Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 16-20

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 16-20 Vida takes her revenge on Nathan to end his blackmail  

Marga reaps the fruit of her schemes as she gains Ximena’s trust as the latter’s new manager. Tessa then gets the surprise of her life upon learning about the actress’ manager.

Meanwhile, Potpot crosses path with Tessa. Vida makes it up to Potpot by accompanying him to the university. The two’s trip to the university, however, leaves Potpot hopeless about getting into college.

Melchor admonishes Potpot for keeping the truth about his situation. Seeing Vida, however, calms down Melchor. Marga on the other hand looks for possible endorsement deals for Ximena.

Ximena, on the other hand, insists that she wants to endorse nothing else but Teri Laurel’s clothing brand. Left with no choice, Marga prepares to face her greatest rival.

Upon arriving at House of The, Asya reminds Marga to be professional around Tessa. Later, Marga negotiates with Rafa and reveals her agency’s asking price for Ximena’s endorsement deal.

Vida becomes worked up after learning who Ximena’s new manager is. Vida then finds ways to hide from her mother. Asya, however, finds out that Vida is working for the House of Teri.

Upon learning about Marga’s asking price for Ximena’s endorsement deal, Tessa decides not to give in to Marga’s demands. Marga, on the other hand, is confident that Tessa will give her what she wants.

Vida tells Potpot good news about the money that she owes him. Upon getting hold of the dress she bought at Olivia’s charity auction, Marga mesmerises Caloy as she tries it on.

While Potpot and Vida spends time together, they come across Nathan who mocks her in front of everyone. Rafa and his friends witness the commotion, but he chooses to ignore it instead.

Noticing Rafa is falling for Vida, one of his friends gives him an advice. Meanwhile, Caloy and Marga go out on a date.

He later finds a way to help her fix her estranged relationship with her daughter. Elsewhere, Tessa finally makes up her mind to meet Marga. Marga also decides to meet up with Tessa just as Asya suggested.

An incident, however, forestalls Marga’s meeting with Tessa. Tessa, on the other hand, could not contain her disappointment in her old friend. Meanwhile, Vida finds herself wondering about Rafa’s odd questions.

Fr Julian receives an unexpected visit from Marga and Caloy. Marga and Caloy learn from Fr Julian about the incident that took place at the shelter. Marga and Caloy look back on their life in Baguio.

Meanwhile, Rafa opens up to Vida about his frustration regarding his father. Vida tries to comfort Rafa, only to be insulated in return. In Batac, Tessa gives her parents and the Light House Foundation a surprise visit.

Tessa engages in a heart to heart talk with her parents regarding Marga. After comforting one of the kids at the shelter, Marga suddenly realises her shortcomings as a mother to Vida.

A bothered Vida opens up her dilemmas to Potpot. Upon learning that Vida was almost harassed, Potpot deems it necessary to confront Rafa about what happened. Rafa, on the other hand, meets an accident.

Potpot comes to Rafa’s rescue as the latter meets an accident. Tessa and Jaime immediately rush to the hospital after learning about what happened to their son.

Tessa comes across Potpot again, but fails to express her gratitude to Rafa’s saviour. Meanwhile, Vida learns from Potpot about Rafa’s accident. Because of this, Vida feels guilty for not empathising with her boss.

Vida pays Rafa a visit at the hospital. Rafa, however drives her away. To make matters worse for her, Nathan posts another gossip about her on social media.

To halt Nathan from spreading malicious things about her, Vida finally agrees with his request. Meanwhile, Caloy and Marga return to Manila after their trip to Baguio.

On their way home, Marga asks Caloy to go to the bar where Vida used to work, only to find out that she has been fired. Later on, Marga is greeted by a new problem. Ximena is demanding her to accept Tessa’s offer.

Ximena decides to abide by Marga’s rules for the sake of her career. Vida sets her revenge against Nathan in motion. She seeks Potpot’s help despite the latter’s hesitation.

Upon arriving at Nathan’s house, Vida immediately lays out her scheme. However, Potpot cannot contain his disappointment in Vida because of what happened. Meanwhile, Asya worries over Marga’s plan to catch up with Vida.

Nathan’s parents meet him tied up, due to the video shot by Vida as a revenge, Nathan result to lies to keep the actual incident from his parent.

However, Tessa and Marga plan to meet again to talk about the price on Ximena.


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