Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 6 -10

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 6 -10 Marga rekindles past relationship with Caloy while Tessa and Jaime arrive at Philippines to revive their marriage 

Tessa makes plans to return to Philippines as her investigator gets information about her missing son but Jaime denies her the opportunity to return.

He becomes more upset when their adopted son, Rafael brings up a project plan in marketing their designs at Philippines.

Jaime is advised by his friend to do his wife’s wish for her. Jaime knows Tessa is only servicing him and their marriage is not binded by l*ve.

Soon, Potpot’s family face a huge debts disgrace by a lender, Alma. Potpot manages to convince Alma to return their confiscated farm tools to work in saving his kid sister, Maila who is suffering from asthma. Alma extends the deadline for them to be able to pay off the debts.

Meanwhile, Vida, Marga’s daughter is not interested in modeling but wishes to be a great designer like Teri Laurel. Asya realises that Marga is upset with her daughter due to the fact that she wants to be like her old best friend, Tessa instead of her.

Potpot gains admission but postpones his enrollment to help his parents to work on the farm till the next year.

Nathan, a man working in agency strike a business deal with Marga to make Vida model for an event. Later, Nathan drugs the drink of Vida in order to take advantage of her during an outing with her.

As the family of Vida plan to report Nathan for sexual harassment, Nathan and his family frame Vida up. This set a misunderstanding between Marga and Vida and the later packs her things in hopes of living with Emil but he refuses to house her daughter to satisfy his wife.

Vida then refuses her father’s money to lodge in a hotel and goes to stay with her friend till she manages to secure her own room.

Rafa successfully set up the business in Philippines but is reprimanded by Jaime for making a mistake. Tessa jumps to Rafa’s defence but Jaime insists that Rafael will inherit the business, hence has to do things right.

A street kid steals Marga’s phone and was caught. Marga reports the incident to the police. It later turns out that the boy is one of Caloy’s boys he was rehabilitating.

Elsewhere, Melchor and his wife who finds out that Potpot wants to skip his admission through Maila finds an alternative to ensure Potpot does not skip his admission.

They manage to get his enrollment fees and throw a farewell party for him to kick-start his journey to Manila. Potpot arrives late so the school has closed and could not register.

Potpot lands into trouble when police in a patrol car see him sleeping outside a boarding house. They send him to the station and they realise he is just in Manila to school. At the station he repair their vehicle and the police promise to call him whenever they get similar problem and pay him for it.

Potpot got back to the boarding house to find out that his registration fee is missing. However, Vida who is in the same house has found the money.

Receiving a call from his parents, he could not reveal the truth about the missing envelope. He then decides to find a job to raise the money to register.

Meanwhile, Caloy is faced with a bitter decision to face the woman who got her boy arrested. He meets the woman who has refused to drop the charges against the boy and is surprised to see the person as Marga.

Marga immediately drops the charges in hopes of rekindling their old friendship.
However, Tessa and Jaime dust up over Tessa’s inability to arrive early for their date.

Jaime complains about Tessa prioritising clients at the expense of him. Vida becomes a bar tender and comes across Rafael who shows interest in her.

Later, Vida who is owing a rent finds a job online at House of Teri house which was hiring and decides to apply.

She plays hide and seek with her landlady, Guada. Vida receives a bad news and is compelled to use some of the money she found to pay for the hospital bills of her nanny. She goes home to take her machine to sew samples for the job interview.

Meanwhile, Tessa and Jaime arrive at the Philippines and the later decides to take the project from the hand of Rafael. Tessa explains things to Rafa to make him understand Jaime’s decision. She throws a party for Jaime.

Impressed by Caloy’s success, Marga and Caloy agree on a date but Caloy fails to attend, claiming one of the boys he was taking care of got sick.

Marga who cries about Caloy’s constant rejection went to see him and make up while Caloy hugs her.

Despite failing to get the designer position at House of Teri, Vida receives a different job offer from the company.

She then faces a new problem when Guada gives her an ultimatum to pay her rent. Left with no choice, Vida uses the money she found at the boarding house to pay Guada.

While struggling to find the money for his enrollment, Potpot remains at odds with his fellow boarder. Elsewhere, Caloy takes Marga on a date at a fancy restaurant, not knowing that Tessa and Jaime are at the same place as well.

Asya discovers that Jaime and Tessa are at the same restaurant where he, Caloy and Marga are having dinner.

Aware that a reunion between the four would result into chaos, Asya tries to find a way to keep Tessa and Marga from seeing eachother.

Elsewhere, Potpot falsely accuses Vida about her work and shares his suspicions to Guada. Upon being proven wrong, Potpot offers Vida an apology but the same falls on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, Tessa learns that there is an update on the investigation about her missing son.


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