Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 76

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 76 Tessa and Caloy get Jaime arrested

Vida did not know when the fight spearheaded by Marga would stop. She revealed that Marga had always been like that ever since she was little but what she liked about her was that she never gave up on l*ve.

Leon spotted Tessa and Caloy hugging and head out. Vida also went out and she overheard Leon speaking on phone talking about Miding. He took a cab and Vida remembering everything about Ira’s past and what Rafa said about Miding, she followed him.

Leon went to ACB corporation and was given money by Ivan to deliver it to Miding since the money was much, Leon said the money was huge sum and he was warned not to take some from it.

Vida took photos, the moment Jaime was approaching, her battery died. She turned quickly so she did not see Jaime. Jaime spoke with Leon and when he was about to leave the place his hat fell next to his car, which Vida was hiding behind.

He almost saw Vida when he was taking the hat, but Vida kept herself safe without being noticed. Meanwhile, Rafa could not find Vida at the hotel and Tessa also said Leon was also missing. Since Vida failed to pick up, Rafa feared that Leon had done something bad to Vida but Tessa doubted.

She and Caloy decided to help him search for her. Elsewhere, Ira got home late to find Gabriela sleeping on the couch. He woke her up to go to her room to sleep and asked her not to wait for him another time.

Gabriela asked him not to change her routine since the only difference now it made was that Vida was not there to keep her company. That word struck Ira and that now he brood over his broken heart and thought of Vida whole night and shed tears.

While Tessa was driving since Caloy’s wounds are fragile a car bumped into theirs, they went down to check and it was Jaime whose driver did that due to fail in break.

Suddenly, he saw Jaime, Caloy dragged him out of the car and started to attack him. Tessa stopped Caloy and Jaime fell on his knees to apologise for everything he had done. Tessa said she did not need his apology all that she wanted was to see him behind bars.

Jaime got home and was full with rage since meeting them was not part of the plan. He destroyed things and Amanda came there to ask what was going on. Jaime said he bumped into Tessa and Caloy and meeting them was not part of the plan so they had to apply “Plan B.”

Rafa went to Vida’s hostel and saw her there. He hugged her and asked her why did she leave suddenly when they were supposed to have fun. Vida explained that she followed Leon to ACB Corporation and she saw Leon talking to some strange guys.

The next day, Rafa questioned Leon on where he went the previous night. Leon warned Rafa to stay clear off his issue since he was not his keeper and there was no way too if he was planning something bad he would reveal it to Rafa. They fought and Tessa came to separate the fight. Rafa believed the over trusted Leon.

Still thinking about Vida, Ira made Tisoy did flower arrangement to send to her. Jaime visited Tessa and her family to apologise for what he has done against them. Caloy kicked him out but Tessa stopped Caloy just to listen to Jaime’s explanation for making them believe he was dead.

Jaime said after falling off the yacht, he appeared on an Island and someone he did not know helped him. He went further to say that he lost his memory. Realising Caloy and Tessa were together, he said just like them he has also moved on and wanted to introduce to them his one true love.

Rafa informed Vida about Jaime’s sudden appearance. As they were talking, Vida received a flower which was sent by Ira. Rafa got upset and snatched the bouquet, took a taxi and barged into Ira’s office when he was having official meeting to return his flower.

The two fought and some of the witnesses video it and uploaded it online. Ira knocked the nose of Vida with his elbow without knowing it was Vida. He felt sorry when he saw that it was Vida. Rafa warned him to stay away from Vida as she was his girlfriend. He did not want Ira to ruin his relationship with Vida, adding that it was good that his parents were not alive to witness the rotten he had become.

Meanwhile, Tessa called Jaime that she was ready to face him. Jaime bought an exquisite dress for Amanda to change into. As part of the acting that night, he tried to k!$$ Amanda but she pulled away. Caloy and Tessa had a meeting with a lawyer and the lawyer explained to them that the chances of Jaime to win the case was high as his lawyer could claim he temporary lost his mind and claim Tessa and Caloy were having a relationship just like how Marga has filed concubinage lawsuit against them.

Elsewhere, Ira reached home to receive a slap from Gabriela who watch the viral video of Its and Rafa’s fight. Gabriela was disappointed in Ira for turning against those who helped him when he was nothing. Caloy a

Tessa went with Leon, when Rafa showed up he had a bruised face and she asked him what had happened to him. He said it was nothing. Jaime arrived with Amanda and introduced her to them. Tessa identified Amanda as Ira’s boss and asked if Ira knew about it. Rafa also whispered and asked Leon if he knew about and he denied.

Elsewhere, Ira went to Gabriella’s room to apologise but to his dismay he did not see her and Melai. He tried reaching Melai several times but she did not pick which made him so desperate.

Tessa set Jaime up as Caloy arrived with the police to arrest Jaime. Jaime though they would have a peaceful discussion not knowing Tessa had a plan. Tessa told Jaime to explain things to the police since she could not pretend that nothing happened after all that Jaime had done against her. Jaime instructed Amanda to talk to his lawyer.

Unknown to Tessa and Caloy, Marga was also there keeping tabs on them. Once Jaime was whisked away, she also left unnoticed. Marga was not ready to end up in jail so she decided not to trust anyone but would rely on her own strength. She called Caloy that they should meet to talk about the future of Elmo.

The attorney of Jaime processed everything and Jaime was set free since his charges needed more investigation and technically he could not be touched in there. Tessa arrived there to discover that Jaime was set free. She wondered if he paid his way out.

The attorney excused them and Jaime said he really wanted a reconciliation but Tessa said his lies would not work on her this time around, may be those lies worked on her earlier on. She promised to ensure he pays for everything he has done against her. Once she walked out, Jaime also said the feeling was mutual as he would not stop till Tessa become miserable.


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