Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 31-35

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 31-35 Jaime, Marga make it a mandate to ruin Teri 

Potpot has an hangover and he confesses his feelings for Vida but the later doesn’t want to believe since Potpot is drunk. The next day Vida gives him the needed potion to deal with the hangover.

Soon, the launch of House Of Teri begins and at the red carpet various stakeholders arrived. Marga and Caloy are not allowed to enter since their names are not on the guest list.

Marga vents her anger on Teri. Teri manages to solve the situation with Jaime making up lies to cover his deeds. At the launch, Caloy and Tessa get close and Marga dusts up with Tessa claiming she is flirting with Caloy.

However, Vida realises the designs being showcased on the runaway are originally hers. This leads to a huge scandal as Marga takes advantage of the situation to ruin Teri and HOT.

She gets it published in the newspaper and pays for it to appear on the front page. Jaime goes really wild at Teri for failing the company. In a heated argument the ‘beast’ in Jaime rises. Fortunately, for Tessa Rafa comes to her aid before the worse happens.

Meanwhile, Vida realises her mother is using her just to fight Teri. She runs from her mother’s house again to the boarding house. She plans to give up on her designs for peace to reign.

Potpot however, arranged with Rafa to settle Vida’s issue with HOT amicably. Jaime starts a cheating game but he is caught by Caloy. Concerned about Teri and recalling that at the launch Teri has bruises on her body, Caloy faces Jaime.

Jaime makes his model girlfriend excuse them and warns Caloy not to reveal what he saw to Teri. Caloy confronts him for cheating on Teri and he said Caloy is not Teri’s saviour. The two men get into a fist fight.

Caloy tells Marga about the incident with Jaime and she tells Caloy not to meddle in the marriage affair of Tessa and Jaime.

Being all upset by the earlier incident, Jaime feels Teri has been reporting him to Caloy for abusing her and beats her mercilessly even when Rafa and Teri’s parents try to stop him.

Teri’s situation with Jaime worsen. Upon advice from her family, Teri gathers courage to report Jaime to the police. The beast is then thrown into jail but he confronts Teri for getting her own husband arrested.

Teri assures him that she will not allow him to hurt her again. Jaime makes a phone call that changes his fate in prison. Thinking Jaime will spend the night in a cell, Teri wakes up to the reality that Jaime is free.

She screams after setting eyes on the beast of a husband so Rafa comes to her defence and fights Jaime. Jaime then hurts the feelings of Rafa by using his adoption against him.

Jaime packs from home and Teri later also did same. However, Jaime plans to make Teri’s life a living hell. As Marga use the stolen designs opportunity to drag House of Teri to the mud, Teri who has settled her issue with Vida and has employed her as her assistant with an aim to mentor her engages the press.

She tells the press the whole truth concerning the design and clears the air on all matter. Vida adds her voice to it and claims that her mother only misunderstood the whole situation in her efforts to defend her.

Asya overhears the evil plot Marga once again is hatching against Teri. She warns Marga over her move but she is determined to continue ruining Tessa to win all her client to make her agency booms.

Caloy realising Marga’s action against Teri is not at peace but Marga begins to suffer as her daughter takes sides with Teri. She feels betrayed and blames Tessa for poisoning her daughter’s mind against her.

After the news of their burnt store, Tessa’s family believe Jaime is behind it. Potpot’s gains help from Rafa to save his grandmother who is at the verge of death. Caloy tries to bring Marga and Vida together but their encounter turns into mourning.

Meanwhile, Jaime beef up plans to bring Teri down completely. He sacks all loyal employees to Teri and denies Teri access to enter the office.

Elsewhere, Marga takes delight in Tessa’s downfall and also deepens her estranged friend’s plight to completely tarnish her reputation to make her company stand out.


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