Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 36-40

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 36-40 Tessa, Marga face off in a ring 

After the scandal that hits House of Teri, Tessa decides to bounce back with her own version of HOT with the name ” Rise of Tessa Magbanua.”

Meanwhile, Jaime kidnaps Marga to sell out 40per cent shares of HOT to her. Marga accepts the offer but has no money to pay for it.

After realising the evil schemes of Marga against Teri, Asya packs out from the mansion to work as a barber.

Rafa supports the family of Potpot after his grandma is discharged from the hospital. He rents an apartment behind the hostel for the family to reside in.

Potpot overhears Jaime’s evil schemes against Tessa and the Magbanua family fabric store. In her attempts to train for defence, Tessa and Marga end up in a ring to fight.

Soon, Tessa is made aware of Jaime’s action against the Magbanua fabric store. She confronts Jaime and the later visits Potpot to threaten him. Marga manages to raise the 20million to own greater part of HOT.

Tessa eventually, agrees to get back to Jaime to save the company. The agreement is to put up a show infront of people. Marga becomes a board member of HOT, she is the marketing director but demands to be the president of HOT.

Unknown to Tessa, Jaime and Marga have schemed to bring her down but Tessa also has her plans fixed in her head.

Meanwhile, Charlie is head over heels for Potpot and has failed to eat till she gets close to Potpot. She later makes her intentions known to Potpot, fully aware that Potpot has eyes only for Vida.

Potpot gets enrolled in school and Charlie is his mate. With the urge of his father, Potpot gathers courage to propose to Vida but the unfortunate happens leading him to hold on with his proposal.

Jaime turns down Marga’s request to be the President of HOT so she demands for Rafa’s position. Rafa decides to step down for Marga knowing she will fail.

Meanwhile, Tessa realises that Rafa is interested in Vida but he says he can’t voice out his feelings to Vida due to the tension between their parents.

Vida gets jealous of Charlie when she wakes up to the reality that Charlie is Rafa’s colleague and spends almost their time together in school.

However, Caloy is surprised to see Teri back with Jaime after all that he did against her. He tries his best to make the estranged friends bury their hatchet but Marga has other plans.

Potpot exhibits an heroic deed when he goes into an apartment raised by fire to save an innocent boy from the fire. His deed receives lots of applause as the act goes viral online.

Tessa works closely with Vida to launch new casual designs bearing the name TeriVida Collections. Marga is still not happy how her daughter is close to Teri and plans to reject the collection at a meeting of HOT.

Teri advises Vida to see her mom’s criticism as a stepping stone in getting ahead in life. She defends Vida on many occasions as they fight to get their designs accepted.

A senator’s wife who has been a constant customer of Tessa makes her mentor many. She has always seen Tessa as epitome of strength after the setbacks in her marriage which goes haywire online.

Meanwhile, Caloy is inspired by Tessa and embarks on a fabric business with his long time friend, Pedro. However, Marga is not enthused as everyone around her sees Teri as the heroine.

In her will to destroy Tessa completely, she abandons her agency for Asya and concentrates on HOT but the sales of the fashion agency keeps dwindling.

Jaime on the other hand tries to make up for his evil deeds by talking to Tessa to start all over with him. He buys a new ring and put up other amazing surprises to rekindle the lost affection but Teri still keeps her distance, she turns everything down.

As she fails to win a client, Marga vents her anger on Rafa and plans to use Potpot against Rafa. She pays Potpot a good sum to be a model since he is the most talk about hero in town.

Potpot does not want to accept but upon sober reflection he accepts which gives Marga a green light to execute her evil plan on the fashion runaway.


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