Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 80

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 80 Vida discovers Marga’s dark secret, Jaime plans to implicate Leon

Marga saw Jaime alighting her daughter at the hostel. She confronted Jaime for going against her word to get her daughter involved. Vida was surprised to hear her mother sounding like she had been talking to Jaime.

Marga warned Vida not to go anywhere with Jaime, claiming Jaime was a dangerous person. Jaime asked her of his crimes but she couldn’t answer. As Vida left, Marga followed Jaime to lash out at him. Jaime said it was not his intentions to k!ll Rafa but if Marga failed to put her daughter under control he would k!ll all of them.

Caloy talked to Vida to ask if Jaime did her any harm. Vida said no but she did not trust Jaime either since his interest was what Rafa left behind not the culprit who eliminated Rafa. Tessa joined all the broken pieces of everything Ira had done and concluded that Ira k!lled Rafa. She went to see Ira early in the morning to vent her anger, accusing him of k!lling Rafa and described him as monster. She also told him that the guy he employed to k!ll her mother had exposed him.

Marga went to Vida’s hostel to find out that she left early in the morning to the precinct. Tessa and Caloy bumped into Vida. Vida told Tessa that Ira was innocent but Tessa saw her as traitor, claiming Vida was choosing Ira even after the death of Rafa. She believed the two friends fought all because of her.

Marga arrived to defend her daughter. Tessa and Marga ended up quarrelling about their friendship both saw their friendship as over long time ago. Tessa said her friend died and the one infront of her was the ghost.

Meanwhile, Ira wondered where the accusations of Tessa was coming from especially claiming he k!lled Rowena. He assured Gabriela of his innocence. In the car while going home, Marga made Vida see the need to shun her investigation since Tessa was even accusing her and she was not ready to lose a child just like Tessa did.

Vida realised it was about Marga’s interest for her not to lose but Vida insisted that she would not back down. Jaime told Leon about Vida handing over the wood he used to hit Ira’s head to the police. Since Leon feared he would suffer the consequences of his action, Jaime manipulated him to do everything he says just to be safe. Once Leon left, he took a picture he had about Leon bribing Miding. Jaime had a plan to turn tables against Leon.

Caloy visited Ira to insist on him to tell him the truth. Ira held on to his statements and said the actual k!ller of Rafa was roaming around. He told Caloy that he did not have anything against Rowena for him to think of hurting her, assuring that he was no murderer.

In Marga’s mansion, Vida wept as she recalled everything Tessa said against her. As she stood the key Rafa left fell from her bag. She saw GHN on it and researched online to find out that it was a certain storage. She left her room but bumped into Marga who pulled a fast one on Vida when Vida asked her to help her find the connection of Leon to the ACB.

Tessa discovered that Jaime was the person helping Ira. He got Ira a scholarship and also provided him with a lawyer. Tessa called Caloy to inform him. Ira’s lawyer gave him hope when he said Vida found the object used to hit his head and had handed it over to the police. Tessa went to Jaime’s place to confront him for helping the murderer of her son.

Jaime said he did not want any injustice that was why he was helping Ira. Tessa said she had enough evidence and would ensure to make Ira pay, warning Jaime not to get in her way but should support her. As she left, Jaime called Leon for his help. Vida managed to sneak out of the house after several failed attempts.

She went to the storage facility to discover that Rafa left a package in there for her. She went to check and found out that her mom was working in connection with Ivan and Leon. Also all her asserts and financial transactions were made possible through ACB Corporation.

She went home to find Marga waiting for her. Vida accused her of Rafa’s death for discovering her dark secret. Marga slapped her for her allegations. In Santa Monica, as Caloy and Lauren were waiting for Tessa, Leon brought a rice cake for them to eat but Lauren refused to eat since she was heading home.

After eating, Leon insisted on taking away the bowls. He put the spoon which Caloy used to eat inside a rubber and texted Jaime that he has gotten it. Tessa finally got home and Caloy asked where she went. Tessa revealed to him that she went to confront Jaime for helping Ira. Caloy said she should have gone with him, knowing Jaime’s dangerous nature.

Marga cried that Vida has discovered her secret. She made plans not to make Jaime know since he would k!ll Vida should he get to know. Caloy met with Vida and she told him everything she discovered. She was positive that Marga was working in cohort with Leon and Ivan Ignacio. Caloy had known all along that Marga was into something illegal. He told Vida about the private investigation he did on Marga to discover all of her wealth and assets.

Vida wanted to tell Ira but Caloy dissuaded her. He said they needed enough evidence to hold Marga and Leon accountable. Elsewhere Tessa kept brooding over Rafa and Rowena’s death. She promised to gain strength to make the culprit pay for eliminating them.


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