Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 8

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 8 Potpot’s fees get missing 

Vida arrived at the club where she sighted Rafael coming out of his car. She went inside the club and Rafa followed. She was working there as a bar tender to earn money she was late and her manager queried her.

He asked her to help the waiters by attending to Rafa since he was a VIP client. Vida served Rafa his drink but he kept pestering her and complained that the drink wasn’t good. After the third time that Vida made it, she told Rafa to mix the drink himself. One of Rafa’s friends asked Vida to sit with them as it seemed he liked her.

He offered to pay her well. Vida sat down and after a short chat dumped a bucket of ice on him. She got up and told him that he couldn’t afford her.

Potpot continued to sleep outside since the boarding house was still not opened. Some officers patrolling the area woke him up and asked for his ID. They found him suspicious so they sent him to the station. They found out that Potpot was in Manila to attend school and confirmed that he had not run away from home.

Potpot impressed them by fixing the broken vending machine at the station and they promised to hire him if they ever needed anything fixed.

When Vida returned to the boarding house after her shift, she was opening the door and the keys fell down. She bent down to pick them up, to her dismay she saw an envelope full of cash. She was surprised to see so much money and took it with her.

Potpot was able to enter the boarding house in the morning and the land lady apologised for not hearing him knock. She showed him to his room and told him about the rules. Potpot unpacked and brought out his to-do list.

His first task was to enroll in school but he could not find the money. He went outside to look for it but he did not find the envelope. His family called to check on him and Melchor asked Potpot to enroll first so that he wouldn’t have to carry the money around.

Potpot was not able to tell him that he lost the envelope. Marga was having a hard time with her business and was behind on her bank payments. They refused to extend her loan, hence asked her to vacate the premises where she operated her business.

Caloy sent a lawyer to speak to Marga so that she could drop the charges against the boy. Marga refused to settle and told the lawyer that she wanted compensation for the losses her business suffered.

The lawyer told Caloy what happened and the police officers advised him to speak to Marga directly so that she would drop the charges.
Jaime and Tessa seemed to be doing well. They had a dinner date and Jaime visited Tessa at her office to remind her about it.

Tessa was about to leave but her staff told her that they had a client meeting. Tessa went to see the client and arrived late for dinner. Jaime had been waiting and was furious. He refused to eat and asked Tessa to leave him alone.

Tessa tried to explain that she couldn’t ignore an important client and Jaime took it to mean that her clients were more important, hence why she chose to break their engagement.

Asya called Vida to check up on her and said that Marga missed her. Vida said it wasn’t true and Asya said it was only that Marga would not admit it. They chatted for a while, after which Vida checked for jobs online. She saw an advertisement that House of Terry was hiring designers and decided to apply.

The landlady went to get the rent from Vida and asked to keep her laptop because Vida did not have the money. Vida begged her not to take the laptop since she needed it to apply for jobs. The landlady gave her until the end of the day to pay the rent.

With no money, Potpot went around looking for jobs to earn it back.
Caloy went to see Marga at her office and Marga was delighted to see him. She decided to drop the lawsuit after finding out that Caloy was behind the shelter that the boy stayed at.

Caloy said they didn’t have money to compensate her and Marga said she didn’t mean it. He offered to pay for Marga’s phone but she said it was fine. She wanted them to catch up but Caloy immediately declined. He said he had to attend to something.

Later, Marga visited the shelter and asked the guys for Caloy’s address. She was on her way to see him but decided to see Vida. She visited the club where she worked and saw Vida from a far. As Vida turned, Marga left and she didn’t see her.

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