Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 9

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 9 Tessa, Jaime arrive in Philippines while Marga traps Caloy

Vida arrived at the boarding house. Guada, the landlady was waiting for her to collect the rent but Vida didn’t have the money. She sneaked out before the lady could see her and climbed over the window to get inside.

She ended up in Potpot’s room. She hid behind his clothes and when Potpot was distracted, she went through the bathroom to get to her room.

Tessa tried to speak to Jaime and asked him to tell her what was wrong. Jaime said he did not know but he was no longer happy in their marriage. Tessa asked him to return to the Philippines with her so that they could work out their issues. Jaime finally agreed to leave.

Marga visited Caloy’s house and was surprised to see that it was a huge mansion. He knocked and asked if Caloy worked there. The house keeper told her that it was Caloy’s house and went to call him. Marga told Caloy that she was happy to see he was successful.

Caloy told Marga that he worked at sea for 15 years and saved up the money to buy the house. Later, he decided to open a foundation to rehabilitate other boys who were like him. Some boys also lived with him.

Since they were having dinner, Caloy invited Marga to eat with them but she declined. Instead, she invited Caloy to her house for lunch the following day. Caloy said he would be delighted to go.

Rafa had difficult times in working to launch the project. He tried calling Tessa but she was not reachable. To his dismay, he arrived home to meet Tessa and Jaime waiting there for him. He was surprised to see them. After the pleasantries exchange Jaime said that he would take over the project from Rafa.

Tessa spoke to Rafa as she knew he was disappointed in handing over the project. She asked him to understand Jaime. He needed something to keep him busy. It was also an opportunity for them to bond as a family.

In the morning, Vida received a call from the daughter of her nanny. Vida’s nanny had been admitted to the hospital and they needed some money for the bills.

Vida got ready and tried to sneak out but the land lady, Guada was waiting. She demanded to have her money and threatened to throw Vida’s things out of the house. Vida promised to pay her later. She brought the money from the envelope and gave some of it to her nanny.They were thankful for her help.

Marga was excited to have Caloy over at the house and made the meal herself. Caloy however texted to say that he couldn’t make it since one of the boys got sick and they had to bring him to the hospital.

Marga thought it was an excuse since it seemed like Caloy did not want to see her. She was crying about it when Vida arrived. Asya explained that Marga was upset over some issues with the business.

Marga thought that Vida was back home but Vida said she only came to get something. She took her sewing machine and left to buy materials. She needed to make samples for the job interview she was applying for.

Potpot helped a family friend of his to set up posters for his shop and asked him not to tell Melchor that he lost his tuition money.
Tessa threw a party for Jaime and was glad to see him enjoying himself. She therefore thought it was a good decision for them to have returned home.

Marga decided to visit Caloy and asked him if he was still upset with her. She apologised to him since she had hurt him in the past in an effort to make him fall for her.

Caloy however said she had nothing to apologise for. He explained that he felt embarrassed seeing her again and didn’t know how to approach her. Marga shed tears so Caloy hugged her.


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