures and shot the roof in rage. Marga got there and questioned Jaime why he shot the air. He showed her the pictures and she did not want to see it. Jaime assured her that he has a plan. Ira got upset with one of his workers and fired her. Tisoy tried to talk him to listen to the girl’s explanation but he kicked him out of his office.

In Santa Monica, Caloy promised to help Tessa put her business on its feet and also to gain justice for the death of her mother. He also assured her of his support to find their missing son.

Amanda cancelled all of Ira’s meeting due to his bad mood. Amanda did not want Ira to be ruined so she advised her to put behind what has happened in the past. She was willing to fly him off to Singapore or any other place. Tisoy disrupted the conversation and told Ira that he had a visitor.

Tessa announced to her boys that she was now dating Caloy as his presence brought her happiness but Leon protested against the relationship since Tessa would be seen as homewrecker no matter how they handled the issue, Caloy was married and Tessa’s act would prove Marga right for the allegations against her. Rafa was solidly behind Tessa and almost fought Leon for rejecting the relationship.

Rafa followed Leon out to ask him the person he met the previous day, he handed over the press cutting to him and Leon said he was searching for Tessa’s missing son before leaving them. Rafa threatened to keep close eyes on him.

“You monster, you’re still alive?” Ira questioned as he saw Jaime as the visitor. He pounced on him with a pocket knife. Amanda appeared in the scene to give Ira a reason to stop his action as Jaime is the reason of his success.

Jaime explained to Ira that he saw how devastated he was when his parents passed away so he decided to help him. He was glad that he only funded Ira’s education but due to his smartness he succeeded on his own. He told Ira that he knew he would have rejected his support that was why he used Amanda as intermediary.

His mission now was to forgive all those who hurt him, even though Tessa and Caloy attempted to k!ll him, he was now ready to forgive them and asked Ira to do same.

Ira claimed Jaime k!lled his parents and would not forgive him. He threw him out of his house. Caloy told his new family that they should take a rest in a hotel. Leon was going to work and Tessa told him about it. He said he would catch up later. Rafa called Vida to follow them to the hotel. While packing, Caloy informed Vida about his relationship with Tessa.

Vida understood what was going on and knew Caloy and Marga’s relationship was a toxic one but made him promise not to neglect Elmo. Marga received a call from the hotel which Caloy booked.

At the pool of the hotel, Rafa promised to help Tessa get her old life of luxury back. He said even though he was adopted, there was no single day she made him feel like an adopted child. Tessa told him that he should not ever think that he was adopted and she would not know what to do if he lost him. Rafa assured that she would never lose him.

As Leon arrived making his order, Marga appeared with the press together with Asya and Elmo. Caloy and Tessa were surprised to see her, Vida was also astonished by the stunt Marga was pulling. She claimed she was doing a family feature to appear in a magazine.

Marga faked she was in a good relation with Caloy but the latter announced that Marga and him were over. He and Tessa l*ved eachother. Marga swore to make life impossible and difficult for them. She left crying and Asya followed.


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