Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 82

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 82 Leon is arrested for the death of Melchor and Didith Policarpio

After receiving information from his goons about how successful they were able to kidnap Vida with Leon taking care of her, Jaime called Marga to spell out her inability to put her daughter under control. Realising Jaime has kidnapped Vida she rushed to Jaime’s mansion but was thrown out.

In Ira’s place, Tessa asked him for forgiveness and pleaded with him to give her the chance to be a mother to him. Ira denied her such opportunity, saying the results of the DNA tests did not change his heart towards him. He said once he saw Tessa was his mother, he felt happy, simply because he was not raised by her but Melchor and Didith.

Ira was acting in that manner due to how Tessa failed to trust him and accused him of Rafa’s death. Tessa blamed the universe for punishing and depriving her of being a mother.

After Tessa left, Gabriela advised Rafa to accept Tessa. Gabriela believed Tessa was a good mother who was willing to do anything to give her dead son justice. Marga stormed there to demand Ira’s help in searching for Vida. In Santa Monica, Caloy consoled Tessa and told her to give Ira a little time to think about the issue.

Asya called Caloy to inform him that Vida has gone missing and Marga said someone wanted Vida dead. Ira drove to the police station but Marga got upset since she did not want to involve the police and revealed to Ira that Jaime had kidnapped Vida. Ira kicked her out of his car out of distrust. He said when all of them judged him of being a murderer Jaime was the one who stood by his side.

Marga told him that Jaime was using him and warned him to open his eyes. Caloy who spied on them, showed himself to Marga and compelled her to tell him the person who wanted Vida dead. Marga said Jaime and he was doing that due to the fact that she allowed Caloy to go after Tessa. She shifted the blame on Caloy and Tessa.

Ira arrived at Jaime’s mansion but the guards denied him to see Jaime. Vida heard someone approaching and she screamed out the name of Leon. Leon had promised her that he was going to seek for help to set her free. Jaime took off her blindfold and asked her not to trust Leon since he might k!ll her just like he did with Rafa. Vida was shocked and screamed, Ira heard the screams and turned back.

Jaime appeared there and Ira warned Jaime to let him in, asking him whether he had kidnapped Vida. Jaime wondered how he began doubting him. Ira explained that Marga told him a disturbing things about him that was why. However, Vida untied herself, seeing the guard sleeping, she made attempt to flee but the guards hindered her. She hit her forehead on the wall and fainted.

Jaime revealed to Ira how Marga had known about him being the son of Caloy and Tessa yet kept silence about it for three years to ensure Tessa and Caloy did not have a complete family.

With the evidence presented by Jaime, Ira was convinced that Marga had been working in cohort with Leon and they were a suspect of his parents death. Jaime used that opportunity to exonerate himself from his crimes by making Marga takes the fall for him in return for Vida.

Unwilling to make Vida pay for her mistakes, Marga accepted Jaime’s offer after receiving a video of Vida being molested. Meanwhile, Leon had left home and was pursued by Jaime’s goons. He managed to fight them and escape. Later, Tessa called Caloy to inform him that the police were searching for Leon. Caloy called Leon and met him. He talked to him to hand himself to the police but Leon wanted them to save Vida first.

The two arrived at Jaime’s house with some inspectors who had a warrant to search Jaime’s house and his warehouse for Vida. Jaime made it clear to Leon that he had a special plan for him for betraying him while he considered him a son. Leon was not ready to be the bad guy again and no longer moved by the father and son act of Jaime. He told Jaime to go ahead and k!ll him just like he did with Rafa, believing that the police would arrest Jaime.

The police did not find Vida in the house, Leon was surprised. Unknown to him, Vida was already in the house with Marga and was sleeping. Another officers arrived there to arrest Leon for being a prime suspect of the death of Melchor and Didith Policarpio. Leon and Caloy watched Jaime hysterically.


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