Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 77

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 77 Rafa finds Jaime, Leon and Marga’s deepest secret

At Guada’s hostel, Gabriela asked Vida for forgiveness. She wondered why Potpot would change so much and wished she had not left the Philippines. She was also sad that Vida and Potpot had to be separated.

Rafa who arrived there overheard it and stood aloof. Caloy went to meet Marga in a hotel. Caloy had wanted them to be outside instead of a room but Marga gave excused that after the humiliation Caloy made her suffer at the sight of the press, she wouldn’t want to be seen outside with him.

She made Caloy believe she has accepted his relationship with Tessa and had to talk about the future of Elmo together. Caloy was happy, Marga spike a drink and gave a glass to Caloy and the toasted for new beginning.

After drinking, Caloy slept and Marga tried k!$$ing him, suddenly Tessa called and Marga said she bring a legal wife she was having a good time with her husband. She told her husband’s favourite mistress that she should find an appropriate time to call.

Tessa called Mela to ask where Caloy was and she went there. She found Marga in bed with Caloy. Tessa saw the drug she spiked in the drink and called her desperate. She told her she could have any part of Caloy’s body but not his heart because she would always be in his heart. Marga felt insulted while Tessa web out to shed tears.

At the hostel, Rafa voiced out his insecurity since he knew Vida only l*ved Ira. He left and Vida followed, Ira who was in his car saw how Rafa snubbed Vida and left. Vida cried and wondered whether Rafa’s action was a goodbye.

Ira came there to ask of Gabriela and Melai. Vida admitted they were in the hostel and assured him that they were fine. Ira saw her weeping and he asked if he was the reason for she and Rafa’s misunderstanding and Vida admitted. Ira asked Vida what he could do to make her forgive him and he said he should stay away from him.

Marga woke Caloy up and made him believed that it was normal for legal couple to make up with $e×. Caloy insisted that their marriage was a disaster but Marga assured that she l*ved him that was why she was doing everything she could make their relationship work.

Meanwhile, Leon stormed Jaime’s safe house to ask him why he did not give him a hint about his plan with Amanda as that made him look awkward. He told Jaime that Rafa had been suspicious of him all those while, Jaime interjected that he was fond of Leon that was why he treated him like a son.

He told Leon that he was smart and knew how to play along and would continue to have that father and son relation with him. Leon was happy and Jaime sent him to ACB Corporation to meet Ivan.

After wearing his dress, Caloy headed out and Marga asked what she could do to make him stay. Caloy said she should do nothing but she should respect herself since she was the mother of her son. Caloy saw Tessa at the hotel, he ran to embrace her, saying sorry to her and reaffirmed his feelings for her. In Santa Monica, Rafa kept thinking about the question he asked Vida whether he was the guy she truly l*ved and could not answer.

In fury, he kicked a rubber basket which Leon’s dress were in and saw a cheque in his pocket from ACB Corporation. He remembered what Vida said. Meanwhile, Leon met with Ivan and was happy to find out that Jaime trusted him.

As Tessa was eating with Caloy, she received a sermons from Jaime who wanted them to annul their marriage. According to Jaime, he was doing that to gain the trust of Caloy and Tessa to drop the final bomb shell.

Marga prayed Jaime’s plans work out as she was not ready to end up in prison. Ira told Gabriela and Melai that the food was for celebrating their reunion and he asked for forgiveness for everything he has done.

He also said Vida and him could not be together since Vida was now dating Rafa. Rafa tailed Leon to where they sold cars, he purchased a car worth 450k, meanwhile, Tessa met with Jaime to discuss about their annulment. In order to make the annulment push through early she decided not to protest against it.

Ira came from work early, he pledged not to leave his loved ones and not to also allow anger consume him. He recalled the good times he had with Rafa and decided to call him to make amendments. However, Rafa rejected his calls since he was keeping tabs on Leon.

Vida got home to find Ira there. He wanted to talk to Rafa but he was not giving him that chance that was why he was enlisting the help of Vida to do that. However, Rafa was also distancing himself from Vida after the last time incident and Ira promised to help Vida and Rafa to solve their issue, claiming between him and Rafa, the latter deserved Vida the most.

Elsewhere, Rafa tried to squeeze out the truth from Ivan concerning the 100k cheque he signed for Leon. He asked whether it was a money he received from a dirty job Leon did but Ivan kept denying. The security dragged Rafa out and Ivan called to inform Jaime that Rafa knew the entire truth and Jaime said Rafa had always got in the way of his plans.

Tessa believed Jaime’s quest for a divorce was a ploy. Caloy believed Jaime must be in l*ve with Amanda, Tessa hoped so. Caloy also assured that he would push through with his annulment with Marga and after that he would marry Tessa right away. Tessa said Rafa would be happy with the marriage but Leon would need time.

Rafa stuck around at ACB Corporation, when he saw everyone has stepped out he rushed in at the blind side of the security. He opened the drawers to find Marga’s assert. As Ira was leaving, Vida received a call from Rafa asking her to meet him, he told her that he followed Leon to ACB Corporation, the place she earlier followed Leon to. He said he discovered something and wanted her to meet him for them to talk about something important.

Vida had a bad feelings about it so Ira decided to go instead. Rafa texted his location to Vida and she called Ira to inform him that he wanted them to meet at the parking lot. Vida told Ira to tell Rafa that she was sorry for not going and she l*ved him.

As he was pacing around, Ivan arrived, demanding him to return what he stole from his office, he was proving hard so Ivan made his man pointed a gun at him. Another car also arrived and it was Jaime and his goons. Rafa was shocked to see him so he looked on.


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