Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 61-65

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 61-65 Marga, Leon work in cohort with Jaime to bring Tessa down

After being arrested for the murder of Melchor, Leon’s case is forwarded to court. With the help of Tessa and a good lawyer, the court sets him free and acquits him from the crime of murder. Potpot is upset about the development and promises to revenge.

The anguish in his heart leads his relationship with Vida to hit the rocks. Fortunately, he gains scholarship to study in Singapore with his kid sister, Melai. Meanwhile, Vida cannot live without Potpot and follows him to the airport just confess her actual feelings for him but it was too late and did not want to interfere with the brand-new life of Potpot.

Soon, Teri discovers that Jaime has sold all their properties and transferred all their wealth to separate accounts which cannot be traced. He left Tessa with nothing except her 30per cent shares in the House of Teri. Marga expressed interest in buying Tessa’s shares and she sold it to her.

However, Jaime’s body is still not found. The police asks Teri and Caloy about the actual thing which leads Jaime to fall off the yacht and Caloy claims he shot Jaime in self defense. Caloy takes the blame so that if any witness pops up and there is an issue of arrest he will be the one to serve the sentence to make up for the mistake he did against Teri.

Marga gives birth to a premature son. Due to the premature nature of the child he develops pulmonary infections and suffer asthma attacks. Tessa starts life afresh together with her two sons, Rafa and Leon in the province. She becomes an artisan who sells handicrafts to make ends meet. She also helps the local women by giving them jobs and teaches them on how to make basket, hats among others.

Vida on the other hand becomes a fashion teacher and gets a love proposal from Alvin, a new guy but she is not ready to be in a relationship. Due to her generous nature, Tessa gets an offer from the mayor of the province to run as the vice mayor but she declines the offer as she is not ready to be into politics. She wants a normal and peaceful life and also just to help the women of the area.

Not happy with the moderate life, Leon decides to sell off Tessa’s artisan shop for a bigger money but Rafa finds out and scolds him. Soon, Ira the former Potpot has completed school and works in a bigger company as an app developer. He is rich and dedicates his time to work, drinking and have fun with random girls in a hotel.

He still holds to the past bitterness and less spends time with his family especially Melai. Marga’s marriage experiences some set backs due to Marga’s obsession for wealth. She hardly spends time with Caloy and Elmo, her son.

Fast forward, Tessa and Caloy bumps into eachother during a workshop organised by the government for the youth. They are to inspire the youth by delivering speech on their various fields of endeavours.

Ira informs Charlie about his plans to return to Philippines to expand the Singapore business for the Tindera shopping app which its new version has been developed.

A business trip to Manila makes Rafa comes across Vida again and he begins to court her. It is now revealed that Leon has not been innocent all along about his identity but he works in cohort with Jaime just to enjoy the rich life of the Laurels’ family.

He acts dubiously with an unknown boss and he is well paid for the job he has been doing secretly for the boss. Meanwhile, Marga decides to surprise Caloy at the workshop and challenges Teri in a drink game. Teri who claims not to know how to drink joins the game based on the crowd’s wish but faints while Marga vomit.

Caloy abandons Marga to care for Tessa. Marga gets upset and had an argument with Caloy. Melai is not in good terms with Ira due to his bitterness. Melai is not ready to give in to her brother to return to the Philippines.

Rafa realises the sales of the artisan work is dropping and his efforts in getting investors for the busines proves futile. As things are turning out worse for Tessa, Rafa takes solace in his feelings for Vida and he proposes to her.

Marga receives a message which suggests to initiate a dubious plan. Ira returns to Philippines and is ready to pay any amount to reopen Melchor’s death case but he is told there is no new evidence. He plans to get a new evidence just to get back at the Laurels’ most especially Leon.

Caloy celebrates his birthday, Tessa and the people at the workshop throw a surprise birthday party for him. He letter goes home to receive car from Marga but he is not happy with it. Caloy plans to get Marga investigated for the outrageous money she has been spending. He suspects Marga engaging in some illegal activities.

Meanwhile, Rafa puts his life on the line to save Vida from a moving car which almost knocks her down. Vida then goes to the province with Rafa. Tessa returns from the workshop to meet Vida for the first time after parting ways with the workers of HOT years ago.

Leon after finding out about the Tindera app and seeing Popot as the boss, talks to Rafa about the importance of the app and how it will help their mother to market her handicrafts. Together with Vida, they went to the seminar to discover Potpot as the inventor of the app. Rafa and Vida look surprise to meet Ira, Vida on the other hand feels uneasy in her chair.

Tessa finds a suspicious person hanging around her property and confronts him. She later tells Rafa about what she witnessed. Rafa wants them to file charges at the precinct but Tessa refused, reassuring Rafa that Jaime is dead.

Marga receives call from Jaime and goes to meet him to finalise their plans. Jaime is confined in a wheelchair and has been obtaining information about Tessa from Leon. Marga then plans to buy Tessa’s property to make her suffer than ever before for involving herself with Caloy.

Caloy tells Tessa of his plans to have Marga investigated about her wealth she has acquired within a blink of an eye but Tessa stops him, asking him to trust Marga.


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