Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 83

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 83 Vida saves Amanda’s life, Marga is kidnapped by Jaime

Leon was sent to the police station with Caloy escorting him. Ira was inside his car keeping tabs on them at the premise of the police station. As Leon was about to answer Caloy’s question about his involvement in the death of the Policarpio couple, Ira stormed there to punch Leon, promising that he would ensure he rot in jail.

Ira denied Leon the ability to explain his side of the story, Caloy begged Ira to exercise patience.

“For what? so he can go scot free again?”

“Well I will make sure justice is served.”

“The justice you never gave me or any of my family.”

Vida woke up to find Asya serving her food. She saw floods of messages from Ira, asking her where she was. She called him to inform him about her location and told him she needed a friend to talk to. Jaime payed Leon a visit and ranted him out. He demanded him to take the fall and admit k!lling all the characters who died. He threatened to k!ll Tessa if he failed to do that.

Leon was sad that Jaime went against his words and implicate him. He called Jaime a monster. Jaime told Leon that he was smarter than Leon and Leon was in that situation due to his greed.

Jaime planned to make Amanda his next victim to his k!lling spree. He called Amanda but she refused to pick. Amanda hurriedly packed her things to move out. After her visit to Leon, Vida was left heartbroken when Leon confessed that her mother was behind the mass k!lling and her kidnapped. She doubted but informed Caloy about it. The worse part was that her mother has gone missing.

Since Vida did not know who to believe, she decided to embark on another investigation to find the true culprit. She followed Ivan Ignacio who was searching for Amanda with some other two goons. After Amanda heard a screech of a car, she checked her window and was sad to find out that Jaime had been able to track down her hideout.

She quickly fled for her life. Meanwhile, Vida followed Ivan and his goons into the condo. Vida hid in the elevator just to keep tabs on them. Ivan found Amanda descending down the stairs, ready with their guns they almost caught her but Vida, suddenly pulled Amanda into the elevator. Ivan couldn’t find Amanda. Out of frustration, he blamed his two goons for their inability to catch Amanda. He informed Jaime and the latter described them as m0rons. He instructed them to track her down.

Vida was surprised to know that Amanda already knew her name. She compelled Amanda to tell her what she knew and the reason Ivan was after her life. Amanda told her that Jaime was the one behind all that had happened and everyone including Marga, Leon and her were rather dancing to the tunes of Jaime. For Vida’s own safety, she asked her to keep it to herself and save her life just like how she was saving hers now since Jaime was subtle and dangerous.

Tessa doubted that Marga was working in cohort with Leon just to commit all those grievous murder. Soon, Ira received a call from his lawyer that Leon would make their work easy by admitting to his crimes. Caloy also received same call and he went to the police station with Tessa.

Tessa told Leon to tell her the truth if indeed he really committed the crime. Leon admitted, Tessa was sad for adopting a criminal and blamed herself for the omen that befell on her. Tessa was told that Leon would be transferred to city jail. Tessa broke down into tears, as she was being comforted by Caloy, Ira got there and spied on them. He later whispered into Leon’s ears that he would rot in jail. The police sent Leon away.

Marga was being followed by Jaime’s goons. She wanted to drop by at the nearest precinct, after realising she was being followed, she made the driver stepped on the jeers and had an accident in the process.

Marga got home with one hand injured. She packed her things things and asked Vida to cooperate for Elmo’s safety. Vida revealed to her that she knew her secret and asked her if she was now tired working with Jaime. She tried convincing Vida. She then met with Caloy and made Asya, Elmo and Vida lived with him.

Marga said she did not know if she would ever return. She said she left her children in his care as Caloy was the only person she could trust. Caloy wanted her to turn herself in but Marga said she would not be able to take a fall for something she never did.

Caloy sent Asya, Vida and Elmo to Tessa’s place. However, Tessa was bitter that Caloy had helped Marga to elude justice. Vida then stepped in to inform them about what Amanda revealed to her.

Marga went at large disguised in a hood dress, unfortunately Jaime’s goons found her at the bus station. Marga made an attempt to enter a bus, but was stopped by another goon at the entrance. Marga knocked him and took to her heels while the rest ran after her. They lost Marga and called Jaime to inform him. The goons surrounded the trash at where Marga was hiding.

Soon, Jaime arrived. The goons had pulled a fast one on Marga to have made her believe they did not know she was hiding in between the trash. Jaime shot the trash, Marga screamed and Jaime pulled her head out.

Tessa and Caloy visited Leon. Leon still stood on his grounds that he committed the crimes and did not deserve Tessa’s l’ve. However, he was surprised to know that Tessa had found out the truth. Tessa pleaded with him to forgive her for doubting him. Leon now voiced out the truth that he was manipulated by Jaime to take the fall to keep Tessa alive.

Tessa promised to ensure that Jaime get behind bars. She enlisted Vida’s help in making Ira realise the truth. Later, Vida met with Ira to tell him that Marg was innocent and Jaime was the master brain behind all that had happened.


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