Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 65-69

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 65-69 Leon sets Tessa’s shop on fire, Marga schemes with the Mayor to get Tessa’s property 

Leon after finding out about the Tindera app and seeing Popot as the boss, talks to Rafa about the importance of the app and how it will help their mother to market her handicrafts. Together with Vida, they went to the seminar to discover Potpot as the inventor of the app. Rafa and Vida look surprise to meet Ira, Vida on the other hand feels uneasy in her chair.

Tessa finds a suspicious person hanging around her property and confronts him. She later tells Rafa about what she witnessed. Rafa wants them to file charges at the precinct but Tessa refused, reassuring Rafa that Jaime is dead.

Marga receives a call from Jaime and goes to meet him to finalise their plans. Jaime is confined in a wheelchair and has been obtaining information about Tessa from Leon. Marga then plans to buy Tessa’s property to make her suffer than ever before for involving herself with Caloy.

Caloy tells Tessa of his plans to have Marga investigated about her wealth she has acquired within a blink of an eye but Tessa stops him, asking him to trust Marga.

An asthma attack of Elmo brings Caloy and Tessa together in Manila, Caloy’s home with Tessa saving the day. After coming across Potpot, Vida gives Rafa the cold shoulder just to brush him off.

Soon, Marga comes to meet Tessa with her husband taking care of Elmo, however it did not go down well with Marga and she slaps Tessa for trapping her husband into her skirt. Suddenly, a fight broke.

Marga’s action compels Caloy to call for break up. Due to Elmo Caloy rescinds on his decision and stays. Meanwhile, Leon secures a job at Ira’s new company after he applied for a position. Ira has a plan against Leon by keeping his enemy closer to gather evidence against him in obtaining justice for his dead father.

Melai dust up with Potpot and runs from home. This got Gabriela and Potpot worried. However, Guada’s message to the Policarpios set them at ease, knowing Melai is with Vida.

Tessa notices some questionable personalities Leon has been talking secretly in the bush with. She confronts Leon and he acts up to make Tessa feels guilty for trusting Rafa than him.

Potpot arrives in Vida’s house to demand for the presence of her sister. They involve into a little argument as Melai refuses to leave Vida’s place with Potpot. The l*ver boy is however, stepping up his game to completely get Vida but arrives in Vida’s house to meet a surprise, the presence of Ira.

Feeling jealous, Ira acts up and insists on paying Vida for the inconvenience Melai’s presence has cost between her and Rafa. Rafa tells the proud Ira that money is not everything. Ira riding his Jeep sees Vida and Rafa hugging.

Elsewhere, Caloy meets his investigator and is revealed that Marga owns several accounts, has 100Million in DBT and 18million in Bank of Bulakhan. There are still large sums of money flowing into those accounts after three years of Marga setting up the accounts.

In St Monica, an unknown person wearing blue jerrican sets Tessa’s workshop on fire one evening while she was asleep. Tessa wakes to see her shop on fire. Rafa together with the neighbours help to put the fire under control but Tessa lost everything. They are told the place burnt due to some faulty electrics appliances but Rafa did not buy the hawk and bull story.

It is then established that Leon is the person behind the crime and also receives complement from Jaime for initiating all his plans. Caloy offers helping hand to Tessa.

Leon begins to court Cynthia, a lady at Tindera company. He impresses the girl by sending her to a fancy restaurant while buying her expensive gifts. Ira scolds Leon for coming to work late.

Later, Potpot asks Vida to be a tutor for Melai. Vida wants to do it for free but Potpot insists on paying. In order to keep it professional, Vida agrees to do it for money. Elsewhere, Caloy seeks funding from the governor to help Tessa establish her workshop once again.

Cynthia is bent on using Leon to settle her financial problems. Rafa adopts Tindera shopping app to help Tessa gets her business on its feet. Soon, Marga picks a fight with Tessa and accuses her of snatching Caloy. She threatens to make Tessa beg her some day but Tessa throws her out of her house.

Rafa believes Marga is the reason for the burnt workshop. Not ready to make Tessa win, Marga engages the Mayor of the area to sell Tessa’s property to her, the deal is to get Tessa’s property while she also funds the mayor’s next campaign.

Before Tessa could work in the workshop, she needs clearance from the Mayor’s engineer on the wiring at her shop so Vida enlists the help of Caloy.

Vida later, dust up with Ira for calling her a flirt. Ira lashes out on Vida for gallivanting around while he pays her to teach Melai. He gives Vida a cheque and she tears it, throws it on Ira and left.

Meanwhile, Leon and Rafa keep fighting on things they disagree on with Leon being the initiator of the fight. He even injured Rafa’s face.

Melai questions Potpot on the mean words he spewed at Vida. He later goes to Vida’s place with Melai to apologise and meet Rafa’s presence. Knowing, Ira is up to something, Rafa asks why he treated Vida that way but the proud Ira threatens to take Vida away from Rafa if he doesn’t keep eye on her. The two gentlemen almost trade blows due to Vida.

Marga manages to buy the trust of the mayor and already gives her cash gifts. Tessa visits the mayor to find Marga leaving the mayor’s office. The mayor, who is once a friend of Tessa now refuses to approve Tessa’s documents for her workshop to fully operate. Tessa asks if Marga is the reason of the mayor’s sudden character change. She takes desperate measure against Marga for trying to ruin her life.

Potpot is bent on seeing Tessa’s business ruined and tries to turn Rafa and Leon against the other. Caloy finds out about some of Marga’s deeds, he visits Tessa with Elmo and Vida. Marga learns about it and fights Tessa, during a rainy day. She drags Tessa into the mud.


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