Love Of My Life Episode 1-14

Love Of My Life Episode 1-14 Adelle lives under one roof with Stefano’s demanding baby Mama Kelly, War erupts among Adelle and Isabella after Stefano d!es from Pancreatic cancer

After her lõver Francis died, Adelle deep sink herself in her handicraft business to forget about her pains having a loved child Andrei who is six years old.

She soon meets Stefano who proposes to her and introduced her to her to be in-law, Isabella, a successful matriarch who happens to be a woman she has had a bad encounter with and has disrespected her before.

Despite Isabella Gonzales’ disapproval to her son’s relationship, Stefano goes ahead to marry Adelle. In a twist of bad fate, Adelle realises her husband has pancreatic cancer and he will soon die.

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In a bid to make her husband happy, they arranged for the estranged younger brother Nikolai who is faulted for an accident that cost the life of his father, Enrico to live in the house with them. Niks was considered as the black sheep of the family.

No sooner, another revelation unfolded, compelling Adelle to visit Kelly in the company of Nikolai to plead with Kelly to let her son who Stefano did not take responsibility of to reunite with him to officially acknowledge him.

Upon a careful thought, Kelly makes a decision to let Gideon becomes part of Stefano’s life. In a surprise turn of events, Isabella comes to meet Kelly and comes to a painful realisation that her son, Stefano has an illegitimate son that he now wants to acknowledge.

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She then requests for a DNA test to be carried out on Gideon but Kelly refused and sends her son away. In the house, her friends advised her to take that challenge since she is 100 per cent sure that the boy was Stefano’s son so that he can inherit.

Kelly reveals that she is 83.7per cent sure that Stefano is Gideon’s father. She explained that when she discovered herself pregnant she has had së× with Stefano when they got drunk  after a bitter break up with her ex. Her friends advise her to take the test to be sure.

Kelly grants the DNA test and it is established that Stefano is officially a father and Isabella is officially a grandma. Kelly’s decision almost got her separated from her son when the Gonzales wants to take full custody of the boy.

Kelly stood on her grounds to only make her son stay in the Gonzales mansion if she would also stay in the house with the boy. Isabella refuses her request and threatens to battle it out with Kelly in court.

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In a meeting with her lawyer, Isabella was told that unless Gideon was seven years old before the law could deem the boy as a person in the rightful age for them to talk about his custody or better still unless she gets dirt or evidence against Kelly that she is incapable of raising the boy.

On the other hand, Kelly also sees a client who is a lawyer to prepare herself to battle it out with the Gonzales in court. Left with no other choice, Isabella allows Kelly to stay in the mansion.

Being under the same roof with her husband’s ex, Adelle and Kelly do not see eye to eye but are forced to tolerate eachother to prolong their stay in the house. Soon, the two had a misunderstanding and Kelly Slapped Adelle for laughing sarcastically when Isabella confronted her for plucking her flowers.

Fast forward, after the family made up Stefano proposes to the family that they should take a trip to the province, a place he lõved which is also the place where Adelle comes from. Kelly is not happy with such decision and wants to know Isabella’s take on that.

Isabella told her that she will go since it is part of the memories she wants to have with her son before he breathes his last breath. Kelly then comes up with a condition before she will go to the province. She tells Stefano that she will need a day for him to spend with her and Gideon.

Adelle protested so Stefano refused her request and told her that he was not forcing her to go. Isabella said she could stay behind but they would go with Gideon, Kelly also turned down their request to send Gideon. When she walked out, Isabella followed her to have a one-on-one talk with her concerning her demands.

She told Kelly that her request was uncalled for as she would give room for gossips since she was not the wife. Kelly did not care about what people say. Isabella drew the line that her son did not not need that she should do it for her son and not for herself or Gideon.

Kelly later told Nikolai that she would not go to the trip. Unfortunately, her son heard him and he made her rescind on her decision. They arrived in the province and Kelly had her way to send Stefano to a toy shop against Stefano’s will. The car broke down and Gideon was crying that he was hungry.

Since they passed by a gas station, Stefano decided to walk and get a food for the boy. However, he had an episode and fell. Kelly got scared and was seeking for help.

Meanwhile, the family waited for Stefano and he did not show up. Nikolai and Cha-Mae went to the farm house but he was not there. Niks then recalled what Kelly said and he told ChaMae that they should go to a toy shop in the area.

As they went they stumbled on Kelly. They carried Stefano to the house and when they reached home, Isabella confronted Kelly for going against her word to send Stefano to where she wanted while they agreed. Kelly claimed that she did not accept it.

Adelle came out to fight her for sending her husband away and this led to a misunderstanding between Adelle and Isabella since Isabella confronted her for scolding Kelly in front of a multitude. Niks sent Kelly away and Isabella told Adelle that acting in that manner meant that she was stooping so low.

Adelle’s mother got upset and left the place. She told Adelle that she did not want to have an issue with her lõving mother in-law. Stefano had that episode since the time he had to take his medicine passed an hour before he would get home. He had difficulty breathing so his mother wanted to send him back to Manila for a check up but Stefano refused.

Fast forward, Stefano got better and they went to the farm, there Kelly slipped and fell in the mud and she got bitten by a leach. Adelle was talked to by Stefano to settle her issue with Kelly so she brought a balm to Kelly. The balm worked miraculously and got rid of the swollen. This brought the two women together.

Stefano had a quiet time with his wife and Kelly viewed them from the window. She saw the two k!ssing and making lōve, this made her sad and she cried. She shared her problem with Niks and wished to have a love like what Stefano and Adelle were having. She made it clear to Niks that she did not jealous the couple but she envied the lōve and wished to have someone who would lõve her like that.

Niks told her that she should inform him when she finds such a lõve. The Gonzales company began to see a down turn so Isabella was forced to travel to Manila. In her absence, Stefano’s sickness got worse and he told his children to take care of each other. Andrei being the Senior brother, he told him to take good care of his kid brother.

He also told Adelle to take good care of Gideon and lõve him like her own. He told Niks to take good care of all the women of his life. Niks called Isabella to inform him about her belõved son’s worsening situation and she called Stefano. She apologised for not seeing his calls earlier. Stefano told his mother that he was tired and his mother told him to hang in there.

Isabella made him promise to wait for her. Isabella was forced to return to the province and found Stefano sitting outside with his wife. Stefano thanked his mother and told her to take care of his family. Stefano passed out and was carried to the room. The doctor came to pronounce him deàd.

Adelle now told Chaemae to get the cremation place ready since her husband would be cremated. This led to a misunderstanding since Lydia was against it that her son would be cremated. She said in her family, they have their own tradition and corpse were not allowed to be cremated but buried in the family cemetery.

Adelle was hellbent on following her husband’s last wish so Isabella was forced to call her lawyer to tell them who among them had a full right over Stefano to make decisions. She was sad to hear her lawyer saying Adelle who was the legal wife had the right to decide what to do with the corpse.

Adelle and her family walked out so did Kelly and Niks, leaving Isabella and Janice. Isabella vented her anger on her lawyer for not finding means to shield her but making Adelle gained the upper hand.

Siony had a talk with Adelle to understand from Isabella’s view since she was equally a mother. The hearse came to transport the corpse. Janice prompted her boss and Isabella was willing to plead with Adelle not to get her son cremated. Surprisingly, Adelle stopped them and told them that there would be a wake and burial service for Stefano as his mother wanted.

It turned out that when Stefano told his wife to cremate his body right away after his death, his wife told him to inform his mother but Stefano refused since he knew his mother would not accept and would go by the family tradition so he pleaded with his wife to do his desire, otherwise his ghost would hunt her.

He teased his wife. Presently, Isabella hugged Adelle for accepting to go by her own arrangements for her son. Kelly went to wake Gideon up for them to prepare to go to Manila.

When they arrived in Manila, at the morgue, the one who was dressing the corpse made Stefano look different so Niks called Adelle to ask for her help but she declined, claiming she was taking care of Andrei and was attending to other matters.

Niks then called Kelly and she went to do Stefano’s make up for him to look like himself. The wake was held and the friends of Adelle came. One claimed to be hungry so she ate right next to the corpse and in front of everyone.

Kelly’s friends also arrived and they were involved in a chitchat. They laughed out loud, which made Isabella confront them. Kelly’s friends left so she saw them out.

Niks went out to talk to Kelly about the reason she and her friends were laughing on top of her voice at the wake.

Kelly said it was about Stefano and the time he was with her when her father came and said something funny. As she said, both laughed out loud and the guests including Isabella watched them from inside. Later, Isabella slept next to the casket and Kelly told Adelle to go and wake her up but she refused.

Adelle told Janice but she refused and she also told Eden and she said she could not as everyone claimed to lōve their job. Learning about it, Nikolai went to wake her up and told her to go home. The next day, they waited for the arrival of Isabella, she did not show up so Niks went home to go for her.


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