Lost Hearts Pusong Ligaw Highlights Finale

Lost Hearts Pusong Ligaw Highlights Finale
Episode 82-85 Marga sacrifices her life to save Tessa, Jaime ends up in Asylum

The cry and plea of Vida touches Leon’s heart so he makes a promise to save her. Due to Jaime, Leon decides to search for a help and left Vida behind, asking her to wait for his return. Elsewhere, Ira refuses to accept Tessa as his mother, making Tessa adopts the belief that the universe is depriving her a chance to be a mother.

Scared for her daughter’s life, Marga runs to Ira for help, claiming Jaime wants to k!ll Vida. Since Jaime supported him in his crisis time Ira fails to believe Marga. Jaime then turns the table against Marga and convinces Ira that Marga has known his identity all along and kept it as secret. Now convinced that Marga and Leon are working in cohort, Ira plans to get back at them.

Leon decides to reveal Jaime’s secrets to Tessa but holds back on his words after recalling Jaime’s threats. An attempt made by Vida to escape did not yield. Marga then reaches a frightful agreement that might have a dire consequences on her freedom with Jaime just to save Vida’s life.

Meanwhile, Leon is arrested for the death of Melchor and Didith Policarpio. Ira threatens to ensure in making him rot in jail for k!lling his parents. Leon becomes so upset with Jaime and confronts him when Jaime pays him a visit in jail. Jaime claims the result of Leon’s greed has landed him in jail and he also describes Leon as traitor.

For the sake of Tessa’s safety, Leon allows himself to be manipulated by Jaime again. He convinces Vida that her mother is behind all the atrocious crimes. Bent on finding the truth, Vida tails Ivan Ignacio who together with some goons running after Amanda to k!ll her. Vida saves Amanda and the latter confesses the truth about Jaime to Vida.

Now discovering that Jaime is the master brain behind the death of Rafa, Rowena, Melchor and Didith and everyone, including Marga, Leon and Ira acting upon the strings Jaime is pulling, Vida voices out the truth to Caloy.

Fast forward, Marga not ready to end up behind bars, gives Elmo to Caloy and escapes. However, Jaime finds and kidnap her for defying his order. Vida tries talking to Ira about the whole truth, though Ira finds it hard to believe her, he also makes plan to get to the bottom of the issue.

Tessa decides to talk to Ira for them to fish out the truth. Ira agrees to meet her, once Tessa reaches the location and talked with Ira for him to acknowledge her as his mother, Jaime kidnaps Tessa at the full glare of Ira and shot Ira’s car tyre to inflate it.

Ira is now convinced that Jaime is behind all that had happened, he informs Caloy about Tessa’s k!snap and Caloy reports Jaime to the police. Already the police are haunting for Jaime after Marga’s kidnap. Meanwhile, Jaime molests Tessa and Marga for going against him. He puts them inside a ditch-like-coffin and threatens them that he will not k!ll them by himself but Caloy would.

Marga is so scared since she knows Caloy will save Tessa. Jaime leaves them in the warehouse in the care of his goons. The two friends use the moment to bond and talk about how bitter their friendship went due to Marga. The two friend now have to depend on eachother to save their lives so they agreed on a plan.

Elsewhere, Ira enlists the help of Leon to find Jaime’s hideout but did not see Tessa and Marga, sending the waves of shock in Vida. The police also discovers Jaime’s location and are able to trace Tessa and Marga who had already teamed up to initiate a plan to save their lives. The police arrest Jaime’s goons.

Jaime has received a hint that his victims had escape, soon the police follows Jaime and shoot Jaime’s car till it explodes. The police find a dead body inside the car and think it is Jaime’s corpse. Unknown to them, Jaime is alive and pulls a fast one on them by causing the explosion by him.

Marga and Tessa sort their differences and Marga returns HOT to Tessa. Soon, Jaime kidnaps Elmo and goes after Tessa in Santa Monica. Tessa pleads with him not to hurt Elmo, Knowing Tessa’s heart belongs to someone else, Jaime decides to end her life. He shot Tessa and when he is about to pull the trigger again Marga who arrives there sacrifices herself to save Tessa.

Caloy and the police are also at Santa Monica, when Jaime makes attempt to escape, the police shoot him. Ira wants to rekindle his broken relation with Vida and Vida asks him to give her time to make the decision. Jaime survives and ends up in Asylum while Tessa relaunches HOT in memory of Marga.


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