Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 56-60

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 56-60 Jaime pursues the life of Teri and Rafa, kills Didith

Vida waits for Potpot to return home. He returns and says he was on a job haunts. The next day, Vida delivers a presence for the one week celebration of their new relationship but Potpot is not enthused.

Finding out where Leon is hiding, Potpot goes to the seminary but meets the absence of his target. He heads to the slam and finds Leon.

He fights him and both end up in the local barangay’s office. Meanwhile, Tessa plans an escape for Rowena after Miguel, a friend of Jaime reveals the psycho tendencies of Jaime after when his ex-wife died.

Jaime suspects Teri ganging up against him, he plants an evidence in Leon’s slam home and the police find the evidence and ran after Leon. Potpot confirming his suspicion calls for immediate arrest of Leon.

Teri reveals the truth about Leon’s identity to Caloy. Caloy feels hurt for what the monster, Jaime did against him. They later went to see Leon and reveal the truth to him but the boy gets affected by the unfortunate news.

Jaime who is tailing Teri sees her hugging Caloy. He later puts Teri on the spot to confess about her meeting with Caloy. Jaime tells her about his intentions to beef up his game so that Teri will not tend to another man for help.

Teri discovers that Jaime is keeping taps on Didith and rush to the hospital. Didith has been complaining to Potpot that she is being monitored in the place and wants to be out of there.

Didith pleads with Teri to take her out of the place so she promises Potpot she will transfer his mother. Potpot is not enthused he only wants Leon to pay for k!lling Melchor but Teri assures that Leon is not a murderer.

Didith reveals to Potpot that Teri is his real mother and they look alike. She had a crisis and blames Potpot of the death of Melchor, asking him to leave for he is not her son.

This makes Potpot cry, Didith gets a chance and she escapes. Potpot holds the hospital responsible for the escape of Didith.

Jaime gets a ticket for them to travel to America the next day. Left with no option, Teri and Rafa play along as they plan their escape with Caloy’s help.

Marga comes in between the escape plan but Caloy reveals the truth about Tessa’s discovery on Leon’s identity and his plan to help her escape since her life is in danger. Meanwhile, Jaime sends his workers to go after Teri, they are warned not to return without her.

Caloy finally arrives to send the mother and son to Bargio to keep them safe but Rafa has last minute plan. He changes his mind and asks Teri to go with Jaime as his mission to keep her safe has been accomplished.

He plans to put a stop to Jaime’s evil plans, they reaffirmed their l*ve for eachother and they parted ways.

Elsewhere, Vida tells Potpot to send Didith who has returned home back to the hospital for Didith’s own speedy recovery but Potpot is scared that she will run off again.

Rafa is tracked down by Jaime and threatened to erase him from the surface of the earth if he fails to show him where Teri is. They cannot reach Teri but Jaime’s men finds Teri’s phone which Rafa throws it into a trash can.

However, Caloy changes his location since he did not want to put Father JulianĀ in danger.

As ordered by Gabriel, Potpot and Vida get to a funfair, they came across Leon and his treacherous drug dealer friends. The boys kidnapped Vida, leaving Potpot worried. He later discovers where Vida was being molested and harassed.

He manages to get Vida from their hand and sends her to Marga’s house safely and sound. Elsewhere Rafa has managed to escape and goes straight to see Potpot but meet his absence. Potpot goes home to discover that Didith is missing so Rafa enlists the help of a detective to help find Didith.

Didith has been kidnapped by Jaime’s men and Jaime is extracting truth of what Didith knows from her mouth. Didith who voiced out the truth about Potpot being Teri’s son asks Jaime whether he was the one who k!lled Melchor. Jaime admits his crime and Didith threatens to reveal the truth to make Potpot reunites with Teri. Unfortunately, Jaime ends her life.

Caloy being with Tessa revives his old feelings for her so do Teri but they keep it cool since Caloy is married. Caloy plans to get Teri reunited with her parents in Hong Kong. They board a yacht. Meanwhile, Jaime gets a tip off about his wife seen with a man and he concluded that the man was Caloy.

He later threatens Marga to disclose the location of Caloy but Marga shields her husband. Jaime thinks Marga has revealed the truth of him being Melchor’s killer and a paternity liar but Marga denies.

Soon, Potpot identifies a dead body which was disposed as Didith and cries for his lost while Rafa is stunned.


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