Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Story Plot & Summary

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Story Plot & Summary 

Lost Hearts as originally titled Pusong Ligaw  tells a story of two female friends who vow to pursue their childhood dreams.

Living a simple life in the province, Tessa and Marga hope to achieve big dreams: Tessa hopes to be a couturier like her idol Monique Lourel, while Maga wants to be a famous model and beauty queen.

The two friends come from poor families but Tessa and Marga always support each other as they face their issues, struggles, challenges, as well as the happy experiences of their youth.

Their bond is tested when Caloy enters their lives. Caloy has a historical relationship with Marga, but she prefers to keep it platonic. He meets Tessa and they fall in love. Marga changes her mind about Caloy and decides she can win him back.

As Tessa pursues her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Caloy gets jealous of Tessa’s mentor, the wealthy and influential Jaime Laurel, owner of a fashion conglomerate in Asia and America, who invites Tessa to one of his events.

Marga uses Caloy’s jealousy to undermine his faith in Tessa, and in one drunken evening, they spend the night together.

Tessa finds them together the next morning and is distraught. Shattered and broken over the betrayal of both friends, she leaves Caloy and returns to her home in the province.

She discovers she is pregnant and her mother banishes her from their home. Tessa moves to Manila alone and supports herself. She gives birth to a boy, Rafael, and struggles to earn a living as a seamstress in Divisoria.

Her life further destructs when her baby is kidnapped by a woman known by authorities for kidnapping and selling babies. Unable to find her son, Tessa is distraught and out of her mind when Jaime Laurel finds her and takes care of her.

Years later, they get married. Although Tessa never stops looking for her son, she adopts a street urchin and calls him Rafa.

Caloy is heartbroken over losing Tessa. He returns to school and completes his engineering degree. He leaves to work abroad with an international shipping company, saving a substantial amount of money when he returns.

He later, opens a business servicing companies and retail establishments requiring mechanical repairs of tools and mechanical equipment. He does very well, and is able to build a large house, and continues to support orphans in building their job skills to keep them off the streets.

Marga becomes a successful entrepreneur, her talent agency becomes one of the biggest in the Philippines. She runs into Caloy and the two resume their friendship and eventually become a couple.

Tessa goes on to fulfill her dream to become a fashion designer, and with the help of Jaime, she opens a fashion couture house in the US called House of Teri. They return to Manila when Jaime feels Tessa is ready to launch her ready-to-wear brand in the Philippine market.

The lives of the three friends collide at the House of Teri launch. But instead of renewing old friendship and forgiving past mistakes, they thread down a path of jealousy, revenge, and obsession: this time including Jaime Laurel, the one person most affected by their history.

At the near end, it is revealed that Jaime was responsible for murdering his foster son Rafa and a master manipulator of the events so far. Tessa and Caloy discover the DNA results revealing Miraculo Policarpio as their biological son Rafael M.

Cervantes, and Jaime manipulates Tessa for blaming her real son for the crime he did not commit. He stages a car accident while he was sought by the authorities and barely survives the car crash.

Due to his mental instability, he kidnaps Marga’s son as a bait to get Tessa, which succeeds until the arrival of Caloy, Marga, and the authorities to rescue them.

Eventually, to pay back what she has done to her best friend, Marga sacrifices herself to rescue Tessa from getting shot by Jaime until he was neutralised by the authorities.

Marga did not survive at the hospital from her gunshot wounds by Jaime. After her death, Leon serves life imprisonment for working with Jaime to plan Rafa’s murder.

Jaime is sent to the mental asylum after surviving the gunshot wound by the authorities. Tessa becomes the owner and entrepreneur of House of Teri (now renamed House of Tessa) where she shows a tribute of the fashion models wearing the dress designs made by the late Marga, as their dreams from their youth have finally come true, all while being supported by Caloy, Potpot, and Vida.


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