Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 81

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 81 Ira is acquitted, Tessa and Caloy finally find their missing son

Tessa watched the pictures of Rafa and Rowena and sobbed. The next day, court heard the case. There were various testimonies which were true and false. Ira admitted bribing the driver thrice the amount Tessa offered just to sabotage her work but refuted allegations about him k!lling Rowena and Rafa.

The prosecutor brought the evidence that suggested that there was a third party at the scene who committed the grievous murder. Leon’s actions began to expose him.

Vida took the witness stand and the attorney of the petitioner tried to establish that Vida l*ved Ira that was why she was defending him, this made Vida sob.

Meanwhile, Jaime had called Marga for her to be in the court premise to witness the drama he would pull. As the attorney kept discrediting Vida, Ira stood up that he did not commit the crime and just like Tessa, he was also upset that he could not find justice for his dead parents and was looking for somebody to blame.

He made it clear that he did not commit the grievous murder but for peace and for Tessa to feel happy he would accept to be behind bars.

Jaime stormed there with DNA test document and claimed Ira was baby Rafael, hence Tessa could not get him behind bars. Caloy said no one believed him since they knew who he was. Jaime asked Caloy to trust him on that. Tessa began calling Ira, Rafael but Ira turned away.

Caloy followed Jaime to query him on his move. Jaime explained that he sponsored Ira’s education, hence conducted an investigation about the person he was helping and found that out. He dared Caloy to conduct a DNA test on Ira. Ira later went to talk to Jaime to ask him about what he did. Jaime said he did not want him to be behind bars.

Ira said he did not want his freedom to be centred on his identity but on the fact that he was innocent of the crime he has been accused of. Jaime said all evidence pointed at him but Ira said he would clear his name.

Marga vent her anger on Jaime for helping Tessa and Caloy to be a complete couple while they agreed to keep the identity of Ira. Jaime wanted Tessa to bear the guilt of setting Rafa’s k!ller free or to live in the guilt of getting her biological son behind bars. Marga asked how that would trap Caloy to her and was upset that none of Jaime’s plans benefited her. Jaime said what Tessa would go through was good enough for him and would not stop till Caloy and Tessa become miserable and separate from eachother.

Vida asked Gabriela the next plan of Ira after finding his real parents. Gabriela said Ira did not want to talk about it. She wished she had known the truth early, as that would have saved the life of Melchor. Caloy visited Ira to plead with him for them to conduct a DNA test, for everyone’s peace of mind he accepted and the test was carried out.

Vida went to her hostel to find Marga burning the evidence that linked her to Ivan and Leon. Caloy met with Vida and the latter told him what Marga did. That clearly proved that Marga had a hand in what happened to Rafa. Caloy said per his investigation Marga got her wealth three years after the yacht shooting. Vida believed Marga got the money from Jaime. Caloy then pleaded with Vida to obey Marga and stop investigating, he would take care of the investigation.

Vida did not listen, she went to the yacht club to discover her mother’s connection with Jaime and she head to another place, still on her investigation but was kidnapped on the street and was sent to a certain room. They tied her up and the kidnappers made Leon watch over her. Leon was indifferent when he saw Jaime’s men had captured Vida.

Leon had earlier warned her to stop following him, for her own safety. Meanwhile, the court found Ira not guilty of the crime of murder since he was found unconscious next to the victim, holding a gun. Gabriela hugged him and threw a welcome party to surprise Ira. Ira had been calling Vida but she had not been picking. After the test results revealed that Tessa and Caloy were the parents of Ira, Tessa went to Ira’s house.

Meanwhile, Ira had also received the result and has read that Tessa was his mother. Ira was still thinking about Vida since she had not visit after he was set free. He called again but it did not go through. They heard a knock on the door, thinking it was Vida, Gabriela went to open. To their dismay, it was Tessa, she greeted and the place was silence as they watched eachother hysterically.


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