Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 70-74

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 70-74 Jaime k!lls Rowena

Having enough of Marga, Caloy breaks up with Marga and both fight over the custody of Elmo. Marga visits Caloy’s new house with police to demand for her child.

Elsewhere, Rafa and Tessa attend the Tindera app meeting and Ira intentionally give them tough time, claiming their work do not meet the requirements the company is looking for and walks out on Tessa.

Not ready to be the reason for the collapse of Caloy’s marriage, Tessa avoids the company of Caloy at the training session. Ira bribes Cynthia to win the heart of Leon and informs him about his every movement.

Vida discovers that Ira is the person who has been sending her flowers and questions him about his intentions. Ira declares intentions of courting her and win her over again. Vida is speechless when Ira insists that he will not take no for an answer and ensure he wins her again.

The Magbanua’s lose huge sums of money and Rafa is suspecting Leon as the reason for their family’s predicament. He is bent on finding evidence against Leon for burning the workshop.

Unhappy to lose Caloy to Tessa, Marga enlists the help of Jaime. Leon gets upset that Rafa referred to him as thief, he packs out of the house but Tessa stopped him from leaving.

To win Vida over, Ira provides scholarship and funds to the school which Vida teaches. Soon, Lauren arrives in Philippines to establish a fashion school, which Tessa is in her list as a teacher for the Art class while Vida on the list as designer.

Rafa goes to do another presentation and Ira is expecting a thousand products a day, something which their finances can’t cater for. He accepts the challenge but later goes home to complain to Tessa. Tessa reveals a new source of funding to her business.

Meanwhile, Marga files a new charges against Caloy for cheating after Caloy files for annulment of their marriage. Due to Marga’s character, Elmo falls seriously sick again.

However, Caloy weeps for loosing another son after loosing one with Tessa. He is not ready to back down and will fight to the end till he wins the custody of Elmo.

Vida did not relent efforts in helping Tessa’s business to get to its feet. Ira still keeps his character as chauvinist, he picks a fight with Rafa blaming Rafa for the collapse of HOT.

After receiving threat messages, Caloy suspects the culprit to be Jaime and starts to investigate whether the police have retrieved Jaime’s body but they have not.

As Tessa is teaching in class, Marga storms there to disgrace Tessa calling her a home wrecker and a husband snatcher who will not impact good morals into the students she is teaching. Lauren orders for Marga to be thrown out and she sends Tessa home.

Elsewhere, Rafa finds Vida and Ira in a compromising situation while she is taking Ira’s measurements to sew a suit for him. Rafa fights with Ira for taking advantage of Vida.

Tessa’s father, who has been in Santa Monica helping her daughter in her business advises her to fight Marga back. Soon, the family receive an alarming news which leads everyone to weep.

Seeing how the family is affected by the sudden death of Rowena who is returning home from her trip to Batak, Leon queried his contact in Jaime’s camp to find out if Jaime is the culprit.

Struck by the news, Marga pays an unannounced visit to Jaime to cut ties with him but Jaime says Rowena’s death is on Marga’s head since she was her accomplice. Marga is ready to return his money but Jaime refuses to take.

Caloy believes Marga succeeds Jaime’s wealth and compels her to reveal the truth but Marga still concealed the truth.

As Tessa is mourning her death, Marga comes to pick a fight with her, claiming she is involved with her husband. However, Ira who has been working secretly against Tessa’s production for them not to be able to meet his demands finally drops Santa Monica’s craft work proposal but Tessa is hopeful to bounce back even without that Tindera App.

However, the truth is established that Jaime is the one funding Amanda, the woman who has been helping Ira to be who he is today. Jaime demands Amanda’s help for his next move.

Jaime had Caloy beaten up, Marga is poised to end her deal with Jaime but Jaime greets her petition with threats. Realising Tessa still is close to Caloy, Marga once more pulls a stunt at the College to disgrace Tessa but her plans backfires on her as she rather ends up being disgraced.


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