Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 51-55

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 51-55 Marga and Caloy marry, Jaime becomes a serial killer

As the Policarpios are wondering where Melchor could be, a call from the hospital makes Didith and Potpot rush to the morgue to identify the corpse.

Didith cries for justice and Miding says the investigation into Melchor’s death may wake her into a painful discovery.

A funeral service is held for Melchor to finally lay him to rest. Tessa offers Didith and Potpot her help and tells them not to hesitate to run to her for any help.

Didith tells the police that Jaime and Tessa are suspect in her husband’s death. Jaime eavesdrop and also discovers that Caloy and Leon are getting along. He makes a dreadful decision to run away from his crimes by traveling to the United States.

Elsewhere, Marga calls Jaime to scold him but Caloy sees it and she tells lies that she is rather calling Potpot since he has lost his dad and made mistake by calling Jaime instead.

Marga use her delicate pregnancy to compel Caloy to marry her right away for them to raise their unborn child together.

Potpot probes into his father’s death yet he cannot get any lead to the culprit who murdered Melchor cold-bloodedly.

Meanwhile, Tessa reports Leon’s assault case to the police. This turns the tummy of Leon. His fear is that his attackers will get back to him and eventually reveal his secret so he runs from home and be with Caloy at his orphanage home.

Marga speeds up plan to be married to Caloy. Tessa becomes unhappy to discover that Caloy will be married to Marga the next day. She then gives Caloy attitude and declines Jaime’s offer to make them go back to the states. Jaime feels that he can manipulate Leon that is why he doesn’t want Potpot to be reunited with Tessa and asks Marcus for his help to cover his crimes.

Caloy and Marga finally get married and at the ceremony, Leon finds his pursuers in disguise. Meanwhile, Tessa enlists Marcus help to find the culprit who brutally murdered Melchor. Marcus decline the offer and later talks with Jaime. Teri tells Lauren to find her a new detective to help in Melchor’s case.

Didith has not come to terms with Melchor’s death, she is in denial and becomes like a mad person searching for her husband on the streets. Elsewhere, Gabriel blames herself for Didith disappearance.

Meanwhile, Rafa has realised that Vida has given all her attention to Potpot and has been skipping work just to be with Potpot. He gives up on his feelings for her just to make Vida be happy with Potpot.

Jaime wants Marcus to forge school documents for Leon for but Marcus declined. Marcus expresses regret in helping Jaime to falsify the DNA test result and warns Jaime not to be the person behind Melchor’s death.

Marcus, soon, begins a private investigation on Melchor’s death. He discovers that Jaime has psychotic tendencies in violence and has assaulted all women he has been with. Not ready to leave traces of his evil deeds, Jaime gives his henchman another job to take Marcus out of the picture.

Caloy settles the 100k debt of Leon and Tessa is not happy with what Caloy did. Marga feels that Caloy is keeping a secret from her and she shifts all the blame to Tessa.

Potpot discovers that Didith knows a hidden secret about Leon but fails to tell Potpot so Potpot did his own investigation about Leon. His findings revealed that Leon works for a drug syndicate and is shielding his real identity by lying to Tessa who he is which Melchor discovered, leading Leon and his goons to murder Melchor.

Rafa fails to believe what Potpot told him. Marcus later accepted to investigate Melchor’s death and told Teri not to even inform Jaime about it. He cautions Teri against trusting those around him.

Meanwhile, Marga after her fight with Tessa that almost caused the life of her unborn child decides to follow the doctor’s order to be bed ridden in order not to lose the baby and Caloy.

Elsewhere, Marcus is ready to expose Jaime but he is murdered before he could relay the true information about Jaime and his crimes to Tessa. Jaime even stops Teri from attending Marcus’ wake.

Didith is sent to a psychiatrist, least did Potpot and Vida know that the psychiatrist has joined forces with Jaime to make Didith completely mad if the psychiatrist discovers that Didith knows Jaime’s secret.

After consulting Vida, who is now Potpot’s girlfriend for an opinion, Potpot gathers courage to inform Tessa about Leon’s real identity. An event at the office makes Rafa discovers that Leon’s DNA test is falsified.

Teri still believes Leon is innocent about Melchor’s murder and believes Jaime is behind it. She plans to gather evidence against Jaime and as part of the plan, she will send her family to a safer place before taking Jaime head on. Teri also suspects Jaime for the murder of Marcus and poised to bring justice to all the gone souls.

Rafa delivers the false DNA to Teri and before opening it, Leon who now resides in Bargio calls Teri to talk to her.


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