Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 74-78

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 74-78 Jaime k!lls Rafa and frames Ira

At Tindera company, Ira has not been seeing Cynthia and questions Leon but Leon pretends not to know. Jaime had Caloy beaten up, Marga is poised to end her deal with Jaime but Jaime greets her petition with threats.

Caloy questions Marga about the person who had him beaten but Marga acted up. Ira drives Vida to the ball but Vida alights at the middle of the road to search for Rafa in a club to confirm her feelings for him.

Ira becomes jealous when he caught Vida in the arms of Rafa k!$$ing him. Realising Tessa is still close to Caloy, Marga once more pulls a stunt at the College to disgrace Tessa but her plans backfires on her as she rather ends up being disgraced.

Due to the constant accusations of Marga, the Principal of St Mary’s College query Tessa on her affair with Caloy. Stricken by the thought that she might be sacked, Tessa tries to get Lauren on her side.

However, Vida meets obstacles in school for abandoning Ira during the ball. Tessa and Caloy’s relationship blossoms, leading Jaime to be furious about his estranged wife’s affair.

Marga is bent on making Caloy suffer for choosing Tessa over her. Jaime receives pictures of Caloy and Tessa’s passionate k!$$ and Marga gets to see it.

Caloy goes to a vacation with his new family including Vida, Leon who is against Caloy and Tessa’s relationship shows up at the location. Elsewhere, Jaime reveals himself to Ira to disclose the hidden truth about the person who has been sponsoring and funding him to become successful.

Ira still holds grudge against Jaime as he suspects him of being the k!ller of his adoptive parents but Jaime tries to turn tables by turning Ira against Caloy and Tessa.

Suspecting Leon of a vile plan, Vida tails Leon to investigate him at ABC Corporation. Realising Leon and Vida’s absence from the resort, Rafa blows the alarm for Tessa and Caloy to search for them.

Soon, an unfortunate accident exposes Jaime to Tessa and Caloy. Jaime pulls a fast one on them by pleading and later introducing Amanda to them as his new found l*ve to get Tessa and Caloy confess their affairs.

Elsewhere, Rafa after finding Vida at her hostel, Vida informs him about the shady dealings of Leon at the center, Rafa tells her about Jaime’s sudden appearance. Their conversation turns sour when Ira makes floral arrangements to be delivered to Vida.

Rafa storms his office to fight him to stay away from Vida. The video of the fight goes viral and Gabriela gets to see it. She vents her anger on Ira for being ungrateful to Rafa and Vida as they helped them when they had nothing. Later, Ira discovers that Gabriela and Melai’s are missing.

Not swayed by Jaime’s act, Caloy and Tessa get Jaime arrested for attempted murder even when Caloy’s lawyer tells him that Jaime has a chance of winning the case by claiming he is a psycho but Caloy and Tessa cheated on him.

Tessa and Caloy are stricken by frustration hearing Jaime has been released. The Policarpios visit Vida to plead on Ira’s behalf. Ira discovers where his family were and he joins them to sort out his differences with Vida to accept and support her relationship with Rafa.

Elsewhere, Tessa finds out that the desperate Marga has pulled a fast one on Caloy to get him to bed by drugging him in a hotel. Tessa confronts Marga of marital rape. As he wakes up, Caloy did not give in to Marga’s manipulation of trying to convince him that something happened between them, he storms out to see Tessa leaving.

The two make up since Tessa is not ready to allow Marga to use deception to gain Caloy.
However, Jaime’s move about his fast method of facilitating their divorce for Tessa to marry Caloy and for him to marry Amanda gets Tessa suspicious of Jaime.

The angry Rafa finds a bank statement issued by ABC Corporation in a bin and he rushes there to uncover what Leon is up to. To his dismay, Rafa discovers where Marga’s assets are coming from. Meanwhile, Leon has purchased himself a 400k car.

After discovering that Marga and Leon are working in cohort with Jaime, Rafa calls Vida to inform her to meet him at the packing lot of the place for an important talk. Ira decides to go instead since he wants to ask Rafa forgiveness for all the evil things he did against him.

Unfortunately for Rafa, Ivan, the boss of the centre catches Rafa on his way out of the place. Jaime shows up too and knowing now that Rafa has discovered the connection between him, Marga and Leon, Jaime shoots Rafa and he dies.

However, Ira who is meeting Rafa to make an amendment is rather framed for the death of Rafa and is sent to prison. Leon tries to convince Tessa to accept the fact that Ira is responsible for Rafa’s death. He uses the viral fight video as evidence to justify his allegations.

The family holds a wake for Rafa while his loved ones are shedding tears for the tragic death of Rafa, Ira is also being maltreated in the cell.

Ira explains to Vida and his family that he is framed. Marga later adds more kerosene to the burning fire, claiming Rafa’s death is karma which is getting back at Tessa and said Tessa is next to die.

A fight ensued at the funeral and Tessa drags Marga out. Jaime attends the funeral to pretend he cares about Rafa but Tessa and Caloy suspect him to be the actual k!ller of Rafa.


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