Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 46-50

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 46-50 Melchor gets shot by Jaime’s goon

Rafa finally gathers courage to propose to Vida. Vida did not immediately accept him and seeks Potpot’s conscience. She still opposes it since Rafa is her boss.

Turned by event, Potpot cannot concentrate and confide in Charlie who also feels jealous by Potpot’s action of being interested in Vida.

Leon, is chased by his debtors and gets beaten. Soon, he takes refuge in Teri’s house and begins to irritate Rafa.

Jaime makes it a mandate to investigate about Leon and Marcus proposes a DNA test to confirm if he is the actual missing son of Teri.

Meanwhile, Marga breaks the news about her engagement with Caloy to Vida and wants her to be her bride’s maid. She later discovers that Rafa and her daughter are courting. Marga gets pissed off and decides to ruin the relationship.

However, Vida wants Potpot to make up for the lost time with her. They go to a restaurant after Potpot’s meeting with Marga. House of Teri has seen major boost in sale and Potpot has been the hottest model in town with tight schedules.

Leon and Jaime begin to get along. At HOT, Marga wakes up to a discovery that the missing son of Caloy has been found. This changes her mood completely. Meanwhile, Jaime pulls a fast one on Teri to instill her joy of Leon being the missing Rafael after DNA test.

Marga tries to make Caloy and her to permanently stay in Baggio after their wedding but Caloy refuses. Melchor dig deep into Potpot’s lost parents and find it online that Miding had left a child at the river side.

He gets in touch with Miding and every clue points that Potpot is the missing son of Teri but Miding assured that Teri has already found her missing son, Leon.

However, Marcus informs Jaime about Melchor’s investigation and Jaime plans something dubious. A welcome party is thrown for the lost but found Leon which he invited his crooked friends. His friend later makes advances on Vida leading an altercation between Rafa and Leon.

Marga makes it a mandate to fish out the real identity of Leon and takes some of his hair strand to conduct DNA test on him.

Meanwhile, Caloy suspects that Marga is keeping something from him. In squeezing the truth out of her, Caloy makes Marga chooses between the wedding or the secret she was keeping.

Marga not ready to lose Caloy and the opportunity to be his legal wife, she finally spills the beans out of the bag. After the painful discovery, Caloy cries and heads to Teri’s place to confirm the truth.

Potpot toughen the competition for Rafael as he also proposes to Vida and begins to court her. Marga realises that Jaime is a paternity fraudster and threatens to expose Jaime to Teri.

Jaime who has already discovered that Potpot is the real son of Teri takes away Melchor’s evidence that indicates Potpot as the original Rafael.

He reaches an agreement with Marga and asks her to keep Potpot’s identity as secret. He also promises to ensure that Caloy doesn’t gain any fatherly role in the life of Leon while ensuring Melchor keeps silence on the truth.

Jaime rolls out an evil plan with his ally, Marcus to get rid of Rafael’s towel which Jaime took from Melchor.

Meanwhile, Rafa fires Potpot for the decline in TeriVida Collections sales and Vida becomes upset with him. Caloy is denied access to Leon and he confesses to Father Julian about his past with Teri. He is so sorry for his action.

Marga is also sad since she thinks Caloy will not get married to her. She later, meets Caloy and asks for forgiveness and explains why she kept his son as secret.

Soon, Jaime gets some goons to go after Melchor. Sadly, Melchor gets shot.



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