Love Of My Life Episode 15

Love Of My Life Episode 15 Stefano finally laid to rest, Adelle and Isabella clash over Stefano’s belongings

When Isabella was not showing up, Nikolai went home to fetch her but Isabella has locked herself up and not responding to Nikolai. Niks got an extra key from Eden and opened the door to find his mother sitting there silently.

Niks told her that she got him panicked. Isabella refused to go but Niks said she was supposed to go before they bury her son. Isabella claimed not to be ready to bid her son goodbye. At the funeral, Chamae eulogised Stefano so did Andrei.

Before Adelle could deliver her eulogy, Kelly took the microphone to introduce herself as the baby mama of Stefano. She explained why she could not look at Stefano, stressing that she did his make up. Adelle’s friends called Kelly shameful for eulogising Stefano.

Kelly expressed her lōve for Stefano and Adelle looked so odd. Kelly said she lõved him because of the lõve she showed Gideon and said he did not deserve to d!e. Adelle also delivered her sentimental message.

Niks and Isabella reached there. Niks also expressed how his brother means a lot to him. He said when their father d!ed, he became his father, in fact he became his parents and as a younger who his big brother was Stefano, he was always compared to him but he could not hate Stefano because he was actually the person who made him feel the lõve of a family.

Isabella also delivered her sentimental speech to eulogised his most beloved perfect son. Soon, Stefano was buried and Isabella went on with her daily routine. She went to work while Kelly made a maid take care of her son. She told the maid that her son did not need much care but if there was anything, she should call her.

Adelle questioned Kelly on where she was going. Kelly asked if she was her mother and told her that she was going out and would return later. She got to a bar and got wasted since she was sad about Stefano’s death. Niks was called by the bartender to the place to go for Kelly.

When they were leaving, they sat on some stairs and kelly told Stefano all her frustrations. She said Niks was the only one who listens to her and did not know why she did not date him instead. She asked Niks if she was not attractive and beautiful.

Niks joked around with her and admitted she was very beautiful. Kelly laid her head on him. Niks sent Kelly home. Meanwhile, Isabella witnessed the servants carrying out heavy boxes and asked what they were. They told her that Adelle was donating the clothes of Stefano. This got Isabella upset and made them call her Adelle.

She queried Adelle for throwing out her son’s clothes as if they were of no sentimental value. Adelle indicated that Stefano told her to donate them so she was carrying out his orders. This led to a misunderstanding and Kelly and Niks reached there to see the two fighting over the issue.

Niks pleaded with his mother to accept the last wish of her beloved son but Isabella shut him for taking Adelle’s side. Kelly called her a wiger for disagreeing with Adelle and Isabella knew she was drunk. She complained that she went to work and came home only to find the perfect wife Adelle getting rid of her son’s clothes and the trouble maker also drunk.

Adelle still protested and Kelly was about to open her mouth and Niks stopped her. Isabella threw them out of her house and Niks pleaded. He even took the blame and talked to Adelle to go by what his mother want. Kelly was about to throw up so she was sent upstairs to throw up.

Adelle spoke with Niks concerning the character of Isabella. Using herself as an example, she said she put her mother in her rightful place when she did something wrong and wanted Niks to follow her footsteps. Niks said his mother was not ëv!l but he brought his children up in a different way.

The blood pressure of Isabella went high and made Eden went for the sphygmomanometer but she did not know how to use it so Adelle offered to help. Isabella refused her help and told Eden that she would show her to use it even if Janice was not there. She said Adelle was the very person who made her pressure go up so she could not accept her offer.

Niks got there and did it. He also pleaded with his mother to get along with the girls. Adelle, later, expressed regret for offering to help Isabella but Niks told her not to regret it because she chose a good will over personal difference.

Kelly, on the other hand, refused to go out and made the maid brought her son and talked to him on how he fared while she was not there and he said he played with his senior brother.


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